You Fail To Learn

What is your attitude towards failing as an entrepreneur? 

I have failed far more than I have succeeded, I am still failing everyday more so in my daily business activities.

However, for every of these failures I have become better and better accomplishing new outcomes, new heights and growing in my skills and knowledge.

I have come to see failure not as a taboo but a necessity to become better and master my trade/skills.  

The more you fail the more you learn.  

If you are Not failing it means you are not taking any serious action and making genuine effort rather than just  trying or attempting to succeed. 

You fail to learn but you can't learn to fail.

Failure is just an incident to learn from and NOT an end  in it self unless you make it so yourself.

You see we have to see failure for what it's worth- a learning process to equip us and make a us better.

So you cannot claim to have achieved a skill without first of all failing, no baby can all of a sudden got up and start walking rather that baby would have fallen several times and got up during that all important phase of trying to walk and get his or her legs carry her growing body.

This now brings to a true story, I will like to share with you to bring my thoughts about this subject home.

This story of one of our team members as narrated below from a friend and owner of a product he was trying to use and his true experience of failures and frustrations while trying to use product following the laid down video procedures and still not succeeding at first- Check it out below-

Thought for today-

"You cannot have failure without success. You cannot have success without failure." 
  Graham, I recently spoke to one of our members that is having lots of success using the MLMROD system... he said "This thing is awesome, I have the best people that I have ever had in my life joining me as a result of this system" 
  But it was not always that way for him... 
  Quick story... this same guy was using this system for about a month and we got a notice that he wanted to cancel, so me being excellent at giving great service :) picked up the phone and gave him a call. 
  From a little conversation found out that he loved getting the incoming calls but was having a hard time getting people to say yes to looking at his biz. 

  He said even though most people were pleasant to talk to, he felt like they were happy in their current biz or they were not open to looking at anything he had to offer. 

So I said if you are open to it we can work together for the next few days and see how it goes... he said sure... lets do it...

  So we started working together and I basically made him rewrite the script just a little just to match the way he would say something... very important ... he did not change the fundamentals of the script at all. 

Then had him memorise it ... meaning every day he spent one solid hour reading out loud and say the script over and over until he did not have to look at it.

  Long story short he got his invitation approach down pack and is getting better and better every day and as a result of it he is able to find and attract the right people that are open. 

He also has a whole bunch of people that are active in other businesses that have joined the mlmrod system so he is not only getting all his calls for free but also making an extra stream of income with out even really trying to do so... and some of those people have even join his biz recently being that he has a better relationship with them now. 

My point to this story is that it took him some time and some failure to get really good at his conversation, so remember in anything activity you do...

  "You cannot have failure without success. You cannot have success without failure." 
  Continue to fail forward... 
  Their is more advance training in your back office that covers step by step on what to do with the prospect all the way to signing them up in your business and the MLMrod system." 

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 To Your Success

Ryan Gunness 

 I hope you have received value from this and learned a lesson or two from this life changing fundamental truth. 

This article was published on 19.08.2016 by Oladimeji Afolabi
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