Warm Marketing Vs Cold Marketing

The foundation of any established and successful networking marketing are solely based on both Warm and Cold marketing strategies. These method of marketing tools are very vital but there seems to be pros and cons to each of this type of marketing tools for instance as most professional networkers might classify Warm Marketing as group of people you know which could be your sociable friends, colleagues at work, family members, brother, sisters, relatives and relations and so on; and that these set of people who might have established one or close or distant understanding with  them whereas the cold marketing are people classified as people you barely know or people you don't know at all and could be referred as strangers.  Futhermore some professional netwokers might believe that using the warm marketing prospecting are "best and easier" way because you know these people and that it doesn't require a lot of work to win them over to join your business. However in most or say in some cases the situation could be reversed infact they "might" be the ones that will probably discourage you; refused to join your business or might infact say without them maybe you wont have become a successful earner and  become a great asset to your networking company.; again this depends on each individuality encountered experience. Although comparing these to cold marketing these involves pitching your business to a total stranger who met on the road, supermarket stores and vice versa and that could involve a lot of great confidence, courage to win such people to join your business or be one of your downlines. This makes me note that some successful networker suggested that cold marketing are people that don't know your history of network marketing; they don't know whether you haven't had any downlines and these could be part of the people who might  not see again if they feel they ought not to be in your team and that could be best thing because there are more people that you will see and still talk to you might feel they want to be in your team and which could be the best way of marketing in this industry; again as mentioned above it depends on each individuality encountered experience.

Finally some professional networkers could believe that the latter (Cold marketing), could be best way of an ideal successful network marketing because they are more people on earth willingly, searching and looking for networking opportunities to join to have the best freedom of their lives.
This article was published on 19.03.2016 by Kenny Fakayode
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