I Invite you to take a look at an opportunity that in the UK Income Is Tax Free

I Invite you to take a look at an opportunity that in the UK all income is Tax FREE

LottoSpring/ProSpring is a Online Lotto Style Game where you can personally win prizes between €5 and €10 Million in our twice weekly games.

Through our social sharing tools you can invite others, build a massive team and benefit from every single member of that team. 

Win when they win, and get FREE Tickets to our special Friday Blitz Game, which you cannot lose. The more your team naturally grows the more you win. 

Invite 3 people to play and as long as they play YOU PLAY FOR FREE! Win every week for FREE. It's sort of a "No Brain-er" 



We buy tickets for a 4 week cycle (8 draws)

One ticket is entered into each draw, held on Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday’s Draws are for a Jackpot of €5 million; the first 3 Friday’s have a Jackpot of €10 million and every 4th Friday the Jackpot is €50 million!!

LottoSpring Draws are based on the actual Winning Numbers of the EuroMillions Draws!

2 things happen to each ticket.

A. Your ticket goes into a Syndicate for the top 3 prizes with 49 other random people.

The 2nd or 3rd prize, if won, is split between the 50 members of the syndicate

The jackpot, if won, first rewards the owner of the ticket, that won for the group, with 20% of the jackpot. The balance is split between the remaining 49 members.

B. Your tickets remain your own for the smaller prizes… €5 up to €10K


LottoSpring is using word of mouth to market our fantastic game. You also have a great opportunity to benefit from the good fortune of others playing our game.

When players purchase tickets they are placed in a matrix which when full would be 19,530 members. This Matrix is known as your Social Circle.

If anyone in your matrix wins any prize from the main game, from 5 Euro up to the Mega 50 draw and 10 Million Euro on the 4th Friday of the month, you would receive a shared win of 5% of that win. The ticket owner is not affected by this ‘multi win’. Their prize is intact.

If you personally introduced the winner you would receive a 10% ‘Multi Win’.

This in itself could become a respectable income….. with a little effort.

So that’s the game and the marketing…..

Would you like to play and…..

Would you like to play free….

Introduce 3 players and PLAY FOR FREE.

Here’s how:-

Buy your tickets, show the game to a few people or better still – a lot of people and when 3 of your personal referrals play, you get your subscription refunded.

You could purchase once and never pay again…. if you are smart.

But that’s still about you being lucky or people in your ‘Social Circle’ being lucky….

What if you could win every week or month regardless of luck??

Lotto Spring obviously want players…….but more than that, they want loyalty players.

Players who subscribe month after month after month.

So every time someone joins your matrix….

even better….. every time they resubscribe….

Lotto Spring will reward you with ‘Blitz Points’. :- 100 for any matrix member 200 for personal.

Every time you accumulate 300 Blitz Points you receive 1 Blitz ticket.

The Blitz ticket is for a separate game on Friday and these tickets cannot lose.

A Blitz ticket with NO matching numbers is worth 1 Euro.

So you can accumulate Blitz tickets by introducing LOYAL Players. Blitz tickets CANNOT LOSE.

Just imaging how many Blitz Points/Blitz Tickets you would receive from a full matrix.

So Lotto Spring is quite simply a better game than any other Lottery game.

You have 400 chances per month to share the jackpot.

If your ticket wins the jackpot you still get a minimum of 1 Million.

You don’t share smaller prizes. They are not shared with the syndicate.

You win when others win, 5 or 10 % and….

You get rewarded when people pay and repay with tickets that cannot lose…… THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!

Oh and in case you have forgotten, you can play free…… FIND 3 PLAY FREE. http://www.itstimeforplanb.co.uk

This article was published on 28.08.2016 by Gary Runnacles
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