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UBW Coins 

A digital currency with a real value and a limited amount of coins to be released.

The UBW Coin will, from December 1st 2016, be a valid currency where you can buy any products and services for sale or rent, see UBW market. It will also, from November 1st 2016, be possible to trade this currency on a closed platform for free between the users of"}

As with any digital currency we operate a comprehensive security programme and strategy to prevent unauthorized manipulation of the UBW Coin market. Our programmers and developers that have built the UBW Coin platform are banking industry veterans with a strong knowledge of security and encryption. We guarantee that the UBW Coin platform is clean, robust and, most importantly, accurate.

UBW coins cannot be purchased

The only way of getting these coins is as bonuses given by the company for different activities or, alternatively, you can reserve a smaller amount through a specific UBW Coin Options Package. (Read more under packages) There are also several limitations to acquiring UBW coins. This ensures that the market is not flooded causing the price to decrease. It is also prevents a single person or company from holding a large enough amount of coins so as to have an effect on the value of the coin. These limitations are explained under the links packages and bonuses.

The UBW Coin will, from January 1st 2017, be a valid currency where you can buy any products and services for sale or rent, see UBW market. It will also, from December 1st 2016, be possible to trade this currency on a closed platform for free between the users of

It is planned to make the UBW coin available publicly on May 1st 2017.

Value per UBW Coin.

The initial price of UBW coins is set at €1 per coin

To make it as informative and motivating as possible, you will see a live update in the value of the UBW Coin in your account. The UBW Coin will increase by €0,0002 for every new user who registers on This increase in value will change as the number of registered users increases to maintain a realistic coin value. This is to ensure that the value of the coin is the same no matter what package or how many optional packages a user buys; it is only increased once at registration for every new user.

With the agreements the Top Leader and Leaders have, the number of users will increase at a tremendous speed and the value will increase in the same matter, making it possibly the highest valued Virtual Coin within as short period as 6 to 9 months.

From the date when we open for trading of the UBW coin (December 1st 2016), it will be the market that will decide the price. If the offer is higher than the demand, the price will decrease, and if the demand is higher than the offer the price will increase. UBW have a very unique reward system, which includes every registered user who registers before the UBW coin will be available publicly on May 1st 2017. Through this reward system there will always be a huge demand of the coins on top of the demand created through use of the coin for purchase of products and services. Read more about this constant demand under “Ultimate Bonus System” further down in this document.

It will not be necessary to change or trade any coins to buy any products on UBW Market, as it is priced in UBW Coins, so the only reason to sell your coins is if you want to transfer to another currency to your local bank account.


Many governments are already talking about regulating all Virtual Coins and Crypto coins to the same level as normal currencies. With this in place we will see that most Virtual Coins and Crypto coins will disappear.

The UBW Coin is set up from day one to accommodate all these regulations and therefore it will automatically be one of the few remaining coins in the market.

Crypto coins and mining

The UBW Coin is not a Crypto coin and it is not mined. The reason for this is that we are set up to be a regulated bank that fully meets all future financial rules and obligations. It would be the same as mining the USD.

And since the UBW coin will be an open public coin where the governments will be given access to history of transactions if there is any suspicion of illegal activities, off course by providing the right paperwork and needed documentation as needed in any banks world wide. So the only encrypting being done is in the banking software and for the security of the transactions.

About Us

UBW is based in Tallinn, Estonia. It was set up in August 2015 and currently employs 27 staff plus the management. It is well funded and backed by large investors.

We are a team of highly successful and professional businessmen. We take joy in helping entrepreneurs reach their goals and dreams in the form of concept development, funding and operations. You can read more about this on

Why Estonia

Our core team are very well known within banking and government circles and have had transactions worth hundreds of millions within our companies over the last 20 years. We know the bank and the directors there, but most importantly, they know us. So we will not have any of the usual start up problems and challenges with banking and legalities.

Estonia is a highly regulated country. It is actually one of the most regulated countries in Europe when it comes to tax reporting which is required on a monthly basis. Estonia has been a member of the European Union and NATO since 2004 and has a very stable economy.

Both Jüri Ploom, our lawyer, and Paal Aschjem our Chairman are based in Tallinn, Jüri Ploom was born and raised in Estonia and Paal Aschjem has lived here since 1992.

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