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by Dmytro Shkurin, published 16.05.2020
Many people are now rushing towards selling loans for small businesses. This is quite in demand and allows you to earn not only on loans, but also on working with credit rates. As in any other case, when selling loans, you will need customers. I have been working in banking structures for a very long time, and I have extensive experience in attracting such customers, here I will describe a strategy that helps to find many customers, quickly validate them and determine the needs to sell their services to them. Continue reading →

THE GLOBAL INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO that can set you financially free for life. Here at our company "NEEW"(NEW ECONOMIC EVOLUTION of the WORLD), understand the struggle of being financially free and we discovered that people don't have a proper knowledge in securing a proper investment that can be a LEGACY for themselves and their families. "NEEW" has a good structure for investors, whereby not only you will be owning a security token"CRU", but you become a shareholder of the company and the shareholder of the companies that "NEEW" is a shareholder in, simply means you will be getting dividends from all those companies through "NEEW". Continue reading →

Hello,Glad to connect with you here. I hope you are well in your spirit, in your soul and in your body?With the lockdown going on around the world as a result of Covid-19, it is important now than ever before that we find ways to make money online. This is even more important as we don't know when the lockdown will end and as anything like this may happen in the future.This is why I thought I should share with you a unique platform where I am making money online currently called iCooperative. Continue reading →

by Haywood Dejarnette, published 16.05.2020
Of course I already know 98% of the people on this website is involved in promoting and selling. So whats your business, product or service? Whatever you decided to join and promote this automated text bot can help. You need money and leads flowing into any business. I understand how it feels not to have both. This is a solution any marketer or business owner can use 24 hours a day to triple their profits. Continue reading →

by Samuel Elgba, published 16.05.2020
I- Empower Africa is a personal development company and a digital service provider.The vision of I- Empower Africa is to grow a digital community where everyone will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge at minimal cost, grow their businesses and earn weekly income from the comfort of their homes.What are the key benefits of becoming our affiliate?1. You'll have access to 8 of our foundational courses with 12 modules each. Continue reading →

by Balovi Credo, published 16.05.2020
* ASF PRESENTATION *A mutual aid and sharing programAfrican Social Fund (ASF) is a mutual aid and sharing network inspired by crowdfunding. Based on the member-to-member payment principle, it is managed by software that automates its operation and the payment of members' earnings through Mobile Money (MomoPay, Flooz, Western, MoneyGram, VirementBank). *STEPS* *Invitation*Register once in the ASF program with only $ 1. Continue reading →

by Robin Christian, published 16.05.2020
What is Forex , if these are the questions you are asking it all means that you are most probably interested in learning forex and really have a interest . You only know if you try , there are so many so many courses to choose from with so many different prices . At times too much of something can actually be a bad thing , I am here sharing this post and message to simply encourage you as I feel I have come in to contact with the information that is really of most importance it's really information that keeps you focused only on learning what is being shared by the company , Pip Society. Continue reading →

by Wanda Nhlope, published 16.05.2020
Are you tired of earning one income stream or salary? Is the lockdown giving you headaches about uncertainties of your future?The latter could change by joining Crowd1 with as little as €99 once off and you can start earning immediately. The income earned is either paid directly to you via your bank account or bitcoin and is known as residual income which can be acquired weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Continue reading →

by Cathy Peacock, published 21.04.2020
MLM on FIRERESIDUAL INCOMEWe offer:Work from homeCommissions paid every week$99.00 to start earning todayStrong team supportDisclaimer disclosed in videoFor more information: Please call or text 404-458-9826Let’s get fired up!!!!!!!!The MLM business is on fire! The company that I am referring tooffers you a great product plus an outstanding compensationplan all for $99.00. You also have a great support team ready to assist you. Continue reading →

by Rapelang Antony, published 16.05.2020
Allow me to introce to you Crowd 1.Crowd 1 is a online marketing campaign whereby members start to recieve their bonuses immediately after joining,With Crowd 1 you make your money everyday and you have 6 types of bonuses of which you claim everyday.You can turn your smartphone into an ATM by joining today.I would like to help and show you how everything is done,Join my team and lets make millions of Euros turning them to every currency you want,Imagine Dubai in 2 weeks after joining? Continue reading →

by Michael Rodriguez, published 16.05.2020
You know I remember when I started Network Marketing my sponsor told me to have home parties, take my guest to hotel meetings and convince them to go to our company conventions not to mention the 3 foot rule, talk to anyone and everyone 3 feet next to you or applying the F.O.R.M method to everyone I meet. Now I am not saying this style of marketing doesn't work because it has worked for many most of the sponsors and directors I know have made a name for themselves in this industry doing this. Continue reading →

by Merle Rowe, published 16.05.2020
I am Merle Rowe residing in Calgary Alberta ...Recently March 27 to be exact I became involved in Big HomeBusiness (BHB)...which has an E-Learning Portal and a Solid Done for you System that can help anyone Make Money from Home....MLM Gateway has been introducing me to folks interested in the Avena Products for a good while finally I have found a one stop place to broaden my Sharing of Avena Products and help myself and others generate some extra cash. Continue reading →

by Miklos Babos, published 16.05.2020
Business Opportunity!In 2016 Company called HLBS was created from Hungary has their own factory and in their first year won the Award of the most Innovative Network Marketing payout plan in Manila.Weekly payment every monday in Euro.World sales commissision Monthly.The volume depending of the subion and the generated income to your weboffice.Travel program and a Car program!Company credit card availability. Continue reading →

by Elle Sharp, published 15.05.2020
Hi everyone I struggled in network marketing until i found FM world uk. The problems previously was i had never been able to be excited about the products or know what i was doing.with FM World not only am I excited by the product I am passionate about it and get paid to talk about something I love, i am also able to enjoy what I do and not feel like I have to convince myself and others. Its all natural and flowing now. Continue reading →

by Jonathan Jamieson, published 15.05.2020
I've been asked a few times Why I joined Betterware so I thought I would share my WHY for my new work from home job. I am a publican by trade and have been without work throughout lockdown so I needed something that I could use to replace my income. However with the uncertainty of when pubs etc would reopen I needed something that I could continue with after reopening. I met a fantastic lady in a forum and she spoke to me about Betterware. Continue reading →

by Shawn Holman, published 15.05.2020
A new Social Media platform in pre-launch, that pays you for sharing , engaging, posting, and all the other activities that you normally do on social media. It's a combination of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram all in one, with a built-in CRM. It's free to join, and invitation-only as there is a promotion for the first 1 Million PRO users. Unlike when Facebook when they started, the owner of Webtalk is sharing 50% of the revenue with those who help with this launching. Continue reading →

by Elizabeth Watson, published 12.05.2020
Oh, how things change... Six months ago, I was stuck in a dead-end job where I felt my work wasn't being appreciated. I had been there for 3 years and was being paid the least of my colleagues, including the ones with less experience or who were brand new to the company. I would work harder than anyone there, driving the majority of our sales with no reward, and zero benefits. My parents had always encouraged me to get a job that paid commission, knowing I would be raking in the big bucks, but despite agreeing, I had the stubborn mindset of, "But I love what I do! Continue reading →

by Kimberly Prezioso, published 15.05.2020
This month when you join my team- you will be able to get everything you need to start your business for $139.00. You will hold a launch party on line with your friends via Zoom and earn 25% of your sales! You will also earn FREE jewelry to add to your wardrobe. The average launch party is $800.00. You will earn $150.00 in pay PLUS $ 300.00 in jewelry of your choice! Contact me to talk about the opportunity. Continue reading →

by Habone Suge, published 15.05.2020
I have recently joined the travel industry the reason for that is because am not the selling type but one thing I knew was that you don’t have to sell in the travel industry because that sells its self. You will always find people who like to travel and then we have the building team side which is a great opportunity to help everyone find a great opportunity like this.The reason I have joined it’s because I am a single mum of four children even working part time was hard I always had to rely on family or friends, at times when they couldn’t help me I use to break down and I was worried I was in allot of pressure but once I saw this opportunity I didn’t want to let go. Continue reading →

by David Willingham, published 15.05.2020
I'm looking for 7 to 10 people to work with me in my Primerica Business. May is the best month ever to join, huge promotions on the table for new people. Lets zoom for 5 minutes and let me show you why you want to be on our team! Primerica will have 1 million reps in the next few years and that means its a huge opportunity for you, to get in now! you get in with us right now here is what will happen. Continue reading →

by Christine Prevost, published 15.05.2020
If you have 0.051 ETH, (approx $10) a smartphone, and can share with 3 people, who also want to make money, then you are on your way to earning!  Get paid daily!This technology paid out $4 million in 10 weeks to those who learned how to use it!!IF you are worried about money right now, punching a time clock or waiting on a check of any kind, take a look at something this powerful, simple fast, and safe, and is available to do from home. Continue reading →

by Laurika L Hattingh, published 15.05.2020
Good dayWhat is Forsage Smart Contract?Forsage is a Smart Contract Crypto earnings program that you work from home. It is a network marketing program that requires its members to join with a fee and refer others who would do the same.It is based on the particular features of the Ethereum cryptocurrency and it enables you to earn a long term residual income just by reffering other people and asking them to do the same as you. Continue reading →

by Julius Mpindu, published 15.05.2020
Garden irrigation systems specialistsWe are the trusted garden irrigation system specialist Johannesburg and Gauteng since 2010. We provide professional and affordable garden irrigation systems in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. Our services include garden irrigation system installation, garden irrigation system repairs and garden irrigation systems upgrade. We also and repair borehole pumps Johannesburg and surrounding areas. Continue reading →

by Stella Bansah, published 15.05.2020
I have been trying to work online since 2010 or so and honestly speaking, all I've done was contribute to other people's businesses. Recently a good friend invited me to a presentation which I politely declined because I was just plain down tired of losing money. She was pretty persistence so eventually, I agreed to attend a live presentation (this was before the lockdown). Well, I was blown away! Continue reading →

by Matt Powell, published 15.05.2020
Hello everyone Billionaire Next Door(BND) is a Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading team that helps each other everyday to make hundreds even thousands of dollars everyday on the Foreign Exchange market. If you’re wondering how it’s done it’s simple. When joining the team we will send you an email with different apps you should download and chats you MUST join, so you’ll be able to make profit everyday. Continue reading →


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