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DNERO-iThrive app The Dnero app works like Cash app, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android pay apps etc.. Do you like to help people and make money at the same time? Do you want to pay your students loans off? Do you want to pay off your home? Do you want to put money away for a vacation? Do you want to put more money away for retirement? Do you want to help people make residual income on a minute per minute basis money with a low investment? Continue reading →

by Hulda Hicks, published 22.05.2019
According to the IRS, 80% of working people in America are being over taxed on their paychecks, yet they continue to allow the problem to go unaddressed.Most of these employees don't know there is a problem, but they can feel the pain each time on payday when they see how diminished their take home pay is as a result of FICA deductions.Our organization helps people discover the problem, and correct it, thereby putting money in their pockets immediately. Continue reading →

by Kobi Berenger, published 22.05.2019 Salut Astucieux Ami ! C'est du lourd : Un truc génial vient de naître : un nouvel outil qui fait du bruit dans la sphère francophone... Laisse-moi te parler d'Ajoox, un logiciel tout-en-un crée par le père de l'Affiliation en France : Sylvain Milon, le fondateur de 1TPE !... Pour faire de son logiciel un succès, il a naturellement pensé à un système d'affiliation performant et chose plus rare : multi-niveaux. Continue reading →

by Anele Godlwana, published 03.04.2018
Good day everyoneMy name is Anele GodlwanaI have been in network marketing (part time) for 8 years before I made it my full time business in August 2017. I was in middle management as a Chief Engineering Tech, did Electrical Engineering with ECSA professional registration.I started mining cryptocurrencies with bitclub network in 2016, October. Started working on my business in January 2017, but in 7 months of doing business I was able to retire early from employment, having paid commissions up to 4 times than my then salary. Continue reading →

by Tracy Ward, published 28.03.2019
1. Shit! Complete breakdown at work. What the heck am I going to do!2. Forced to stop and smell the roses. 3. Marriage finished. Forced to sell the house with not much left over after mortgage paid off.4. Hit rock bottom. 5. Found an amazing friend to help me cope. 6. Found the most kindest, gentlest, loving partner anyone could have. My twin soul.7. Took a chance on an incredible opportunity. Continue reading →

by Amanda Robar, published 22.05.2019
Hey everyone! I just wanted to share that the company I work with, Scentsy just released an Aladdin wax collection! Are you as excited as I am to see the movie?! If you are interested in joining Scentsy my link is: www.amandacrobar.scentsy.caIt’s definitely worth a look while we are still in May and our join kit is only $20. If you are someone who likes surprises you will fall in love with our Wiff Boxes! Continue reading →

by Chuck Holmes, published 03.03.2019
Here are 27 ideas that can completely transform your MLM Business. I've learned these valuable lessons during my 17 years in the industry. Hopefully, you can learn from my shortcomings and mistakes.1. It's easier to start right than start over. 2. Any fool can complicate the business, but it takes a genius to keep it simple. Keep your business so simple even an 8-year old could do it. 3. Continue reading →

by Annmatie Rose, published 22.05.2019
Do you love using social media? Would you like to use social media to earn and income and take that once in a lifetime vacation, upgrade your car, pay off bills or get that spa day you totally deserve but cant afford? If your answer is yes to any of these or you have an unfulfilled want or need come join my team with ItWorks Global and we will help you reach any or all those goals and so much more. Continue reading →

by Tupou Kolokihakaufisi, published 22.05.2019
I feel that belonging to a supportive team with loads of training materials that you can access to, motivates me even more to enjoy network marketing as a tool to socialize and connect with old friends while building family relationships. This in return, gives me the opportunity to enjoy life through safe but luxurious travel (dreamtrips and cruises) while getting income regularly to pay bills, mortgage and family daily needs. Continue reading →

by Gabriel McGuire, published 22.05.2019
Hello everyone I hope you're all doing well. I would like to talk a little bit about who I am and what I do for zija international. I am into a whole lot of aspects of fitness and well-being. I grew up in Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains skiing and snowboarding mountain bike riding hiking all that good stuff. I am a lifelong martial artist and recently went through a certification process with that. Continue reading →

by Corinna Bauer, published 22.05.2019
50% off the Annual membership for New Ambassadors ONLY from May 16-31, 2019. Then you can pick your welcome pack and start your Health and Wellness journey. I have the Tri-plex, which works by removing, restoring and rebalancing your body to help your gut back into balance. Remove harmful microbes and substances with Bio Cleanse, Restore healthy bacteria and pH levels with Probio 5, and Rebalance with Slim. Continue reading →

by Priscilla Dimas, published 22.05.2019
GREENER/SAFER/ECO FRIENDLY Enhancing Lives - Financial Freedom - Work From Home Are you the type of person that is open to a plan "B" in case something happens to your plan "A"? This Wellness Shopping Club is so amazing that I am looking to expand my business in your area, looking for outgoing, go-getters, and serious people to partner with. I started as just a shopper as I was looking for toxin free products for my home due to the health of myself and my children. Continue reading →

by Laura Hansen, published 22.05.2019
Considering CBD oil?I want to share as much information with you as possible. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have to help you make a selection of the best products for your needs.

First, I’d like to tell you about our Farms! Our Hemp is grown in Kentucky on the same Farm (GenCanna) that was used for the 2014 Farm Bill. This was the pilot program for growing hemp again in the USA. Continue reading →

by Joyce Pixley, published 22.05.2019
My name is Jazzy J Pixley and I am a Team Leader, Stafford, VA, with an awesome company called Heart & Body Naturals.The company I was with since 2011 was acquired by another company on January 1, 2019. I enjoy the Network Marketing profession, but had no idea what my next step would be. In January 2019 I made an agreement with a good friend, that each of us would look for a good company that would be a good fit for us and our team members. Continue reading →

by Mary Thomas, published 22.05.2019
Hello everyone, my name is Coach Mary Thomas and I am a Executive Director in Atlanta Georgia with an awesome company called Heart & Body Naturals!When the company I was with since August 2011 got into the business of “acquisitions”, I was stuck without a company and wasn’t too sure as which way I should go. I honestly LOVE the Network Marketing profession, but I I didn’t have a clue as to what my next step would or should really be. Continue reading →

by Isabella Flores, published 22.05.2019
What do you look for when you want to join a company? Is it the vision of the company ? Their products ? Compensation package? The price of their kits make you decide if you are going to say yes or no? When I joined this company , it wasn’t the price of the kit that caught my eye! It was the passion of the company and the products ! Do you know what is in your skin care products? Most women do not , in face most women don’t even look at the ingredients! Continue reading →

by Angela Holman, published 14.05.2019
Easy profit, work from the comfort of your home, set your own schedule, the money is unlimited!!!!!! Become a data processor!!!! "My name is Angela, I'am a stay at home mom, my husband has been the bread winner for about a year now. I use to do Home Daycare, but because of my age, and other pyhsical challenges, and raising (5 )kids of my own, it was time to close the chapter in that book. Doing just that, has left us in a great financial bind. Continue reading →

by Yasmin Khalil, published 22.05.2019
On a Tryp is a once in a lifetime opportunity that allows you to make money as a driver and keep 100% of your fares and tips. Uber and Lyft keeps 25%, 35% or even 55% of their income. On a Tryp does not do that, we allow you to make almost twice your income by driving for the same amount of hours. Not only that, but there is a business opportunity related to On a Tryp also. If you refer other drivers to drive for On a Tryp, you make SO MUCH more. Continue reading →

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself: "I should be further along in my home business?"You are NOT alone. How much is it costing you in time, energy, and money because you haven't yet established yourself as a leader in your industry... And therefore nobody is buying your products & services?Nearly ALL of the top leaders and money earners in network marketing have their own free and / or paid membership sites and team training platforms to build community and make money because thats what top network marketers do. Continue reading →

by Tracy Cyr, published 22.05.2019
Do you love graphic tees, boutique clothing & accessories? Would you like to make an additional income, work from home and set your own hours? I'm a hockey mom, I have 3 kids (oldest 20, middle child 14 and youngest 11) and I work a full time job. Time is not always my friend and I seem to run out of it quickly. I love that i can set my own hours and work this business on my own terms. Being able to work from my phone, computer or iPad helps especially if we are traveling for hockey. Continue reading →

My name is Deandra Colman and I am a Executive in Jackson , Mississippi with an wonderful company called "Heart & Body Naturals."After the company I was with since 2013, merged with another company on January 1, 2019, I was stuck without a home. I enjoy the freedom of the Network Marketing profession. I loved being available to my daughter whenever or however she needed me! I was often a chaperone for her band and other clubs! Continue reading →

by Thandeka Chauke, published 22.05.2019
WHAT IS DUEPOINT?Duepoint is a division of a 66 years old company called Constantia Insurance Company Limited . This company is highly regulated under 8 regulator's, has a FSP and an Investment license and belongs to the DSA as well as the MLM Associations. They are also listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. So now you can rest a sure that this business opportunity is legitimate.The executive and management team are very experienced in the financial services, insurance, corporate banking, direct selling, marketing & advertising space. Continue reading →

by Becky Altman, published 22.05.2019
My JourneyMy journey began over four years ago. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and flat out broke. I was surviving on caffeine and salty carbs to make it through the day. I was moody, crabby and stressed out with no motivation to do anything about it. I wasn’t sleeping, my body hurt and I no longer liked the person looking back at me in the mirror. After reading and hearing stories about how amazing others were feeling I found room on a credit card and placed my first order. Continue reading →

Skyway Technologies Co, Skyway Invest Group, Transnet and Eurosian Railway Systems have come together in funding the Skyway Project through a method called Crowdfunding.Crowdfunding is a method used to raise funds for the Skyway Project so every normal citizen can partake in it and be co-owners of Skyway Technologies, Skyway Invest Group is an educational company which educates u on how u can be a better investor, grow ur business, be an enterprenuer and it is a trademark of Skyway Technologies so buy purchasing their educational products you get Skyway Pre IPO equity shares as a bonus, Skyway Technologies has 15 stages to complete the Project and currently we are on stage 13. Continue reading →

by Melanie Brown, published 22.05.2019
Hi I’m Melanie! I want to ask you a few questions. • Are you happy with the life you are living? • Do you like to travel? • Are you looking for a change in your current work? • Do you want to earn an extra income around what you are presently doing without interrupting your existing circumstances? • Do you want to spend more quality time with your family? • Do you want to be in control of your life without being answerable to your boss? Continue reading →


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