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My name is Chauncyne Kinion Cunningham, a native of Birmingham, Alabama USA. I am a full-time wife, mother and business owner.I am not a health professional, but my passion for herbs started when I experienced a heart attack in February 2014, while cooking breakfast for my family. That one incident was the wake-up I needed to place me on the right track towards better health. I met with the beloved Master Herbalist, Rhonda Dial, and she instructed me that I should begin incorporating natural herbs and remove all sugars out of my diet. Continue reading →

by Ismail Gumbo, published 05.07.2016
TrafficHurricane is the share revenue advertising platform whereby you can promote your online businesses and get more traffic and exposure worldwide. It is one of the best-making money online revenue share platform around at the moment. How it works? There are 2 types of products that are popular where by you can buy traffic with or without sharing position.The most popular product in Traffic Hurricane is called Adpack with sharing position. Continue reading →

by Agnes Mannah, published 05.07.2016
Cashflow System Pro (CSPRO)I would like to INVITE other Traffic Monsoon Members to join us in using CSPRO? Why?Because Using the links where the visitors areable to register using the CSPRO system is the answer to having proffessional leads. Would you like to earn 40% recurring commissions on EVERY CSPRO Member you refer? Would you like to earn Top $$$ Just like the top Leaders in Traffic Monsoon. If the answer is YES! Continue reading →

by William Ortiz , published 05.07.2016
Greetings and God bless you. I like to talk to you about ways to better yourself with health products. I am working with Vida Divina and this is a Direct Sales company. We are delivering products that will help you with your health issues. We are proud to say that not everyone will deliver products that are great and with a economical price. As we all know almost every community has a issue with people being over weight and we have products that are designed to help you reduce the extra pounds you have in your body. Continue reading →

by Agnes Mannah, published 05.07.2016
Cashflow System Pro (CSPRO)I would like to INVITE other Traffic Monsoon Members to join us in using CSPRO? Why?Because Using the links where the visitors areable to register using the CSPRO system is the answer to having proffessional leads. Would you like to earn 40% recurring commissions on EVERY CSPRO Member you refer? Would you like to earn Top $$$ Just like the top Leaders in Traffic Monsoon. If the answer is YES! Continue reading →

THW GLobal is recruiting for part-time international viewers ( IVs)! They are paying up to $25 per hour to view better than Youtube type commercial videos for advertising companies. You can also receive $50 per week overrides on all your referrals on your first level, and up to $40 per each referral down 10 levels too! You have the potential to earn 6 figures over time and depending on your recruiting skills and how quickly you can build a team. Continue reading →

by Connie Manasco, published 04.07.2016
My family history is reason enough to look for the answer to good health. Why? Because I happen to have been born into one of those families that seems to have been plagued with nearly every condition on earth. Is that your story too? If so then you may want to visit my site at and start using Beyond Tangy Tangerine products too. They changed my life and they can change yours too! Continue reading →

INSTANTLY INCREASE YOUR SALES AT THIS ONLINE SHOP...just by listing your products for sale at this huge online shop called TripleClicks.- A global business opportunity, with millions of potential customers all over the world!! TripleClicks is one of the fastest growing, and international e-commerce sites out there! - Next to this, there are actually about 100,000 SFI affiliates out there working for you! Continue reading →

by Gbenga Samuel, published 04.07.2016
You Can Enjoy A World of Legitimate Financial Freedom By Turning A One Time Investment of N4,000 N12,000 or N28,000 Into A Life Time Residual Income of N50,000, N100,000, N250,000, N500,000 & N1Million Guaranteed Monthly Residual Income in 2016.These Great Business Opportunities Will Also Get You Absolutely FREE Android Phones, Ipad, Tablets, Laptops, Brand New 2016 Hyundai Elantra Car, Free Dubai Trip, Brand New SUV as Incentives…… Get full details at www. Continue reading →

by Darren Schiele, published 04.07.2016
Greetings, my name is Darren and I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have done MLM online for a number of years. Not that I am an expert by any means, lol. I am currently working with a Power Team. We are a group of people who are working toward mutual success in a duplicatable business.The name of this business is Skinny Body Care (SBC). What makes SBC different is the Powerline. You can potentially earn off the endeavors of everyone who joins after you. Continue reading →

by Ricky James Brasco, published 04.07.2016
It's quite true and disheartening about the rapid reports on network marketing scammers who act as though they have something to offer to their fellow man,but end up playing tricks to get money from them,it has indeed bruised a lot of trust that people should have for online marketers who are really trying to set their market across the globe in other to build their personal business and as such affected the way business relationship are been built in an online marketing world today,on behalf of myself and my team i am out to clarify the idea that every body you get to meet online who is willing to share with you their ideas are all scammers. Continue reading →

by Christopher Fresh, published 04.07.2016
United Games and the developer of Madden Football is in pre-launch with a crazy new gaming app.2 ways to be involved. 1. Player-Free to play and you win prizes. 2. Affiliates -$30 to enroll if you want to earn income. $10 a month after. (Company is saying no more affiliates will be allowed in after September - Limited time opportunity) Looking for players and affiliates. Player - 2 min video explains everythinghttps://www. Continue reading →

by Jose Rosa, published 04.07.2016
The undisputed world leader in residential solar technology is publicly traded SolarCity. SolarCity has installed solar panels in over 300,000 U.S. homes with homeowners installing every 60 seconds. Thus representing 40% of all residential market share. The #1 solar company in the world has carefully selected Powur to be the category creating direct sales company representing SolarCity products and services nationwide. Continue reading →

by Ross Archibald, published 04.07.2016
I' am not going to include any hype or fluff in this presentation - I'am a straight to the point guy...Warren Buffett said it best "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die."Today you have the opportunity to achieve just that.Why do most new internet marketers NOT reach success? I'll tell you... because they cannot sponor!Here is your chance to make money TODAY - without sponsoring anyone, or in fact ever having to sponsor anyone. Continue reading →

FREE to Join....This company is launching on July 4th's like YouTube in Reverse..This is "EXPLODING" globally - within 10 short days I have over 253,645 members in my down-line, and so can YOU. In a nutshell, the way this works is for 10 hours a week you are paid at $25 per hour to watch videos and make comments. That's $250, however it does not stop there. When you refer others you are also Paid $5 per hour on those members. Continue reading →

by Menyene Jack, published 04.07.2016
Have you thought about getting paid for watching online movies, commenting on adverts etc.? Yes, this is food for thought. Almost everyone spends 3 or more hours daily on the social media. Translated, that gives 21 hours a week. An average worker spends 40 hours a week doing tedious office work, often for an unsecure and unrewarding job. Oftentimes, the job satisfaction we seek cannot be found because we are truly not independent. Continue reading →

Well my name is William I live in the island of Puerto Rico and I am looking for ways to make some extra income from the comfort of my home. If other people are doing it why can't I do it. We are all entitle to a better chance in life to make things happen. Of couse I am a born again christian and I always as in prayer if this is the right thing to do. I try to get products that will be of a benefit to other people. Continue reading →

Greetings I like to share with you my interest in Network Marketing. I have been doing this for some time and its been very good for me. Right now I have made some research on two online businesses. One of them is call THWGlobal, the other one is Vida Divina. Both of these companies have a great team behind them working very hard to promote and get exposure to the products and services.THW GlobalI also have joined another company that is into health products and they are growing like wild fire. Continue reading →

by Jessica Agnew, published 04.07.2016
Hello my name is Jessica and I have some amazing news. I have recently joined a amazing health and wellness company called Vida Divina. With great products and a compensation plan that is out of this world. This make this company one of the best business opportunities on the web. Right now you can join for free. Join with me and you will get a amazing team dedicated to everyone earning. Not just to people on top but every one. Continue reading →

GOD'S PLANS FOR YOU IS TO MAKE YOU PROSPERHAVE HOPE AND A GREAT FUTURE.AS THE BIBLE VERSE ....JEREMIAH 29:11"FOR I KNOW THE plans I have for you..declares the LORD,plans to PROSPER YOU, AND NOT TO HARM YOUplans to give you hope and a future"as GOD declares....PROSPER YOU...MEANING YOU HAVE IT IN YOU...all you need todo is take action....use your uniqueness your inner strength to accomplish yourdreams and goals. Continue reading →

July 4th A New Company called THWGlobal is launching a brand new concept in advertising and income opportunities that will pay all participants up to $25 an hour (up to 10 hours per week) to view & comment on commercials, TV pilots, movie trailers, video surveys and more. Could you use an easy extra $250 per week? They even do better than that... If you refer others to this very special opportunity, not only will you get paid for the videos you watch but you will also earn $5 for every hour your referrals spend doing the same! Continue reading →

by Ingrita Gayle, published 04.07.2016
Are you looking to achieve financial freedom? If so, Global Wealth Trade (GWT) is an excellent option for you. Global Wealth Trade manufactures and sells high-end luxury fashion, and has the best compensation plan to offer. Unlike most Multi-Level Marketing companies, WE PAY INTO INFINITY. Sounds good so far? Receive payment through six streams of income with no restrictions, no re-qualifications and no cap on volume; our highest earner makes $100,000/month. Continue reading →

THWglobal is in its prelaunch and more than 1000 new members are joining every hour. It is going to start on 4th july 2016. If you are above 21 years having HS Diploma, then it is for you. Earn upto $25 per hour for watching videos and commenting on commercials. It is free to register. After registration, login to THWglobal and get your referral URL in the welcome letter. Earn $5 for every $25 earned by your referral in your first level. Continue reading →

by Gerry Delaney, published 03.07.2016
Hello ,My name is Gerry Delaney and i hail from the beautiful country that is Ireland .I have been involved in Network Marketing since 2013 ,when i decided i had enough of the daily grind of the 9 -5 job , although for me it was more a case of the 5-8 job as i was self employed in the construction sector for almost 20 years .I guess the recession did'nt help either .So i took to the worldwide web for a solution , man its a vast place , so many online opportunities , I tell you now , I got lost I a few scams and you learn quickly that all is not what it seems with these jobs , but thankfully I didn't lose too much money . Continue reading →

Through scripture we know that God wants us to succeed in life. By growing and using our faith & trust in the Lord we can be strengthened to fulfill His will for our lives- this is true success. Use these collection of Bible verses to gain a better understanding of how God defines success, and how we can truly succeed in life. ALL YOU NEED IS FAIT AND BELIEF AND YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.......WHAT YOU THINK. Continue reading →


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