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by Robert Odendaal, published 01.09.2016
Hi my name is Robert Odendaal and have been with a company with the name YOBSN (Your own Branded Social Network) for the last four years.The company started off as YOBSN and has since then added Skill Dragon gaming platform to the business and with this has increased earning from only seven income streams to 15. Our latest addition of two more income streams in adding Dragon Bitcoin mining to our company. Continue reading →

My whole teenage years consisted of minimum wage or even just $20 a day. One day i came across motor club of america and i must admit, i was skeptical. But then i said, what the heck. I then joined. I joined when I was 17 years of age, confused and scared. I looked more into and weeks later on my own, i created a weekly income on average of $1,000-$2,000 while attending school still and also playing a sport! Continue reading →

by Carmen Becker, published 31.08.2016
Working from home has never been so easy that's right, just right here right now in this moment I can help you reach all your goals, visit my fanpage to see all the amazing ways you can make a living or join my opportunity.So if your looking to work from home and support you and your family on a system that does everything for you to drive leads and traffic to your business and create an income this is for you Would you like to learn how to attract tons of leads without having to prospect friends and family. Continue reading →

by Russell Birtwistle, published 31.08.2016
Hi There,Skinny Body Care is now shipping worldwide...It has 26 shipping centres around the world..Our team has put in 8,000 new distributors in 2.5 months into this business..Our FB Powerteam has 5.800 members for support an training.We have weekly google hangouts that convert your pre enrollee,s into Distributors..I will tell you something, This has never happened to me before in any business I have done. Continue reading →

by Martins Logins, published 31.08.2016
Sky Way technology has been developed and tailored to its perfection in over 40 years. The backbone of this innovation is Dr. Anatoly Yunitskiy. He currently holds 2 golden chariots, more than 100 patents that up to this day are running in various technology sectors. Furthermore he has numerous scientific papers and several awards from Russian Federation. of you may ask why this hasn't been done already? Continue reading →

by Millie Millington, published 31.08.2016
I work for an amazing company that pride themselves on being 100% #organic.. The company has been supplying the Hotel/Spa industry for over 15years, (even supplying celebs).. We listened to the feedback from our clients, their clients had been requesting direct sales.. In September 2015 we launched our amazing direct sales website in the UK ans Ireland, selling worldwide via the website or direct from our skincare consultants. Continue reading →

by Jaye Carden, published 31.08.2016
As a MLM business owner, you more than likely put a lot of time and even money into advertising your business.So to help you out a lot, I am going to share something you will need to know about advertising on MLMGateway, and any other platform, to increase your conversions and most importantly, simply keep up.HOW IT WORKSWell be using MLMGateway as the example, since it's advertising can be super effective and any MLM business owner can use it. Continue reading →

by Woodson Davenport, published 31.08.2016
Allow me to introduce you to a platform that will not only bring you huge commissions very fast, but has a dedicated support system and is built and developed by 20 + year veterans of of the Affiliate, Network marketing industry. The commission structure is very simple so simple that people are stunned, but in my experience the simpler the better as that means it is easier to explain to potential recruits. Continue reading →

by Brenton Daniel, published 31.08.2016
It's unbelievable, this is the best thing that has ever happened in my life, I can't explain and do it any justice, the best way to understand fully is to see the look on my face.You want fun, freedom,fulfilment, more money, more time with people you love, you want to see the world? Then this is the only company that you should look at.Its changed my life and my families lives, its given us a new lease on life, best part, I can be sitting on a beach, anywhere in the world, and my bank account still goes "kaching! Continue reading →

by Linda Backlund, published 31.08.2016
Karatbars is celebrating their 5th year anniversary. If you are looking to create wealth that is withstanding. This is the way to go. Gold is the oldest currency in the world. It has such long lasting sustainabilty. No other currency has been around as long as gold has. If you could purchase gold what would you do with it. Save it for the next crisis that is coming around the pike would stock pile it or just spend it. Continue reading →

Join us and let our Team help you to finally succeed in 2016. Don't have the funds to join Four Corners Alliance Group? No problem commit to Paying It Forward for 2 Personal Referrals once you are in profit and we will Pay It Forward for YOU to join our Innovative Team. We will be needing hundreds of new members over the next few months and are utilizing several different resources to obtain a constant stream of new members to our Team. Continue reading →

by David Kruger, published 31.08.2016
When people ask me to assist them reach their goal of financial freedom within the next 12 months, most don't truly know what that really means.In most 1st world countries, true financial freedom equates to 100k per month or 1.2mil per year of pre-tax AUTOMATED income. That’s how you become a millionaire and a person with the means to fill-up your remaining years with truly meaningful pursuits (without concern of being able to financially support those pursuits, while at the same time maintaining a meaningful lifestyle where you can live life on your own terms). Continue reading →

by LiRayu Tshaw, published 31.08.2016
If you think it’s a joke or scam, you don’t have to go look at it. We are not here to waste your time or ours. 1) Want to make REAL money and FAST! 2) Looking for ways to earn residual income with the team you are about to create. 3) Want a company that will stay long-term and is ready to build wealth and stability for your future. 4) Tired of watching and supporting others to the top. 5) Tired of those scammed companies that keeps getting shut down just when you started to see positive results. Continue reading →

NOTE: My BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS are aimed at CHANGING YOUR LIFE....I will have at least 1 or 2 business announcement EVERY DAY....if youdo not see one on the day's listing...go back to the PREVIOUS day.. and read one of the old my student and I will change look at your calendar and take note of the date.and see what happens to you next month on the same date...I WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Continue reading →

by Vida Harley, published 31.08.2016
So many people are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, and getting stressed out. They tried the go to school, get a good education and get a god job, but still is not satisfied and fulfilled. Imagine sitting on a beach in an exotic place like Jamacia or the Bahamas, and your phone bings and you made $1,000. Or imagine taking a dream trip and it is FREE! We have a unique opportunity that you are going to want to immediately join! Continue reading →

by Jasmine Suber, published 31.08.2016
I have three great opportunities that will get you pumped and ready to start making fast cash in your pocket!! I'm only looking for serious, business minded individuals who's ready to start investing in their business, time and energy and ready to see some change. I've been making money online for some time now, and it has been great for me. I want to see others be successful and want to be somebody and go somewhere in life. Continue reading →

by Timothy Miller, published 31.08.2016
Auto Cash Machine was designed to help the average person build an income online by taking all of the guesswork out of the process!Would you like to start making money online?Are you tired of beating your brains out trying to make money online?Are you tired of investing in Guru systems and programs that don’t perform as advertised?Are you tired of wasting money on ineffective advertising?Are you tired of spending a fortune for leads and lead systems? Continue reading →

by Mary Carmen, published 30.08.2016
We are looking for REAL MLM leaders who can bring our cryptocurrency to your country!!SwissCoin - The NEW SWISS Cryptocurrency .Established by a Swiss company with a Swiss CEOCryptocurrency also referred to as “digital money” with the newly invented blockchain technology was established in 2009 with BitCoin. Bitcoin was the first to join the market in 2009. Since then, the world of Cryptocurrency changed forever. Continue reading →

by Virginia Sanders, published 30.08.2016
. Help Me Get On The Leader Board & Earn a Million Dollars?If you have 100 to 1,000 members in your primary MLM company, you are poised to make a substantial amount of money with this business. Many MLM and network marketers strive daily to attract hundred if not thousands of people into their downline. The ability to attract that many people has to do with the product, compensation plan but more importantly the marketing plan. Continue reading →

by Ralph G., published 30.08.2016
Greetings everyone,As an online Business Coach and Health and Wellness advocate we often time "practice to do right , but in reality we need to practice to do wrong". Practicing until you get it right once won't do you any good. You could get it wrong right after that. If you practice until there's no way of messing it up, you'll know you've mastered it completely. That's the way to do it I struggle with my weight for years and tried my best to make it right by eating the right things. Continue reading →

by Antonio Ricciardo, published 30.08.2016
SE HAI UNA CONNESSIONE AD INTERNET, UN PC, PRATICO DI RETI SOCIALI, PUOI COMINCIARE IL TUO BUSINESS ONLINE!!!!Se sei una persona Positiva, ottimista è dinamica che vuole lavorare seriamente da casa almeno due ore al giorno, guadagnando denaro, avere più tempo libero per dedicarsi a quel che si desidera di più, allora questo è il lavoro per te ma solo seguendo i seguenti passi:Clicca il Link qui sotto:www. Continue reading →

by Michelle Dean, published 30.08.2016
Are you an experienced network marketer? Great!Are you new to network marketing? Also great!Do you struggle selling or promoting your company products? Learning about every product you sell is a minefield!How much have you spent on lotions and potions just to meet your minimum requirement?Are you using them all?The first 48 hours are crucial to your business being a success. Rest assured you will be armed with all you need to know to be successful in this. Continue reading →

by Sebastian Bryant, published 30.08.2016
This new mobile sports app that is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2016 seems to be very interesting. The app is currently under development by United Games and is going to be entirely free to download and play for the end user. The game will be centered around the user's favorite live sporting events. Users will also be encouraged to share the app with friends as well as invite friends to play during their favorite sporting events. Continue reading →

by Tyler Biegerl, published 30.08.2016
Welcome Everybody!My name is Tyler Biegerl, and I am a member of the fastest growing MLM & Wine Club, 'Direct Cellars'. (A play on words of Sellers and Wine Cellar).But before I tell you about who we are today, let me tell you about how we all got started.In 2014, founder of Direct Cellars, David DiSteffano, founded a small wine club in Fort Meyers, Florida. Direct Cellars eventually grew to 150 members in a short period of time. Continue reading →

by Javier Bueno, published 30.08.2016
My MLM story will probably sound very familiar to a lot of you. I was lured by the dreams and aspirations of firing my boss, controlling my own schedule, traveling when I wanted andspending more time with my children.Ahhh the dreams if only they would come true lol!My recruiter who was a good friend who was enjoying a lot of success in the business. At the time he recruited me in 2014 he was making 15k a month. Continue reading →


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