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by Mike Cavanagh, published 16.12.2016

by Frank F. Mayes, published 16.12.2016
Hey fellow entrepreneurs, Frank Mayes here and I was wondering do you ever ask yourself the question of "What's Motivating Me?" To expand on that question a little bit, I mean what's driving you to keep plugging along in your online business? Is it just a little extra money? Or is it total financial independence? It was passed along to me about 10 years ago that I should take a "Personal Inventory" of myself every year. Continue reading →

by Leonardo Ortega, published 16.12.2016
Aquí no estamos Jugando..Aquí no tenemos tiempo para Juegos, en Karatbars vamos en serio y con todo Rumbo al Millón!!!!! Imagínate cuanto ganaras hoy si hace 30 años atrás te hubieran dado la oportunidad de ganar dinero por cada transacción que se realiza hoy con una tarjeta Visa o Mastercard? Bueno en ocasiones existen las Segundas oportunidades y eso es lo que hará Karatbars Internacional con todos sus socios, un nuevo Método de Pago basado en oro esta surgiendo y tu puedes ser uno de los pioneros. Continue reading →

by Joy Kennel, published 16.12.2016
Our company, SendOutCards, has created a smart phone app that allows efficient follow up for anyone with clients and customers. This app sends physical cards and gifts in the USPS mail everywhere in the world that there is a mailbox. Users may choose cards that are already in the system or create one on the spot with the app, so it is easy to create a thank you card on the spot with a client, e.g., realtor takes photo of new homeowner in front of new home, and sends the card and a gift or gift card to the homeowner. Continue reading →

by George Dwyer, published 16.12.2016
Hi friends I would just like to make a valid comment to prospects and beginners. The first thing people do with a program is run to google and ask if this or that program is a scam....Folks be careful of this,there are bloggers out there or News Reporters and these people need others to either click or comment on their post to get paid and obviously the more clicks and comments the more money they make,to do this they make negative comments about a perfectly good program to push up their earning potential and destroy a perfectly good program,I have been at network marketing for a good few years and like a lot of others here have lost thousands of $$$,I have found the best way to research a program is to friend the person of the program you are interested in and then asked to join the group BEFORE you register,this way you will see if there is any negativeness or bickering and bitching in the program and why people are leaving and so on this enables you to make an educated decision as to whether you would like to partner up with the program or not. Continue reading →

by Rhonda Hodges, published 16.12.2016
Are you in the market for a new adventure - not just in a new business? Then a home-based travel agency is just the thing for you! Right now is a great time to join my team. We are having a LIMITED TIME special price to own your own travel agency.Until December 31, 2016, you can become a Travel Associate for an initial investment ofonly $99.95, and have the following benefits:Access to Xstream Travel Certified Training (additional $50. Continue reading →

by Kristine Kelly , published 16.12.2016
HAPPY NEW YEAR...2017 is approaching quickly, if you are ready for changing this next year, for REAL this time...keep reading! It's that time again, end of a year where you PROMISED yourself you would make more money, lose weight, feel better, help others, spend more time with your loved ones, travel, purchase fun toys, etc, etc. I am here to let you in a small secret. I have something, I promise will change your life and change the lives of others you share it with. Continue reading →

Hi fellow entrepreneur, I want to invite you to join my winning team of MLM Sales distributors with "It Works." I am looking for people who want to make serious money in this business but also want to change their lifestyle from a boring job to one that you can help people every day become healthier and wealthier. This is an amazing opportunity. My Direct Upline makes 40K plus a month and is on their way to 100K plus. Continue reading →

by Frank F. Mayes, published 15.12.2016
I wanna try and write about a touchy subject in hopes I don't offend too many of you. My topic is about a phrase/belief that has been shared or told to all of us at some point in time. And it goes someting like this: Money is Evil; Money is the Root of All evil; The Love of Money is the Root of ALL Evil. Now like I said, you've heard one of these phrases at some point in your life, but which one do you believe? Continue reading →

by Chelle Franklin, published 15.12.2016
Hello, my name is Rochelle Franklin. I'm a stay at home mom of 3 handsome boys. Happily married 11 years!!! I'm 30 years young. Looking to help others succeed in this business as well. You can do it all from your phone, computer, or laptop.Easy Cash code has been around since January 2016. This company has already gone viral on social media. The CEO is Reginald Stinson. Reginald created Easy Cash Code for us humans so we can be able to afford the system and prosper in the business. Continue reading →

by Jaye Carden, published 15.12.2016
We all know we must speak to massive amounts of people to build a successful MLM business.However, we all wish we could just get signups the easy way online, and never have to deal with rejection.So in today's BA I will share with you how you can get MLM signups online, by simply working 5 steps over and over again.Step 1: The Funnel/Landing PageFirst you need a landing page. Not your company replicated website, as it will convert nothing. Continue reading →

by Sean Kennedy, published 14.12.2016
To Whom it may concern:With energy deregulation in full affect in many states, and the crumbling of utility monopolies on the rise, Now is the time to go out there and make your fortune. Ambit energy gives consumers a choice in who their utility supplier is and what rates they can pay and for how long. And all of this is at no cost to them whatsoever. No contracts, No fees, No NONSENSE. Also each customer has the chance to earn free energy credits with each person the refer to ambit. Continue reading →

by Leonardo Ortega, published 14.12.2016
Hello, for me it is a real pleasure to greet first of all. My name is Guido Leonardo Ortega. I live in Madrid, Spain. I have been a Networker for more than 15 years, Megusta Help people who let themselves be helped, so today I want to invite you to see My Business Project. I have been representing more than 2 years representing this company and the truth that I can not describe the success that I have had and the accomplishments that I have had in such a short time. Continue reading →

by Linda Ojutkangas, published 14.12.2016
Network Marketing and MLM opportunities can be tough. About 10 years ago, a friend of mine turned me onto an MLM opportunity. I got excited and went full-steam ahead. The problem was that I did not know a lot of people and the people I did talk to were very skeptical. I did not have the faintest idea how to network online. However, I did make a "few bucks" with the program. Then everything went haywire. Continue reading →

by Claire Newdigate , published 14.12.2016
Are you tired of trying to make ends meet every month? Do you feel reluctant to pay for 'grudge purchases' like insurance premiums? Do you wish you were able to save money or be able to buy assets that can work for YOU instead of you working for money? Well, of course, you do!We have been in the financial planning industry for over 18 years and know that our clients hate having to pay insurance premiums. Continue reading →

by Chris Saunders, published 14.12.2016
What is the point of saving money that can not hold value? If the dollar constantly losses purchasing power then saving it for long term purposes does NOT preserve your wealth. Historically GOLD is the one thing that has always retained its value. The problem is only a very small portion of the worlds population owns physical gold. Owning gold might very well be the one thing that seperates the rich from the rest of the world. Continue reading →

by Rian Mertens, published 14.12.2016
I don't know if people know exactly what revshare means and how it can help you to earn money by just watching 10 advertisements a day...? For those who don't know, please contact me and ask... For those who do know, but don't trust it... I can tell you there is surely 1 great revshare company that you can trust! #FutureNet To quote one of the leaders (Steve Lawson): "FutureNet is going through a massive growth phase now because finally people are waking up to the fact that it's the only RevShare company that can sustain the flow of revenue over the long term. Continue reading →

by Charles Estes, published 14.12.2016
Hello, My name is Charles and I want to start by saying thank you for taking the time to read this. I want to talk about some of the things I've been through on my journey to start earning a solid income online. I first started trying to make it online about 4 years ago, I'm 27 now and I was about 23 then. I'm not going to talk about any specific programs, but I tried lots of them. I joined mostly random things and I did most of my promoting in social media groups. Continue reading →

by Antonio Perez, published 14.12.2016
Are you trying to make some Fast Cash? Then your in for a surprise... Our team has hit the leaderboards and we are non-stop with building a solid team by giving away our leads to our downlines.. Join the Wright team and start earning today.. We have setup a strategy that really works and everyone is really happy with the results. Don't wait for this to slip by. We are building non-stop daily and we are all earning. Continue reading →

by Dean Eshelman, published 14.12.2016
So you are interested in MLM's. Do you believe this is a get rich quick deal? If so stop reading. Do you believe in if they build it customers will come? Look elsewhere. But if you are looking for Work Hard; Play Hard opportunity, this is for you!. Daily affirmations: "I will win. Why? Because I have faith, courage and enthusiasm. Today, I will meet the right people at the right time for the betterment of all. Continue reading →

by Carrie Cunningham, published 14.12.2016
IMARKETSLIVE IS truly an amazing opportunity that provides a full array of retail trading products and services that are highly effective to a global audience (traders) for those who want to participate and make the right decisions in the Forex & Futures Markets. iMarketsLive has experienced some incredible bursts of momentum with the additions of what have now become our most popular educational and trading Software As A Service platform. Continue reading →

by Myra Fields, published 14.12.2016
They said Craigslist was dead. Many trainers will try to push you toward social media --- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. They say go where you can see the people and the people can readily interface with you. Although I’m told that Facebook has a billion subscribers, I still believe that there is still a lot of life in using Craigslist. Gone are the days where you could post on Craigslist and not get dinged for doing multiple posts in multiple times and multiple section. Continue reading →

by Dave Keenan, published 14.12.2016
With holiday bills, unexpected expenses, and just the everyday cost of living…who wouldn’t want to find an earn extra income opportunity?I’ve always been interested in owning my own business—in calling the shots, answering only to myself,and getting rewarded for the effort I put into something.I’ve looked into a LOT of home business ideas that sound promising, but then fall flat when you dig alittle deeper. Continue reading →

by Linda Ojutkangas, published 13.12.2016
I have discovered an amazing opportunity with Direct Cellars! There are 3 levels to join this great program. The first level is just to be a consumer. You sign up to receive a shipment of fine wines each month for $79.95. You will receive 4 bottles of these great wines monthly. You can also sign up to receive just 2 bottles monthly at $49.95.Excerpt: Direct Cellars finds fine wines from all around the globe. Continue reading →

by Monica Richmond, published 13.12.2016
Ciao e grazie per averci dato un po` del tuo tempo per leggere la nostra proposta di attivita` con Jeunesse!Jeunesse e` un azienda in attivita` da 9 anni ed e` in Italia da qualche anno. I prodotti riguardano il benessere e il mantenimento della giovinezza interiore ed esteriore, ma ci sono prodotti anche per la perdita di peso e per sportivi. La grande opportunita` che si trova con la Jeunesse si basa su 3 cose: 1- E`fresco in Italia, percui c'e` grandissima possibilita` di sfondare facilmente, il territorio non e` saturo. Continue reading →

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