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by Peter Paterson, published 01.03.2016
Are you unsatisfied with your current job? Are you looking to change career or direction? You are not alone, each year thousands of people change career or leave the job market. This can be for many different reasons and could include any one of these factors: no satisfaction in your current career path, your family circumstances your health or even your age. Some of the options you may be considering could be: 1. Continue reading →

by Laura Jarman, published 29.02.2016
I'm looking for anybody that would like to stay at home and work or maybe earn extra cash for playing with makeup we are currently available in many countries, such as UK USA CANADA FRANCE GERMANY MEXICO NEWZEALAND AND AUSTRALIA we have just launched in France and have another launch soon this year in Spain! We're an ever expanding company and one of the only ones to do all our promoting and work via social media! Continue reading →

by James Proctor, published 29.02.2016
Are you making 10k a month? How about 15K a month? Please view this recent webinar to learn about Qkadoo social website and learn how you can get paid for doing the same things you currently do on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin and other social platforms, Do any of these website pay you any money for your content? No??? I thought so. Qkadoo Does What They Don't. Post, Like, Share, Shop, Buy, Sell, Socialize and Advertise. Continue reading →

by Rick Hampton, published 29.02.2016
I recently woke up to the reality of the coming collapse of the US Dollar. I had not previously understood how our currency comes into existence through the Fed and through our banking system, but after watching some key videos by Mike Maloney as well as many others (posted at, I agreed with their conclusion that the US Dollar won't be around much longer.In following their advice, I decided to stack silver and gold, and I will continue to buy a little every month with whatever I can spare. Continue reading →

by Kathryn Pitre-johnson, published 29.02.2016
High blood pressure no more - now I feel younger than when I was in my 40s.I was in my office with my right hand over my heart, rubbing it gently as if that would stop my chest pain. In a brief instance, I made promises to God that I would start to exercise, eat better, and drink half my body's weight in ounces of water. My coworkers thought of me as the healthy one in the office. Of course they would, I look younger than my real age and I showed no outward signs of having high blood pressure until one beautiful morning, it felt like something heavy was sitting on my chest. Continue reading →

by Jaye Carden, published 29.02.2016
I see this all the time.As a matter of fact, I am approached with this almost daily.It's destroying several MLM business owners, and they don't even realize it. So they do it over and over again.What is it?If you just read those top lines, and now this line, that's the tip I want to share. See, I am using a skill set that I learned from top earners, and it just worked with you. (that is if you read this part)RAISE CURIOSITY NOT RESISTANCEHere is where the successful and the unsuccessful will separate. Continue reading →

by Sanjukta Mahanti, published 29.02.2016
We all know the comments people make, “This is just a Ponzi scheme” or “its just a direct marketing pyramid scheme”. Some people claim that only 10% of the distributors ever make money. Others say price fixing and pushing the distributor to sell the “distributorship” and not focusing on the product is unethical. So the question remains, “Is Multi Level Network Marketing a legitimate way to make money? Continue reading →

by Rita Ross-Joyce, published 29.02.2016
As anIntuitiveMassage Therapist, I've worked on thousands of broken down, stressed & overworked individuals who all share common interests in varying degrees. The majority of everyone I've seen are in pain, failing health, stressed from work, family & life, living on pharmaceuticals having a desire to rid themselves of their medications which are destroying their bodies at a rapid speeds. Continue reading →

by Nacita Moore, published 29.02.2016
I am happy to announce two opportunities that are a part of my team build. I am currently building a team of successful marketers. Please review my opportunities and let me know if you would like to join my team. I would certainly love to have you aboard!!!MLMROD- Need more leads for your business? This system is one of the best systems I have ever seen. It continuously links you with leads for life! Continue reading →

by Eric Fridenberg, published 29.02.2016
My company just submitted our international patent at the beginning of the month and expect to be live in 2-4 months in these countries and I am looking to partner with a few people that have people they think would be interested in this business opportunity. This is a great chance to get in on the ground floor of a great company. Even if you already are set with your current company this is way to good of an opportunity to pass up. Continue reading →

We all know the comments people make, “This is just a Ponzi scheme” or “its just a direct marketing pyramid scheme”. Some people claim that only 10% of the distributors ever make money. Others say price fixing and pushing the distributor to sell the “distributorship” and not focusing on the product is unethical. So the question remains, “Is Multi Level Network Marketing a legitimate way to make money? Continue reading →

by Markata Turner, published 28.02.2016
Hello my name is Karmel. I Love to travel! I Love to help others save on travel, utilize ALL home based business tax breaks and get paid to travel! I have been researching vacations for my friends and family for free, not even a souvenir (LOL), since 2000. The first time that I ever traveled I fell in LOVE with traveling! I fell in Love with the research of finding travel deals. Back in 2014 I had been watching a friend of mines face book post. Continue reading →

How would you like to own a business that no one knows about yet and has "zero" competition? Not only do you own the market but the entire world wants AND needs what you have to offer... Does that sound amazing or what??That's what you will have with LifeVantage, exclusive rights to distribute products that are founded by science and validated by the most brilliant minds in the world. PhDs from major universities such as LSU, Washington State University and many more self funded studies that proved what our products are capable of and those studies can be found at www. Continue reading →

BURNING BUSINESS QUESTION ?Following the endorsement by President Obama of the USA and President Kenyatta of KENYA, at the GES (Global Entrepreneur Summit) that Africa is the next business frontier..."ASK ENTREPRENEUR"...Read President Obama's keynote that he gave at the summit, there has been a lot of ecstatic moment around entrepreneurship, owing personal business, Home based Business, MLM etc. Continue reading →

by Natoya Woodard, published 28.02.2016
Traveling is everything!!! Hi everyone my name is Nagoya Woodard I was born on Jamaica travel to curaçao and now a us citizen. Dreams do come through before migrating to the us tourism as always been apart of me... I worked at a popular dolphin attraction in Jamaica for 6 years job title sales and marketing I lived for that job. what's great about it also was to meet and great so many different people from around the world that helps to brighten my horizon on culture, creed and race. Continue reading →

by Ann Altimus, published 28.02.2016
1) 130 years in business 2) Over 10 billion in worldwide sales 3) Sells in over 100 countries worldwide 4) Publicly traded on NYSE 5) 1000's of products in over 50 categories to sell and get 20-50% commission6) Free customizable website, blog, with the ability to email all your clients 7) Brand name products including some made with celebrities 8) Fully social media integrated for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more. Continue reading →

by Brittani Wilson, published 27.02.2016
Welcome my husband and I are the very typical couple trying to make ends meet and when this offer to receive $500 a month for a brand new Jeep was shown to us we jumped on and haven't looked backed, we are so excited to help others reach this goal of having a Jeep and really we have seen people obtain this and have only invested less then $500 total, so are you the next one to invest very little for something so amazing. Continue reading →

by Leslie Heitz, published 27.02.2016
What is the legacy that you want to leave behind? Is it health, wellness, happiness, love, financial well-being? YES, to all of them right? I've been in corporate - you name it, I've seen it: downsized, right-sized, and yes, even capsized! Maybe you have been there too.I have the privilege in working with a company that is NOT yet even 4.5 years old and has done over $1Billion in revenue with ONLY four products. Continue reading →

by Sam Edward Bradley, published 27.02.2016
The key to maximum health and lifespan is metabolic harmony. FACT!cellRESET provides the user with a golden key.Personal health first - a full reboot of your metabolism, then you naturally share your story with others, and as part of a global community with a lot of resources, you will earn an income as good as any in the MLM/NM Industry - unlimited.The cellRESET program shares with and supports each individual to achieve a fitter, leaner, cleaner and healthier body. Continue reading →

by B J Patel, published 27.02.2016
There isn't a day that goes by, that I don't get contacted by a marketing ex-spurt, telling me how they can drive more visitors to my site. I get at least 2 or 3 emails every single day like that. And while I love to see people hustle to get business, this kinda makes me wonder. If you're such an "ex-spert" on traffic, why are you spamming me? Then there are other types of ex-sperts that show up in my inbox. Continue reading →

by Ian Robertson, published 26.02.2016
As an international health and wellness company, Kyani is experiencing explosive growth. Here and now is the right place and right time. Now, more than ever, Kyani can provide you with the opportunity to Experience More - more health, more wealth and more life!Kyani is unique. Each of the three high-impact products are developed with cutting edge scientific research and product development. The synergy of Kyani's Triangle of Health offers tangible nutritional benefits to you, your family and your customers. Continue reading →

by Pam Williams, published 26.02.2016
Did you know that Mark Zuckerburg makes billions of dollars from your content that you are posting on Facebook? All of the posting that we do on Facebook brings advertisers to the site and they pay him big money. Wouldn't it be nice if he shared some of that money with you since you are doing all of the work? Enter, Lynette Artin... Times are changing, and Qkadoo is the reason.Qkadoo is a search and social platform where you earn money from your content. Continue reading →

by Jessica Mcfarland, published 26.02.2016
I am looking for motivated individuals who would like to help others achieve personal goals with health, skin, beauty and wellness! You will also be eligible to earn HUGE BONUSES and a residual income while doing so! I am only looking for individuals with drive and motivation!! This is a fast paced business that grows quickly when you are driven! My website is Join my team and see all the possibilities that you dream of come true! Continue reading →

by Morris Jennings, published 26.02.2016
millions upon millions of Americans today are suffering a series of illnesses, sicknesses, and diseases, and they have no idea why. Of course, the large food manufacturers are adding things to our foods that are not good for us, and yet, most of the American public has no idea about what goes into their food or what negative effects it has on their health. For example, food manufacturers routinely put additives like dyes and other coloring agents, artificial favors, excessive sugar and salt, so called vegetable oils that are not really vegetable oils, etc, etc, etc. Continue reading →

by Cherie Sturgess, published 26.02.2016
As the title states, you are all here to find leads. YES! do YOU want to DOMINATE your mlm?Well, you and I need to talk, RIGHT NOW!. I can help you if you are prepared to listen, if you are prepared to take my proven advice. I have something for you that will EXPLODE your down lines, inside and outside of this gateway, Social media domination and face to face communication. We cannot forget the importance of actually talking to people. Continue reading →

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Wonna works solutions
We are looking for leadership and the faces of this company! We are an all natural plant based product CBD company! Are u willing to travel...all paid expenses..extra incentives..!!??

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