Biggest Lie in Network Marketing

You just have to find the right people!  

You probably heard it a lots of times. From the people that currently enroll you into the business, leaders , uplines etc etc ... That is the case if you  dont have any experiance in network marketing  and you are listening people who dont want to spend their time to learn you about how to build the business. Well, that is not bad thing because they probably try to encourage you . But just take TIME and review that sentence ... You just have to find the right people.  Everybody you know wants to have more money and more freedom so they can have more time with the ones they love and really care about . So, how come when you bring them your business they dont want to join , because you can offer them more time and more money in network marketing business. Well it is all depending on what we do and what we say. If you want to really build your business you have to learn some skills . It is not about the payplan , opportunity , company... It is all about you and it is depending on how much time you are willing to spend to educate and learn that skills.  It is not always about the money . Each and everyone is responsible for their actions/growth and nobody else!

Everybody is using internet to communicate and that is the fact...Facebook, viber , skype etc...

Well , some people have find the way to communicate and earn form $300- $1000 a month and they dont need to change their habbits. Most people when they hear what we are doing get excited and want to jin right away and start to build their business , but, some of them dont! You probably all know that type of people. Those are people who rather spend time to drink beer , spending their time in front of TV , play games instead to do something and to make better life for them and their families. 

We can talk about that on skype and spend an hour or two in conversation and you will probably want to see presentation anyway or we can send you video so you can see what this is all about and we can talk then about that, after you review the info.  What would be easier for You? 

Hope we will work together and regards from Maja & Me 

This article was published on 19.05.2016 by Danijel Gajin
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Maja Samac Wonderful article!   1 year ago

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