Skeptical at First

When I heard about Genistar I was very skeptical at first and concerned that my 22 year old sister had got involved in some pills, potions or lotions business or even worse the dreaded PYRAMID type scam. 

Being a concerned big brother and rather experienced business owner I thought that it was my duty to see if what she was involved with was positive and needed. I was educated about some fundamental financial concepts which I already knew about but then suddenly I was shown the traps of finance, debt and credit. 

I wanted all my friends and family to have the same opportunity I did, to have the choice of education that should be taught to us all in schools yet isn’t for whatever reason. If this could happen to me I thought this could happen to many others and it is.

I then decided to visit the BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY MEETING where I found a fantastic welcome and a positive environment. I joined the company the next day on a part-time basis and have ascended the ranks to GROUP LEADER and have now gone full-time and I'm ready to become an Executive Vice President.

They have 2 aspects to their company:

Genistar educates middle-income families about their finances.

Genistar believes that an educated consumer is better able to make intelligent decisions for their own family in the areas of mortgages, consumer debts, insurance and investments! Ludicrous! Don’t they know that it takes years and years of financial certificates and diplomas? We need to keep consumers ignorant! As long as customers don’t know, we can advise them and then sell them what we want!

They try to teach families how money works. They provide our clients with education and then offer them a free Personalised Financial Analysis for their family which identifies areas for improvement and gives common-sense alternatives. We HATE common sense!

Genistar is expanding. Much like an apprenticeship programme they are looking for people to train and mentor in our business.

This is URGENT! We cannot let this happen! If they are successful with their expansion plans then we would have to begin to give good service with non-confusing, competitive financial products.

We all know that getting a job and working 9 to 5 for 40 years is the best way to go. People who believe they can have their own business are either not very smart or are dreamers. 

Financial and debt freedom for everyone is possible, Don't they know that you cannot live in today's society without debt? And financial independence? They are just saying that to get you to buy something.

The power of partnership where two people working together for a common purpose can achieve more.

David Bayliss

This article was published on 22.11.2016 by David Bayliss
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Genistar - Financial Services, 170 USD to join

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