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What is Sky Way? It is a new revolutionary way of transport. Russian company that gives you the opportunity to buy their shares at the very low price before they hit the world marketplace. You can start with 18750 stocks that cost 250$ and you can pay them monthly, 25$ per month. At the beginning of 2018. one stock will worth 1$. At that moment you can sell them for 18750$ or you can keep them and earn a dividend. Your choice.

Skyway link for register

SkyWay String Transport Technology Company

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Invest & Grab Your Shares.

Become a co-owner of the technology of the future, which is already estimated at 400 billion dollars

Are you ready to invest in your future and the future of your children and grandchildren?!!

You have the chance NOW.

Don't cry about missed chance in a year or two when you ignore this post!

Free registration:

The Company has several areas of business:

• SkyWay transport

• SkyWay development projects

• SkyWay sea port

• SkyWay system of linear cities

• SpaceWay all-planetary vehicle

Why do We need to Invest and Help SkyWay NEW Future Transportation Projects?

• After string transport's coming, traffic jams will disappear.

• Cheaper Transportation

• Environmentally friendly

• SkyWay is safe & Secure Transportation

• Skyway speed is up to 500 km/h

• SkyWay has large pre-orders, and a lot of target projects are being initiated all over the world.

SkyWay Team

You still have time to change your life forever, but not much time left.Become a co-owner of the technology of the FUTURE. The company which is already estimated at 400 billion dollars. You can still buy their shares very cheap before they go public to the stock market. Minimum pack of shares costs 250$ and you get about 18750 shares. When the company goes public on the stock market, one share price will be 1$. At that moment you can sell or keep your shares and earn dividend every year. It is your choice.

Check the video.

Packages not in installments, so here is the list of packages and their shares by paying a single time. 

300 Shares $ 15

750 Shares $ 30 

2,100 Shares $ 60

7,800 Shares $ 130

13,000 Shares $ 200

24,500 Shares $ 350

41,250 Shares $ 550

90,000 Shares $ 1,000

200,000 Shares $ 2,000

262,500 Shares $ 2,500

385,000 Shares $ 3 500

600,000 Shares $ 5 000

1,400,000 Shares $ 10,000

2,900,000 Shares $ 20,000

5,250,000 Shares $ 35,000

8,000,000 Shares $ 50,000

17,000,000 Shares $ 100,000

26,250,000 Shares $ 150 000

This article was published on 01.11.2017 by Vijay Kumar
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SkyWay Capital - Transportation, , Free to join

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