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Hi, everyone! I’m Myra, and I appreciate the chance to get to know yall. Yes, I’m Southern, as you can tell from the “yall”. My network marketing journey began when I failed to be hired by so many companies it made my head spin. I was born a redhead, but now in my 50s, my hair has turned gray. I find it odd that things like gray hair and two little numbers make people write me off, as if they thought me too old! Imagine! I Anyway, when I got the picture, I turned to my trusty laptop for the answer.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Age happens. Today’s society is so youth-oriented that older folks have no recourse but their laptops. The sheer magnitude of the youth-related products pushed by MLM companies is staggering and, oh by the way, a multi-billion dollar industry. However, those who need a little extra income to supplement their J. O. B. (Just Over Broke) or even those who need an income period have no recourse but to products like these just because they’re so prolific. These are the men and women I want to help the most. Yall got brains you haven’t used yet, and I want to help you use them!

I must have tried at least five multi-level marketing companies and failed at all of them. There was no one to teach me how to do it right. I’ve been signed up and left hanging by many many people. There still is no one to teach me how to do it “right”. I, personally, think everyone markets through passion and excitement. It is catchy, isn’t it? So I decided to let my own passion run wild! My passion is helping people. That’s it. I do it with a product that everyone needs, but too few have enough of. My passion is helping people make money instead of buying products they won’t be able to afford the next month. It takes maybe five minutes to talk about the company and to show, through your own passion and excitement, how people can help lift themselves out of the 40-40-40 rut. 4 Corners Alliance Group is a 4 x 6 forced matrix in which the product is financial literacy books. The company wants you to not only make money, but know how to invest it for a more secure future. The company gives everyone the opportunity to make several streams of income instead of just one. How many companies care about us like that? How many companies are as financially solid as 4 Corners and want to share it with us? Now that’s passion! Excited? I can’t wait to work with you! Tap here to read more about it:

This article was published on 04.08.2016 by Myra Hotchkiss
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Harry Mcduffee I am already a member of 4 Corners and it is an inexspenive program that is for sure, but I started something that produces $1,000 per sale.  1 year ago
Patricia Jones Let me guess you also use power lead system to promote? I know a lot of marketers using this system to promote their 4 Corners business online. I'm not with either, not by choice.   1 year ago

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