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This is not another typical she grew up in a small town with one of everything within a 10-mile radius. Okay, it might just be a little bit. Childhood was a lot of making our own fun because we didn’t have all the technology surrounding us. Being that all has changed, and we do have this platform to share as little or as much as we choose which is amazing to me. Here it goes, can you remember the first time someone ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? ME- wanted to be a police officer because they helped people. My goal was just that help others, this shifted throughout typical life transitions. One thing staying consistent helping others- fast forward to present owning two businesses that help others become healthier inside and out.

I can remember vividly in grammar school, high school even college voicing my career path, hearing nothing or negative critics saying but “you are a girl”, “you cannot do that”. Having three older brothers, hairstyle and clothing to match. I was not taking the response too well, but I continued with sports throughout college. In a summer game, my dream was taken right out from under my feet the last week in college. Badly hurting my knee, game over. Failure is the first word that comes to mind.

Shortly after, decided to move to Buffalo to be closer to family. Mind you, at this point had not let go of being a police officer, still wanting to prove everyone wrong that did not have faith. Took the test passed but failed to be called because of that previous injury. NOW WHAT? Complete chaos, mindset, what mindset... pretty much a loose cannon. That small-town girl mentality- she just was not good enough was starting to set in. Failure cannot come close to those feelings that were present. The lack of confidence combined with completely lost on what to do and who I was. That was me, that girl that had a dream that didn’t come true.

A short time later took a temporary job at a bank (took three times to pass high school math regents, insert palm to forehead), however I had no other option. I needed a job or I was going home to live in my small town. Utilizing previously learned don’t give up mindset. Earned a fulltime position in 8 short months. Became more and more confident earning promotions and doing well financially. Something was missing, you got it right helping others. The last position I held was pivotal, day in and day out staring at a computer screen, hours on end dealing with projects and finances. This was not me, this is not my passion, this is not why I was put on this earth. However, fear set in, so continued to work like many of us do. Thought the money is good so what is the point of looking elsewhere. Eight precious years came and went. Year 6 being in corporate america my loved ones knew I was not happy. 2 years later opened doors to my own therapy practice creating my own hours and picking who I was meant to help.

Insert Biggest shift to date. Having a baby turned me upside down, left and right. A short 3 weeks on leave returned to working– NO paid time off over here. During my pregnancy another opportunity was presented to me, a work from home position. Skeptical of everything, knew it was not the right time for me. Stayed in touch, asked her new mom questions and cherished this like-minded positive woman in my life. One day, she asked to talk to me over the phone to catch up a bit with everything in life. She was straight forward with me, try this for 60 days if you hate it send it back. I still didn’t commit, I research as much as possible and ask my now friend about a million question, to see if what she was going to say convinced me otherwise. Well, nothing changed my mind- I took a chance. I allowed myself to step out of my small-town girl mindset and take control of my life and where I knew I could help even more people. Over the short time I been able to make so many new connections and get back in touch with people in middle school, high school and college. My life long goals of helping others is coming to life and unfolding in front of me. It is my hope you can use this as inspiration to believe you are different if you allow yourself to be to take a chance at change.

This article was published on 11.01.2019 by Annmarie Legge
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