So, do you really want to build a better life in 2016?

So, who wouldn’t honestly answer “YES” to that question! The point is, we are all seeking to better our own and our families existence or else we wouldn’t be here on this forum right now, but the question is how best to do it?

There are literally thousands of very good MLM and home business opportunities out there in the market-place, in fact the numbers often make that choice alone a very difficult one in itself. However, having overcome that initial obstacle, the greatest challenge for most network marketers is “Duplication”…which simply put means, “how do I, as the business owner, grow my own business and scale it up as quickly as possible to start to have the financial impact that I was originally seeking”. Problem is, as most here will know, that over 95% of marketers never get past that point and quit!

Now, I was born and raised in a grubby, industrial town in the north of England to Irish immigrants originally, and we had a very meagre upbringing. However, I was always taught great values and worked hard to better myself. Long story short, after 15 years in the corporate world, I started my first business 16 years ago and since then I have also started and grown 3 others. In fact one of them (the very first) I grew to over 1,000 people in a few years and we then sold that business to a huge French company with global reach.

Overall, I have been active in the Sales and Marketing arena for over 30 years now and I love it! It’s enabled me to do some wonderful things too, as I am an active goal setter, so I have built my own house, travelled the world, put my kids through private education and owned some amazing cars too…not necessarily in that order of course. Check out my Linked-In profile here:

So, why am I telling you all this you may ask? Well, it’s certainly not a personal ego trip, as I believe I am a pretty down to earth guy. But the key point is this! If you are going to join ANY Biz Opp, and there are plenty out there to go at, you need to do it with the benefit of a proven Mentor who can coach and guide you to success…unless of course you’ve already achieved success yourself. Without that, it’s odds on that you are genuinely going to struggle.

I would like to think that my track record speaks for itself and one of my principal key drivers is helping others succeed. So if you believe you are coach-able, you’re prepared to put in the work and you have some dreams and goals that you are desperate to bring to life, I would like to invite you to join me in my fifth business venture.

My vision is to help 100 people gain their own team of 100 people within the course of 2016…it’s going to be wild!

You can click on the link here: to find out more about the underlying business I have chosen and the videos tell their own story as to why I have decided to promote it.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best of luck and remember, we all have 24 hours in a day, it’s just up to us how we decide to use them…one day you may wake up and there simply won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do…don’t be that person, take action now, let me help you build a better life and join me TODAY!

Neil Harkin

This article was published on 22.01.2016 by Neil Harkin
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