How does recyclix work for you?

Recyclix is a great poland revshare program. It's been running for more than 2 years and has been backed by a lot of people using it.

Sponsor: BA2B-0616-E56B

How does recyclix reward it's members? Recyclix is a rarely seen business model where Recyclix is willing to sell it's starting material to 0.20 euro/kg and trough 35 days transform it to shreds worth 0.40 euro/kg all the way up to granules that they are willing to buy from you at 0.60 euro/kg and reward you with 25% share on the profits.

Recyclix offers a breaktrough because it's possible for the account to manage itself and either cumulate profits to take out or to compound them and buy more waste to recycle. However, the starting limit of kg to process for a member is 5000 kg. To upgrade the amount of kg allowed for you to process, you have to buy equipment participation to boost that.

Cost: 1 Euro

Reward: 25 kg limit upgrade

Sorting unit:
Cost: 10 Euro

Reward: 60 kg limit upgrade

              0.01% profit upgrade

Shredder unit:
Cost: 25 Euro

Reward: 100 kg limit upgrade

              0.02% profit upgrade

Washing unit:
Cost: 50 Euro

Reward:  100 kg limit upgrade

              0.04% profit upgrade

Granulator unit:

Cost: 100 Euro

Reward:  140 kg limit upgrade

                 0.04% profit upgrade

Equipment also have limits allowed, the whole upgrade completion cost 70 000 Euro and improves profits from 25% to 50% and processing up to 135 000 kg of waste every cycle maximum.

After you put your first approx. 1000 Euro in, you make 140 Euro per cycle (35 days), you are then in the right position to upgrade your waste limit.

Refer more people to the opportunity based on and earn a % on their deposits.

This opportunity is based in Poland, it's all legit. Saying that it's risky is a true fact but there is a risk in everything you do in life. This risk is highly worth it. 140 Euro a month should pay back and finance the upgrade of your limit for life if you think about it. Starting with forklift 1$ and 25kg is a great improvement and constitute the fastest and easiest way to improve limit and making steady profits at that point.

That is a great advice, this project is going to hit the market really soon and you could be ahead on a major trend. Take action now and enjoy 20 Euro bonus as long as you deposit a minimal investment in 60 days, otherwise try it and withdraw the money after 1 cycle.

I hope you enjoyed that financial article. If you are reading this, you are right on the wave. Surf it!

This article was published on 12.09.2016 by Francois-Pierre Galarneau
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