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What if I told you, you could turn as little as 1,000 NGN into a fortune, would you believe? Sounds too good to be true right?? Well I can attest to that and tell you YES!!!! a thousand times over. I hope I have your attention now? So here goes; at Global Helpers Alliance (GHA) we provide a platform for you to actualise your dreams and become great and powerful individuals. We combine a unique system of network marketing breaking people like you and me away from the shackles of poverty.

The Global helpers alliance is established to support humankind in their quest to achieve financial freedom through provision of legal and legitimate ways of raising cash for legitimate purposes.

Our Vision:

1. To alleviate poverty by providing a platform for people to actualise their wealthy potentials.

2. To render help to the vulnerable in the society e.g. Widows, Orphans, Elderly, Sick, Prisoners, E.T.C such that they would realize the joy of living.

3. To give back to the society by offering free training in skills acquisition to the young and old so that each person would have a legitimate means of livelihood. GHA is not only a network but also a benevolence platform that is committed to the eradication of poverty and bringing many into the threshold of abundance. GHA is the Cheapest, the Best and the simplest form of network marketing in the world. Our compensation package is second to none. In fact you have no risks, and you lose nothing when you become one of us.

How it works:

IF you are desirous of helping others and making some good money for yourself in the process then you are in the right place. You become a partner with us by contributing US$5/#1,000 once. That is the seed that would yield millions for you. Then you are encouraged to bring in as partners TWO people to join your TEAM. You now encourage them to INTRODUCE a minimum of two people every week.

The business is divided into FOUR STAGES AS FOLLOWS:





Considering the uniqueness of the payout, you are able to reap millions in a short time if you put your back into it. We believe that you can make a difference while you earn good money from this very affordable, simple and genuine business; and also help put smiles on the faces of the less privileged. How do you go about this you may ask? You can hurry now to our website at or check out my blog at or better still contact me via sms or WhatsApp on +2348090635926. So what are you waiting for??? Give us a call and let's break those shackles together...

(Some of this information was copied from the GHA website and from my blog)

This article was published on 07.07.2016 by Jane Uzonwanne
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