Why I Chose Wor(l)d GN!

The questions that I ask you now are the same ones that made me understand why I could not choose any other company outside of Wor (l) d GN!

1) Do you know a single person who now comes out of the house without a smartphone?

2) You know big business, especially in MLM today do not use communications applications such as VoIP, Webinars, Cloud?

3) Do you know someone that does not use electricity?

4) If now someone the opportunity arose to get a small percentage of revenues they generate these markets, how much would you invest?

Today, with over 650,000 independent consultants in over 60 countries, Wor (l) d GN is the company most 'important in the world in the field of telephony and renewable energy.

The news' more 'recent' represented by revolutionary mcell5g.

With this innovative system and dropped by mobile operators for the first time we consumers can be agents!

Gaining as real mobile operators and talk and surf the Internet for free!

To participate in the Project Your Network is simple. Everyone installing and using a SpaceStation and SpacePhone contributes to the creation of a private, global network of Micro Cells. This network uses mCell 5GHz technology to provide users with a more reliable, faster connection to the Internet at almost no cost, and at the same time offloads traffic from leading mobile operator networks to our own private mCell 5GHz network, generating a better user experience and significant savings for all users.

When SpacePhone 5G connects to any mCell 5GHz network or an approved WiFi network, it will automatically switch the connection and communication to our platform, generating revenues for us instead of going to the leading operators. These revenues will be shared with all community members who contribute by installing SpaceStations around the globe.

The more SpaceStations you install, the more money you save and the more money you continue to earn on your connection, your communication and the communications of the global Space community.

Build and own your global mobile network and eliminate your mobile communication costs. Switching voice, text and data from mobile operators networks to the mCell 5GHz global network will create a profitable economy for all the participants, saving up to 100% of their costs of communication.

A complete wide range of services built around your OneWorldPlan. Don’t change your habits, change only your communication costs.

1) Videoconference

2) Internet

3) Cloud

4) Unique Number

5) Call

6) Messages

7) Video Call

This is Wor(l)d GN, this is the FUTURE...NOW!!!

This article was published on 10.01.2016 by Mauro Uri
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