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New CEO Frank Van de Wege:

The only way is up!

Frank Van de Wege is the new CEO of Octa Capital Group and is eager to take the company further up and forward. He got a head start by being responsible for the successful Macau Future Reborn event last week.

Born in 1965, he is already an experienced leader, managing a hugely successful MLM-company for the past 15 years. After studies in Maths and Communications Science he started as an independent business owner aged 21 and worked himself up to the position he has now.

He lives together with Kathy Jacques with whom he has two wonderful daughters, and reveals that apart from his work he loves the freedom of sailing the seas.

Just after the success in Macau, what makes MLM so effective as a business model?

– It is the most natural business model that exists, building upon the concept of mutual benefit and cooperation, referral services, and your results and gains are directly connected with your efforts.

It is easy including your natural network of people, meaning your friends and family, in what you do, and it allows them to join you in your success. In MLM you get all this without having to invest huge amounts in advertisement or expensive marketing firms as everything is done within and by the organisation and the people in the network itself.

I never got paid before to refer someone to a good restaurant, movie or travel agency, but now you can with the opportunity we offer!

Can you imagine a more simple and beautiful concept for success, he says with confidence.

As the newly appointed CEO, what are your thoughts about leadership and what do you think makes a great leader?

– Somebody who can listen to everybody involved, then analyse the information he gets to help the team or company to achieve its goals. A leader is also one who takes responsibility for his actions and for the people who are depending on him both in good and hard times.

What do you find so great about Octaland and the Octacoin and related projects?

– An extraordinarily brilliant vision and super products and services. This combined with the money of the future, our own crypto currency the Octacoin, can only move upwards!

What are your thoughts after the recent event in Macau and what do you expect to achieve with the forthcoming event in Bali?

– It was a great first Global Event, and I was proud to be representing the company on behalf of our wonderfully dedicated and skilled members. We know we can do even better and improve on details, but this sure was a kick start to further exponential growth.

Bali will be a consolidation and celebration of our success, and also a glimpse of the future as everything is moving faster, including us.

And we hope and expect even more nationalities from all over the world to be present in Bali, as we are a global company with members all over the globe.


What are your hopes for 2016 and the growing Octa Project and in what way do you hope to contribute to the future of this organisation?

My hope is that we will put the company in the position where it belongs: the number one position. And I will do what I can to make sure that we’re prepared for further massive growth, because this is only the beginning, and I will do whatever I can to support and help my team, meaning both management and members, on our way to the top, says Frank Van de Wege enthusiastically.

But business is business, and when we ask him about what the most important things in life are for him, he answers promptly:

– Health, friendship, honesty and loyalty.

Inspiration is a prerequisite for any successful leadership. What inspires you, Frank Van de Wege?

– People with visions who turn their dreams into reality and make it work. I am now in the lucky position to be working with great people who do exactly that, making dreams come into being, so I couldn’t be in any better place right now.

Concluding with these words, we feel sure that Frank Van de Wege is the right man at the right place and time, and we look forward to following him on his way up as the new CEO.

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This article was published on 27.01.2016 by James Rowney
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