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I started this business only one week ago and could not believe just how it has taken off. I really was not sure if this would work and within hours of launching we had over 1,000 people join. I have been amazed at the fact people are earning money within hours of joining and continuing to do so. 25 Dollar Legacy was built because the founders were fed up with the same old MLM companies and watching them fail. So they decided to build one themselves. It has taken a while to build yet it is still continuing to grow. We have training videos in the back office, Site Banners, My Banners, My Texts Ads, up to 10 emails can go out at a time to your prospects and you can add more as you require. We have a PIF (Pay It Forward) button for those who you feel require help. Also E-Wallet and Payment Cards System for USA and International. All you have to do is order this. The Tell Friends Button has a script ready for you to send all you need to do is fill out their names in the box already there and hit send, you can change the description of the letter to suit yourself, if you desire to do so.  You can also contact your team members via your back office by a click of a button. 

The capture pages are amazing, we have everything you need. Want to build your own ? Well this is also  possible. There is a video in the back office to show you have to build your own. 

There are three structures with 25 Dollar Legacy. Structure one: is a 3x3 matrix and all you require are 39 people in this structure. Which costs $25, Once you have two people you have already earned money. You shall receive $5 per person in this matrix. Structure two: 5x5 Matrix, you shall receive $5 plus $10 for people joining. Structure Three: 10x10 you shall receive $5,$10 plus $15 for each person joining. this is up to 1,110 in total. 

Now the best thing about this is; if you want to stay at level one then you can, and the same goes for levels two and three. If you stay at level one you shall only receive $5 per people. 

As you build you pay for you up grade through your back office. So what this means is you have now $65 dollars on your back office and now you can upgrade to the next level. You never pay out of your pocket again. The only thing you pay is your $25 per month. 

I decided to upgrade to structure three as my team was coming in so fast I could not stop at structure one. 

IF you decide that you wish to DOWN GRADE let's say back to structure two you have with out any issues at all. 

The system is a wonderful tool, for example. Let's say, You are in a team and you have earned your commissions you can do three things with it. One PIF. Two Upgrade to the next structure to earn more. Three withdraw your commissions. If you have the commissions in your back office you can upgrade and jump your upline to the next level. So for example. if you have let's say 39, you can jump to the next level before others, so when they decide to upgrade you are already in this structure and then they are below you. You still earns commissions from your team members and if your upline upgrades their team as well. 

Your E-Wallet shows you all your earnings and which structure level you have. 

Here is a video for you to watch I hope you like what you see and that I have explained it well. 

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This article was published on 07.05.2016 by Lorna Tillett
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