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Been in MLM for 6 months or less and struggling to get recruits? Watch this...

Ok let's set the stage real quick.

You're completely new to network marketing.

You've just joined your first business opportunity because you got super excited over what the business offers its affiliates.

You are already thinking about how your life can possibly change when you start getting those residual monthly commissions.

So you hit the ground running with promoting your business on social media and probably even face to face conversations with people you know. Or even more brave, people you don't know.

But about 3-6 months pass though and it seems that you've made little to no progress.

You probably got 1 or 2 enrollments and/or sold a couple of products here and there.

That excitement and fire that you had when you first started isn't quite as there and you're starting to wonder if you're going to reach the goals you've had in mind.

This is basically where you start to slow down in your efforts or probably even stop completely.

What was the cause here?

I'll ask you one question, "When you first started, what exactly did your upline/sponsor instruct you to do to get people interested?"

Well if it's anything that's described in this quick 3 minute video you can check out by clicking here, then that's the first issue.

Here's the thing when it comes to people in your upline. Some of them know exactly what to do and how they can regularly get people to sign up in their business.

There's a lot of up-liners and sponsors who don't really know however.

And they basically give you the type of advice that practically sets you up for failure, embarrassment and frustration in your business.

What is that advice and how do you turn the tides in the business to start getting people interested and joining your business? You can click here for the free 3 minute video explaining the bad advice and the solution you need to overcome that bad advice.

Now to be clear, your upline doesn't give you this bad advice because they don't care or simply want to set you up for failure.

It's honestly because they don't really know any better themselves on how to grow the business.

They've either been taught the same failure inducing stuff from their upline or in some cases, not taught anything at all.

And again this isn't some plot to keep people broke and frustrated. It's simply the fact of re-teaching old habits and strategies that went the way of the dinosaur back in the early 2000's.

There is a better way to start getting people interested in your business. And you can start making that change as early as TODAY.

Network marketing doesn't need to be a slow, painful and embarrassing process. It just requires a little tinkering in your marketing and just about all of that can reverse itself.

Don't believe me? Click on either link above in this announcement and see what I mean.

This article was published on 29.07.2021 by Kevin Williams
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