Cloud Token Paid to Hodl (Part 2)

My previous post in August was laying out the opportunity as it was then .CloudToken Paid to Hodl !  CloudToken - Crypto Wallet, Free to join. 

Well this business has become so much more than being paid to hold your crypto currency in a wallet. 

It has developed into and ecosystem which will breath life into decentralized business and third world countries.

Apart from being paid between 6-12% monthly bonus Cloud tokens, paid to you daily, for loaning your crypto currency to the Jarvis AI trading bots with full transparency, and 24/7 access and removal ability. They have introduced programs such as Travel, CTO Master Card, Cloud Data Sim (International use),  Rogue Trading for people who have very little and VIP Program for the wealthy. And to top it off Merchant services and POS in 148 countries by March 2020.

They developed a high frequency "triangular trading" called Jarvis AI, which trades instantaneously, on 10 different exchanges using the arbitrage hold strategy to minimize risk. It implements real time multiple transaction platform activity of buying low  and selling high and obtains the  earnings of price difference by the global real time high frequency hedging transactions and giving CTOs as a reward. 

The Jarvis Ai trades daily with all balances of loaned crypto with daily profits of $20 - 60 million plus going to the reserve pool. All 32 exchanges Jarvis trades on are fully insured against hackers thus protecting your assets. 

The funds are liquid at all times and you can withdraw it at any time to ETH or USDT.

Please be aware there is a copy cat program from Singapore, setup by people who like to be at the top of the tree, but they do not have the technology of the Javis AI , Aurua or Varoom to back them in their trading, or the projects supporting the true value of the CTO rewards.

Lastly, and most importantly, if every single member cashed out their CTOs in their wallet, which at this date are worth $0.4821 cents each, the reserve fund has that and more to cover the withdrawal. 

This is truly an amazing business to be part and missing this while the token is still under $0.50 would be unfortunate. The higher the value of the token, the less are paid out. 

To find out more go to  and download the App use referral code # 1230691367

This article was published on 03.10.2019 by Vanessa Bossley
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Cloud 2.0 - Decentralised Wallet, Free to join

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