My Re-Entry into MLM with TLC.

Hello and welcome to Total Life Changes, a Health & Wellness company. is my store link... My name is Ellis Vernon, Known as STRATEGICMAN in the Network Marketing Industry, for most of you know my passion in the MLM is to breakdown the compensation plan and maximize the full potential of the plan.My re-entry back into MLM was on January 6, 2020 when a close friend asked me to take a look at a company (TOTAL LIFE CHANGES) that she was interested in joining, and to attend a meeting to open up the west coast, starting in Los Angeles. I was hesitant as I have not been involved in MLM for over 5 years and had no intentions on doing so, so I declined the offer.After a long conversation with my friend I agreed to accompany her to the meeting and analyze the compensation plan for her.

As I pull up at the meeting place 15 minutes before the start of the meeting,I notice the parking lot was packed, which is a great sign. My friend had a seat saved for me in a medium to small size conference room, in this room there were at least 150 standing room only, and about 50 to 75 outside that couldnt get in, seeing the excitement and anticipation was another great sign.Entering the meeting room there They was not a guess list to sign in at the door, maybe they was late setting up, the room seemed to small, maybe they didnt expect that many people to show up, these thoughts ran through my mind as I began analyzing, I took my set and the meeting started. TOTAL LIFE CHANGES (TLC) is a 20-year-old Health and Wellness company that the owner Mr. Jack Fallon started in the basement of his house in 1999 with a product call Nutra-Burst, and in 2008 Mr. Fallon added Iaso a detoxing and cleansing Brew Tea, as Coach Stormy Wellington presented. She talked about how the company was mostly doing business on the east coast, Central and South America as well as internationally, then Coach Stormy said something that really caught my attention (CBD). TLC has added the full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) to about 6 are 7 products one being the instant Iaso Tea in around June 2019, and people are having great results with weight loss, skin complexion, inflammation, aches & pains, not making any medical claims to cure are diagnose any medical issues. The results are nothing short of amazing. As Coach Stormy turns it over to the next presenter, as she headed outside to do a presentation for those who were standing outside. So, the testimonies, before and after pictures and compensation plan began. I was starting to get that itch as the compensation plan was being explained that Total Life Changes pays you 6 different ways. 1st way is Retail sales, 2nd is a fast start bonus, 3rd way is binary pay, 4th is check match bonus, 5th is rank bonus and the 6th is you will feel great. And 60% of sales money go back to the reps and Total Life Changes has enter into the CBD industry, a project 22 billion industry by 2022. As the meeting was coming to an end. I decided to do a little more research on TLC & sign up with my friend. So, I got started with a famous Iaso all natural detox & cleansing tea with the full hemp extract and #1 selling premium liquid multivitamin Nutraburst. After the first month of taken the products my results show me that TLC had real products that works. Beside the testimonies that I have heard, I had my own testimony to share. The inflammation in my knees was going away. The buildup of calcium in the back of my knee was softening, my visits to the restroom were regularly and smooth and the weight was come off. The compensation plan that had been voted #1 in the industry in 2017 added daily pay, so you make a sale today and get paid tomorrow even on the weekend. Now 2 months in the number of people joining TLC as a customer or IBO went from 5,000 a day to over 11,000 a day worldwide. Doing this pandemic, we are considered an essential company and has been able to continue doing business. Im among some great leaders led by Coach Stormy Wellington, who has become the top female earner and at least top 3 in the industry of Network Marking if not #1. Our products come with a 30-day guarantee. My online store and sign up link is Im looking for leaders, entrepreneurs, and those who want to a part of this amazing company thats changing so many lives around the world.

This article was published on 01.06.2020 by Ellis Vernon
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