I love Melaleuca

Your ability to work from home

    Most businesses that allow you to work from home are a joke.

They are nothing more than smoke and mirrors, Ponzi Schemes or rainbows that drop you off a cliff.

If you are not looking money from Heaven then call me.

You need 10 hours a week and passion to help others.

Start here, this is not a fluff video. It is not even a video.


If you get this far;you are ready. Call me

Linda 269-651-4507 or 269-689-7976

"There are so many opportunities that are available to us with regards to how we spend our time and what we Choose to focus on-yet, because time is limited, we can not choose all opportunities at once. We can only do one thing at a time. Choosing one opportunity limits us from choosing others, so we must choose wisely. Those who choose to seek success, whether in business or any other aspect of their lives, would be well-served to focus on the key factors that bring that success. For example, in a Melaleuca business, those key factors are clearly defined. They are called the Seven Critical Business Building Activities. Focusing on those activities- particularly building a contact list, making phone calls, and presenting Overviews- has been shown time and again to yield success. We at Melaleuca are focused on providing an opportunity for people to get ahead in life. It is our hope to free people from the limitations of not enough time and not enough money. We are grateful for those who have joined us in this endeavor. We encourage people to take charge of their lives and take action to turn their dreams into reality. That process always begins with taking charge of our lives and our minds and focusing on productive thoughts and activities". Frank Vandersloot. So, the opportunity is waiting for you. Come join my team. You can join today for one Dollar. Time is limited to join for $1. Offer expires on 9/20/16.This business is nothing like any other. You don't sell products. All you do is make calls to people to join our team and get paid. Whatever we focus on, on a day-to-day basis, ultimately consumes our time, and therefore limits us from doing other things with that time. Regardless of where we are in life- whether we are young, middle-aged, or getting old-if we are alive. We have opportunity. That opportunity will not be there forever. Time itself has its ways of consuming opportunity. Therefore, when an opportunity presents itself, if we decide to pursue that opportunity, we should do so wholeheartedly, with enthusiasm and with focus. What we focus on today will determine our tomorrow. Check out my website melaleuca.com/lindahults. Also, message me to learn more.

This article was published on 07.09.2016 by Linda Hults
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Hi All,This business is certainly very robust and going places - a one time payment and everyone helps there downline after getting 2 signups, which of course your upline will help you.Michael.

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