Heres a little bit of background about me and my online business!

I am about to get laid off from my J.O.B at the end of August. This is the second redundancy I have been through in the last 6 years.

I had some warning that staff cuts were being made, so I went back online a couple of months ago looking for business opportunities to suit me.

The thing is, I have lost money in online business in previous years and been scammed. Also the work I put in has led to many a late night, having a just a couple hours sleep. But, no matter how many mess ups I've had, I'm always drawn back to into the online business world.....why o why!!! Well I can tell you everything happens for a reason....

Moving along, this year I joined another business. It cost me about $150 for the products which I got to use myself which was fine....BUT oh my gosh it was hard to get a sale of about $50 per product. I'd be up until all hours of the night posting, posting, speaking with people etc with minimal success!

Anyway, during one of these late nights I came across a group called the Shadow Commission Team promoting products on behalf of Exitus Elite. They were promising $1000 commissions, done for you systems, EVAS to close your sales and all of this sort of thing.... Well in a moment of madness I put the joining fee of $299 on my credit card along with $1000 for a product package...I don't have that kind of money to throw away but I took a leap of faith....I kid you not with the DONE FOR YOU SYSTEM I JUST FOLLOWED THE TRAINING AND MADE MY FIRST $1000 WITHIN A WEEK!!! NOTHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENED TO ME ONLINE BEFORE SO FAST!!! Well im gonna admit that previously ive looked at these "expensive" businesses and thought people must be crazy to part with money like that!! What if it dosent work?! It just goes to show that its nothing to do with the product, it dosen't matter what it costs...its all about having the right product for a persons needs and helping them in every way you can. The sales will follow :) The funny thing is...yes of course you have to work hard in your business and want to help others succeed too, BUT the big bonus here is.... you do the same work for a $50 commission as you do for a $1000 commission!!

Lets do this!! 

The Redundant Grandma :) 


This article was published on 14.08.2016 by Cheryl Edwards
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