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Hi, I'm Alison. I am wife and mother and live in the beautiful coastal town of Emsworth in Hamphire in the UK. I am a network marketer and love working from home as it fits in around the family and quite frankly I love the freedom of being my own boss! In network marketing they always say you should know your "why" well my why like so many others is my family. I want to provide for them a comfortable and stable environment and of course being financially secure can definitely help with that. 

Have you heard the recent hype? Having worked in network marketing for the past 5 years I have thoroughly enjoyed the networking aspect of the job but what I never enjoyed much was the selling side. I did not like to hassle family and friends into buying things from me that although were perhaps good products were at the luxury top end of similar products which they found difficult to afford. 

With Life Tree World there is another way. We offer an online supermarket where the only goods that need to be bought are those that most people across the UK buy anyway. If people shop for tea, coffee, baked beans, rice, pasta, washing up liquid, toiletries etc. etc. then they can benefit from Life Tree World. Even when money is tight people have to buy these things, they are not luxuries, they are a necessity for life. 

With an amazing compensation plan this is now catching the attention of highly respected long term UK network marketers and why wouldn't it? Quite possibly the perfect business model with a network marketing company that only gets you to buy what you normally do? It really is quite genius and explains why our team has grown to almost 1500 people within just a couple of months. 

With an additional 20,000 products coming on board, as well as launching fresh and frozen produce and opening up in 5 new countries very soon, now is the time to take action.  We are still considered to be a new opportunity and all network marketers know the time to join is as near to the beginning as possible to take advantage of the quickest growth. 

I am part of the biggest team in the UK and we want you to join us so we can help you start building your team today. The only opportunity where no one needs to get left behind. Each person only needs a frontline of 3 people so there is no need to recruit 100s. If you do of course that will just make your income grow quicker.  

You can connect with me via Facebook or join our information group or more information without obligation. 

This article was published on 12.05.2016 by Alison Carpenter
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