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bHIP Global’s executive offices are based in Dallas, Texas.  We also have offices and facilities in St. Paul, Minnesota and Branson, Missouri.  bHIP Global is unique in the fact that over 7 years and 30 million dollars has been invested in company infrastructure and framework with a proven management team with personnel in over 30 countries around the world.  bHIP Global's management team is committed to providing a truly global playing field for people who are looking to build a long-term business around the world.  bHIP Global is privately owned and powered by a global platform that will launch 30 countries in 30 months. bHIP Global launched in 2007 in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  The international expansion will be fueled by product promoters around the world.  

bHIP Global is recognized as the first company to introduce “a new breed of energy” into the marketplace.   The propriety energy blend formula that is a “herbal clean energy” is considered a category creator in the beverage industry.  bHIP Energy is a premium beverage offered to  consumers in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, and Japan.  This High Impact Product has people feeling the results in minutes and lasting for hours.  bHIP Global’s industry breaking product, bHIP Energy, is being distributed by bHIP Global product promoters worldwide.  bHIP Global redirects marketing and advertising dollars to pay those product promoters to penetrate the market by sharing bHIP Energy with the world.  bHIP Global has the highest standard when it comes to the integrity of the product and company.


Our Mission at bHIP GLOBAL is to deliver a rock-solid infrastructure, high impact products, and a unique global delivery system. It is our goal to provide our distributors and their customers with an experience that reaches beyond their highest expectations, making them proud to share our company with the people they know, love, and trust the most.


Step 1:  Join 
Join Now as an Independent Member 
Join now as an Independent Member and purchase the Global Software System (GSS) for $49.95.  The GSS includes the online account manager, customized websites, retail store, and a secure payment center. After 12 months, renew the GSS for only $49.95 and keep your business open.

Step 2: Activate 
Activate your Retail Business Center 
Your activated Retail Business Center (RBC) holds accrued points, called Bonus Volume (BV). You must meet a minimum volume requirement of 50 PV each activation period to keep your RBC active. The initial period lasts six weeks, while subsequent periods last four weeks.

Step 4: Qualify 
Qualify your Retail Business Center 
Personally sponsor two members in your business group: one in your left team and one in your right team. In order to apply towards our qualification requirements, these members must be activated.

Step 4: Teach
Simply teach and help others
That’s it - pretty simple all the way around.  Just do steps 1, 2 and 3, teach others to do the same, and over time you have the potential to earn all the forms of compensation mentioned below.


Each of our products has an assigned volume value. Members earn volume through their retail store and from business group sales. Personal purchases and sales made from your retail store are logged as Personal Volume (PV). All volume, no matter how it was generated, is referred to as Bonus Volume (BV).

You must generate at least 50 PV each period to keep the RBC active. Only members with an active RBC may earn bonuses and leadership incentives. Inactive RBCs cannot hold or accrue volume. Any RBC that goes inactive will be zeroed out and lose all volume points, including any carryover points. Unfortunately, we cannot reinstate volume lost due to inactivity.

bHIP members may earn two types of income: retail profits and commissions. Earning ranks determine your retail profit margin. Eligible members may also earn bonuses and leadership incentives (collectively called commissions) to maximize their income. All of our earning ranks and commissions are subject to certain requirements.

Pay Cycles
Pay cycles are one week long, and start on Monday, 12:00 am Central Time, and end Sunday at 11:59 pm Central Time.  Paid orders are drop-shipped from bHIP's distribution facility directly to purchasers.

Commissions, bonuses, and leadership incentives are paid weekly, two weeks in arrears. Monies are deposited directly into your member account.  Members must then transfer funds into their PayPal account. Your region may place a dollar minimum on issued payments. For details on area restrictions, please contact Member Support at

All monetary values are in USD.


Team Building
New enrollees go into one of two teams. One team is on your left side, and one team is on your right side.

Members you personally sponsor are called Level 1 members.  Those your Level 1 members personally sponsor are called Level 2 members, and so on and so forth.


There are four earning ranks in the bHIP compensation plan: Associate, Partner, Executive and Professional. Earning ranks are determined by ranked packages or PV. Earning members make a profit on their direct retail sales, and receive discounts on personal purchases. Profits and BV may vary on our promotional packages. Please refer to the Promotion Compensation page for promotion details.

All commissions are subject to member and/or volume requirements. Qualification, Direct and Team Bonuses are available to Associate, Partner, Executive and Professional members. Leadership Matching, Differential and Lifestyle Bonuses are only available to our Professional members.

bHIP offers three types of bonuses for the avid earner: Qualification, Direct and Team. Bonuses reward you for your team and business-building efforts.


This is a one-time bonus of $50 to reward you for Fully Qualifying your RBC.  Fully Qualify your RBC by personally sponsoring two active members in your business group: one in your left team and one in your right team.

So are interested already?

Sign up now under me & help the Our Team Grow...

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