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When I am asked to give an advice to any newbies that are starting out in their online marketing business, this is the advice that I give them.  One takeaway from their experience with me would be to stop marketing their business.

Please don't get me wrong, marketing is the fuel to the online business.  It brings cash to the operation, the blood and soul of the online business.  So, why would I discourage people from helping themselves to achieve these objectives?  It's for the same reason why I would discourage anyone from trying to build their own home.

Construction is an exact science.  There are many building codes, many different materials, many tricks of the trade, not to mention the basic competency and understanding of the principles of home building.  If I was to build my own home, I would probably screw up the electrical wiring and would soon be homeless.

Marketing and advertising is also an exact science.  It has a long learning curves as it entails learning different methods to attract traffic to the website.  There are tremendous amount of knowledge to be absorbed before one can be really effective in advertising.  With proper mentoring and guidance from competent professional, one can DIY their own effective marketing and advertising campaign.

The main reason why I steer people to leave the advertising and marketing to the professionals is because there are proliferation of self proclaimed gurus with slick advertising copy with full of fake testimonials that are promoting their untested theories, half baked schemes and lies, causing millions of online marketers to flush their precious cash down the drain.  

I have personally lost over $16,000 to many of these snake oil salesmen and almost gave up on my dream of owning my automated online business until I met my mentor at Traffic Authority.

Traffic Authority sells solo ad generated traffic from the Tier 1 countries and it converts very well.  All I do now is to keep leveraging my money by buying more traffic package from Traffic Authority. The company uses their own product to promote their business as well.  

If you are promoting any business opportunities, I know that you are spending money on marketing and advertising.  If you are struggling to get any warm leads, please come to the link to get more information about this business.  

Let the professionals at Traffic Authority get you the sales and warm leads for your current business opportunity.  You can also be a reseller for Traffic Authority, sell top tier traffic and make five figures a month.

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This article was published on 08.04.2016 by Chuck Hernandez
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