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Hello, My name is Kenny Smith. We support and train you if you sign up with us. Our philosophy is that if we build our team based on trust and that trust is never violated for any reason, the team will stay together regardless of the company or companies represented. 

May I ask you a question? When was the last time that you joined an MLM company and the person that sponsored you actually made a connection with you and mentored you to success?

We have a simple 4 step approach that will have you prepared to start your prospecting (with results) within 2 weeks! We have spent the last several months putting our program together, tweaking it and then simplifying it. We'll sign you up in the same company that everyone else is promoting, but we do what others don't, WE support you AFTER you sign up!

Are you confident in what you are doing? Do you have the correct posture when prospecting?

New marketers have very little confidence. Confidence builds Posture. We solve that by building your Belief System from day 1. You absolutely have to believe in what you are doing to be a successful marketer. If you don't believe in what you are doing, the first time someone asks a tough question you will fall apart trying to answer them. That is what kills nearly every new MLM marketer. If you sign up with us, we will introduce you to our 4 step system that builds confidence and posture. We will teach you how to prospect correctly.

Do you hate SELLING? Do you hate CONVINCING?

In our program, we teach you how to prospect with NO selling and NO convincing! We don't even want you to do that stuff. Selling and Convincing is what causes friends and family to turn their heads when they see you coming. Friends and family are your trusted and most likely prospects but you don't want to alienate them. We will teach you how to promote your opportunity in such a way that your prospects WANT to know what you have to offer!

Come on in and JOIN US!! The water feels like MONEY! (We promote LiveGood simply because it is the fastest growing business in MLM and its CHEAP to join!) We have GREAT products and a GREAT opportunity! Even more than that, WE WILL SUPPORT YOU!! Feel free to message me here. I can't wait to work with you and lead you to Success! JOIN US NOW!!

Thank You, Kenny Smith

This article was published on 08.06.2023 by Kenny Smith
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LiveGood - Health, Nutrition, 39.95 USD to join

Member comments:

Kenny Smith Laur Ainelo, very true! Nobody wants a sales pitch. As marketers, we have to create a curiosity. The 4c's.. Compliment, Create curiosity, Control the conversation, get a Commitment  10 months ago
Laur Ainelo Very right words, nobody likes selling and convincing. Systems have to do both the pre-selling and selling work  10 months ago
Kenny Smith The idea is that we can build and train a team of marketers that work together in a low cost company and move into bigger, non-competing opportunities, as each individual is ready.  10 months ago
Kenny Smith Thank you Matthew. We chose LiveGood for the low cost of startup and low monthly fees. Most people can afford to join.  10 months ago
Matthew Taves This is such a good post. If I wasn't in a better opportunity I would definitely consider; however, I prefer making money infinite levels deep instead of just 15.  10 months ago

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