Earning monthly residual income make over $90k in bitcoins,wit just 1time 18.5$

Earning monthly residual income make over $90k in bitcoins,wit just 1time 18.5$(0.03btc)

I will teach u how 2 start https://t.co/cRlhJmjY2m

Welcome to Zarfund Success Team. 

Call / telegram +2348062753190, 

Whatsapp +2348144325995

For more information. 

*What is Zarfund?*

Zarfund is basically a voluntary donation platform. This means that the member voluntarily donate money in exchange for more donations to come to them. This is all done so voluntarily and there is no admin getting involved in handling any money. This is all done member to member.

*Who is the founder of Zarfund?* 

The founder of Zarfund is Hannes Jordaan. He is from South Africa and has started this company for the sole purpose of helping people like you and me to succeed in making money online. From what I can see so far it is working very well. 

You can read more about Hannes on Google. 

*Is Zarfund a pyramid scheme?*

This is not what I consider a pyramid scheme. With pyramid schemes only the people at the top of the pyramid are the ones who make money. Whereas with Zarfund everyone can make the same amount of money and even can make more than the person that referred field This makes this a very fair and very sustainable company. 

*How does Zarfund work?* Zarfund is basically a 2 x 2 forced matrix. The people that join this company are people like you who are looking to succeed in making money online. The fact that the admin do not handle any of the funds that are transferred makes this a very safe and almost scam proof way to make money. All donations are voluntary so no one feels the need to make a donation to anyone, but if you don’t you probably won’t do as well as those who do.

*Who can join Zarfund?* Zarfund is open to everyone in the world. The only thing you need is a blockchain wallet and a willingness to make and receive donations from other members. 

They recommend that blockchain be the only bitcoin wallet to be used because of the ease of transfers and this does not require any kind of processor like Paypal or Skrill. 

*Can Zarfund become a scam?*

There is no way that I can see this company becoming a scam. The reason is simple, there is no admin ever handling money and there is no admin fees ever charged. The only way you could lose money is by not promoting your link and not getting your 2 referrals.

 *What happens after I join Zarfund?*

After you join for free you will have 24 hours to upgrade your account. What that means is you need to send 0.03 bitcoin to your upline sponsor. This equals about $18.5. Then from there you are ready to promote your own link which you will receive after your donation has been approved. Since there is not one central place that your donations go to refunds are not possible. All donations are given freely and are in no way handled by anyone but the 2 people who are involved.

*What are the positives with Zarfund?*

1.No admin fees and no admin handling any money.

2.Only one currency accepted

3.No chance of being scammed out of money.

4.Easy and low cost start up. 

*Any negatives with Zarfund?*

 The only thing that could be a deterrent to someone is the fact that you must promote your link in order to get your 2referrals and if a person is not familiar doing this it could be a bit difficult. That being said your upline sponsor should help you with that so you can get your 2 referrals. My final thoughts about Zarfund. After seeing how this system works I am confident that you can make money with Zarfund. It surely cannot be a scam as no admin has anything to do with the money. And the lost cost to start is very appealing. I would recommend this system to those who are looking to succeed in making money online without the possibility of being scammed. 

*Join now and start making money today*

*How To Join the Zarfund platform*

1. Open and Get your Bitcoin Wallet funded with 20$.

2. Get your referral link from Mr Johnson(whatsapp+2348144325995, call and telegram +2348062753290)

3. Click on the referral link *OR* copy the link into your browser 

4. Click on *Sign Up* (A name would appear. *This name is your Upliner from our network.*

NB: *_Ensure not to refresh the browser page as doing so will make the system assign you to somebody outside our network chain._* 

5. Fill out the form accordingly:

Username* (chose your preferred)

Email* (same with the one you registered on Blockchain)


Confirm Password*

First Name*:

Last Name*:

Country* ( Nigeria)

Phone number*:

Security Question*

Security Answer*

NB: *Don't ever forget your security question and answer.*

*Submit this form and you are now registered on Zarfund*

Then chat me up on how to add your bitcoin wallet to zarfund and how to upgrade ..

Call +2348062753190 whatsapp +2348144325995

Next thing, you log into your Zarfund account and click on *ADD BITCOIN WALLET*

Scroll right down and fill the attached form as follows:

Wallet address: *www.blockchain.info*

Wallet Address: your personal address i.e *the alphanumeric codes located in your Blockchain account when you click on* *_RECEIVE_*

Security Answer: *fill in your correct answer.*

Finally, you submit.

Call +2348062753190 whatsapp +2348144325995

Call +2348062753190 whatsapp +2348144325995 

Next thing, follow these 12 easy *Steps*

1. Click on *Upgrade to Next Stage* and copy the Wallet address that appears on the opened page.

_Note_: *this wallet address is located above the bar codes on that page.*

2. Log back into your Blockchain account

3. Click on *SEND* 

4. Paste the address you copied on Stage 1 on the appropriate field and type 0.03 in the BTC. 

5. *Type "Bitcoin"* in the field labelled *Description*

6. Click on the *Next Step*, and click to submit

7. Click on the drop down arrow and select *Home*

8. On the *search field*, paste the address you copied on Step 1 and click on *Search*

9. A transaction history appears. *Check the latest transaction* containing the address you transfered to (attached to it is a red bar reading *Unconfirmed Transaction*

10. Copy the *blue alphanumeric code* attached to that transaction.

11. *Go back to your Zarfund account page* from where you copied address in Step 1

a) Paste the copied *blue code* in the field labelled *TRANSACTION Hash ID*

b) Specify the amount of Bitcoin recently donated

12. Click on *SUBMIT*

13. Wait patiently for your donation to be approved. 

*This approval can last between 30minutes and 1hour.*


This article was published on 12.10.2016 by Samuel Johnson
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