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The 7 REASONS why you should start an online business

by @theywannabedonn

Starting an Online Business can be extremely inexpensive.

Think of opening up a restaurant vs. paying $199 to start an online business. The gap in price is HUGE. A lot of people think they don’t have enough money to start in their own business but in the digital age, it’s easier than you think.

Time Flexibility.

Having a 9-5 then commuting back and forth from said 9-5 takes up a large portion of your day, and if you work night shift, you can’t really take advantage of the hours in the day you DO have. Working for yourself provides you with the opportunity to choose your own schedule.

You have the Freedom of choosing your own location.

That can be the #beach, home, on a flight, a hammock in your backyard or any restaurant patio!

Huge Income and Growth Potential.

See my next post to see one example of a home based opportunity with huge income and growth potential!

The business runs 24/7.

Corona can NOT shut your business down. If you sell items that are shipped from other places, it can slow down turn around time but there are ways around that!

You can (eventually) outsource your work.

You can go from begging the boss to BEING the boss.

You can focus on what matters the most to you.

As a entrepreneur , I quit my job and started an online business because time my freedom was highest priority for me. For you it may be your children, spouse, time to travel and see the world etc.

DM me to book a consultation if this sounds like the lifestyle you deserve, and let’s make it a reality

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(437) 333-5972

IG: @theywannabedonn

This article was published on 16.10.2020 by Shaquel Watson
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