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KEDI is a network marketing company in collaboration with Fidson Healthcare Plc and AOBO pharmaceutical Groups China. KEDI products are natural Drugs certified by NAFDAC and they are marketed under Multi-level Marketing strategy. KEDI has a Research and Development center in China and factories in many African countries producing Healthcare products which are divided into two categories: Life Essentials Products and special solutions products. All the products are based on (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine, 100% Herbal which can CURE, RESTORE, and PREVENT one from any disease because of its useful nutritional herbs preoduced into capsules and tablets with NO SIDE EFFECTS!!


1. Does the company have good quality products?

2. Does the company have a credible marketing plan?

3. Does the company have a good training system?

4. Is the company stable and trustworthy?

Therefore joining KEDI is the right answer to the above questions and enjoy a life changing experience.


Register to be a distributor with N4000 ($15) for KEDI Business Kit. Your registration will make you a STAR ! Consultant. You need to register three (#) people ONLY under you. Please note that the  three people must be interested in growing the business because the more the growth, the higher the income. KEDI has a friendly compensation plan and is easy to start with NO monthly purchase pressure. You will earn 20% personal retail profits on all products sold by you. You receive 5% commission on your direct downline purchases as a STAR 2 and earn 20% commission on your direct downlines purchases as a STAR 3 consultant and it increases to 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, and 45% ranging from STAR $ to Manager level. Leadership Bonus from STAR 5 and also rise to the level where you begin to enjoy part of Global Profit of the company.

You will earn International Travelling Promo from STAR 6-8. You qualify for a brand new promotional Car incentive at STAR 7 or Automatic Executive Car incentive at STAR *, VILLA Award at STAR 2 Manager.

Then you buy once or continue buying and selling products to reach an amount of N22,000 and qualify as a STAR 2consultant of 80 PV (Point Value). You will become a STAR 3 Consultant when total products bought have reached an amount of N68,000 of 250 PV

You will earn 5 commission on 3 registered consultants on your direct downline as a STAR 2 consultant and 20% commission on your 3 direct downlines as a STAR 3 consultant.

Then stop buying products at 250 PV in your account or name unless you are for personal use or someone's consumption which will also give you BONUS VALUE equivalent to $1

You proceed to STAR 4 when you have just three (3) STAR 3 under you with total cumulative Point Value of 1000 PV in your total network.

KEDI is not just your business; it is your exciting lifestyle. And all great achievement requires sacrifice. Be part of the marketing plan today and begin to climb your ladder of success

This article was published on 26.07.2016 by Veronica Izuchi
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