So You want to get started in crypto currencies.

Well how about the K.I.S.S. Method?

you know "Keep it Simple and Sweet"

In just a minute I am going to ask you to just do two things to get started.

Bitlocity is the Perfect Alogarithm. Most people will not put thier toes into the cryptocurrencies stream to get

 wet because of 'FEAR'. 

They are sure there are sharks in the water.     Well maybe they are very perceptive. 

Yes, anytime you jump into something new you have to look out for the sharks.

Well my goal is to find one or two people that I can mentor and help get them started in what appears to be

 the easiest and simplest way to learn and get started in Bitcoin.

Bitlocity allows you to sign up for free. 

Then allows you plenty of time to look around and explore how this

 System will easily and simply give you the knowledge to get involved.

With me holding your hand and helping you every step of the way.

Because I only have one or two crypto students.

 I will be able to help you catch up to the level of safe knowledge to help you keep the Sharks away.

 So, get started now

Getting Started is as Easy As 1-2-3!

Signup for FREE

You will get Access to our NO COST ... 'Bitlocity-Business Glu Mobile App'  

Then learn about us on your schedule with my help.

Before you sign up. pick out a Username and a Password.

While signing up, realize you only will need to put in your First and Last Name, your best Email Address, and a Mobile Number.

No Credit Card numbers.

After you are signed up you now have access to your back office, your mobile App, and a refferal link       

 to send and invite others. It will look like mine but with your Username.


My username is Rambo

That will come in handy after you become comfortable with Bitlocity.

The future is now! and Bitcoin is perfect Money! 'Bitlocity' is your perfect way to get started.

Now let me give you your first two steps that are 'Simple and Easy'.

#1. Go to my link.

#2. Put in your information.

The Buddhist have a saying "The journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step."

and of course what isn't said is that: The first step is followed by the next and the next.

Lets keep it 'Simple and Sweet' (K.I.S.S.).

Go Sign Up Now!

Phew! Now that was easy.

Now will you do me a favor? Will you watch this 6 minute video? Do not let it overwhelm you. 

They pack a lot information in a short video. Together we will slowly and easily get you involved. 

Help you ease into position and then take you step by step until you are fully comfortable.


Together we will avoid all the 'Sharks'. We will solve all the problems. Then together we will set you on your way at the speed of 'Bitlocity'.

I will send you my contact information when I get your sign up information.

Welcome to my team.  

Richard McCurdy


This article was published on 06.04.2021 by Richard Mccurdy
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