Do you know how to generate a solid and reliable income online?

The next billion-dollar company in the gaming industry looking

a limited number of affiliates! 

· The number of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets passed the world

population around the end of 2014.

· App Store and Google Play has long since passed 100 Billion

downloaded apps.

· Among the most popular apps on the market are many games in different


Very low risk!

Becoming an affiliate of United Games cost $ 39 one time and then $ 10 per


(Paid only when the app is released in October)

This is the next big game app developed by the best developers

and designers in the world.

It is a unique game that caters to all the world's supporters.

The whole concept is very simple.

Watch this short introductory movie,

Watch movie here

We have a very limited time opportunity to become affiliates and

spread the game and take part of future income.

As an affiliate, you can invite other affiliates but it is not


As an affiliate, you can invite players.

It is in the nature of the game that players will invite their friends

to play (= new players).

This can be in an unlimited number of generations.

All these players will be "your" players in your group on your first level

it was you who invited the first player.

That means it does not need so many "own" players to reach

a good income

A sample calculation from the company

It is anticipated that a player average inviting seven new players.

It is also contemplated that each player spends on average $ 7 per month


If you could invite 10 players who do this, you would 3

generations have a total of 4,000 players. (First 70 players, others 490 and

third 3.500).

These 4000 count as your first generation, these have 10%


4,000 * 7 $ * 10% = $ 2,800 / month.

If you go beyond that you recommend your own players also recommend United

Games 4 affiliates who are doing the same as you.

If you take in affiliates and they in turn takes players have 5% commission

from these players as well as 20% of the so-called matching bonus on every affiliate.

This means 4 * 4000 * $ 7 * 5% = $ 5,600 (5% of the players) 4 * 2800 * 20% =

$ 2,240 (20% matching bonus)

A total of $ 10,640 per month.

This allows you to twist and turn, this is a simple example of


(There is no guaranteed or typical income)

Gigantic market

Do you have contacts in the supporters' clubs, sports clubs, feel or

usually go to sports bars, it can be a real future gold mine.

The interest in this market is very large.

The game will be played with the so-called "tokens". Each token has a value

of 1 $.

Players can either purchase tokens or simply click and see


to make them free.

It is only "tokens" which is the basis for an affiliate income!

An affiliate earns nothing on the monthly fee for affiliates.

 Marc Mongie.

was former creative director på EA sports 

One of the most successful game development company with more than

5000 employees.

He is now employed at United Games

To understand the whole concept and not least how huge


are the apps, watch this film with the founders.

United Games overview, click here

Do not wait ... ..

United Games will close the door for new affiliates in the late

September, so you want to be there from the start.

Register your affiliate account before it closes !!


As we said in the introduction, the risk is very low but

"Upside" can be huge in future.

Take the opportunity to be involved from the start !!

Register here          

 and I will send you a registration code and link on mail.

Aslak Kvaale

This article was published on 19.09.2016 by Aslak Kvaale
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