Are You A Business Warrior? Then Join The Tribe

Are you a business warrior?  Then Join the Tribe!

We are ZuluBiz, an online advertising and promotions platform connecting businesses to people with our services.  Partnered with Google, and funded by Multi-Billion Dollar tech firm in Dubai 'World Tech Sigma', we offer affordable Mobile-Friendly websites and the fraction of the cost of our competition.  That's not it!  We also market your company on social media, as well as Google, to boost your company's SEO rating, making your more competitive among the searches!  

Why is having a Mobile-Friendly website important?  Well in April, 2015, Google announced for the first time in history that more searches were done on Google from Mobile devices (Cellphones, Tablets, etc.) than on regular desktops.  So in May, 2015, Google changed their search engine algorithms to only rank those company's sites based on if they were Mobile-Friendly, or not.  Why is a ranking important?  Your ranking will decide whether you are first, second, on the first page of results, on the second page, in any given category your company may fall in.  This could mean everything to your business.  If you aren't Mobile-Friendly, but your competition is, every time someone searches the field you are in, you may lose those customers because you were not first among the results searched for!  

You know that little red pin that pops up when you open Google Maps?  Well, ZuluBiz helps you 'WIN THE PIN', so that every time your company's field is searched for, you get that red pin before your competition, which means more traffic to your site, and in-turn, more customers!  Isn't that great!?

We are in the first year of our company, and growing fast.  This is a great opportunity to be at the "top of the tree" to sort of speak.  We have an entire tech-team in both Cypress, and Dubai, an office in the Dubai World Trade Centers, and funding from one of the most successful tech firms in the world.... This company is only getting bigger and bigger, and we want you to be a part of it!

If you would like more information, and would like to schedule a conference with the founder of the company, Gene Valaitis, we can make that happen.  Just email: and we will schedule a conference at your earliest convenience.

Attached are two video links regarding ZuluBiz.  If you have a second, take a listen, you won't regret it!

This article was published on 03.03.2016 by Kristi Biegerl
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