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" GUARANTEE ?   NO legitimate company, MLM or otherwise, will provide someone with a ' GUARANTEE ' ... much less a  ' YEAR LONG '  guarantee !! " ... she says / he says !                                                                                              Yeah, that is exactly what I would have said, until I joined this program.   What we offer is a program of WEIGHT  LOSS  and  PHYSICAL  PERFORMANCE  ENHANCEMENT  plus INCREASED ENERGY ..... offered by individual distributors and / or advisors ..... ( National GET-TOGETHER / CONFERENCE in the " Lone Star " State, COWBOY STADIUM, Arlington, Texas, Thursday, July 14th - Saturday, July 16th -- Join us !! ) and backed by a company which has been in business for 23 ( TWENTY - THREE ) years --- No " fly-by-night, here-today-gone-tomorrow " group of scam artists here.    For a company to have, both been in business AND grown for twenty-three years, was a BIG INDUCEMENT for me to join.   When I learned of the " GUARANTEE " .... all that was left to say, was, .... " Where do I sign ? "

       So, with all that said, and while I DO highlight the company " GUARANTEE " when I am presenting the company ( product OR business opportunity, or both ) to someone, as it is a GREAT inducement for others to come aboard...... or to at least sample the product line.... I no longer am all that jazzed about the company "Guarantee" !    

        " Why would you say that, Mike ? "  One might understandably be a bit confused, given that I began my message here, by highlighting the company "GUARANTEE" !  I can understand that the flow could leave someone scratching their head !   But the reality is.... one needs a "GUARANTEE" .... ONLY when one has to perhaps return an item or product.  I have NO SUCH NEED !   This company, ADVOCARE, PRODUCES !!   The products, WORK !  I know first hand !!!   Prior to starting with ADVOCARE, and to beginning the 24 day weight loss challenge, I was 222 pounds, WAY overweight for my size at five foot, six and a half inches !    ( Someone once told me, guys over six feet NEVER feel the need to include the half inch, nor the quarter inch, when talking about their height !   HOWEVER, leave it to us " shorties " -- " Oh, yeah, I am 5 feet 2 AND AN EIGHTH OF AN INCH tall ! "    

     Anyway..... 222 pounds when I began the Advocare 24 day weight loss challenge !

    Twenty-four days later, at the end of the challenge.....  12 pounds lost !!!   That is 1/2 pound per day !!  

    (    or.... more readily remembered ... )

     Wife, who is a difficult sale on ANYTHING..... ( talk about " Doubting Thomas " ) at first would not even consider starting on Advocare.    When she saw the results after the 24 day challenge, she jumped in.   She has lost four pounds in her first week.

     So, while I love the fact that my company provides a " GUARANTEE ".... FOR  REAL  ...... just as FOR REAL.....I seriously doubt I will ever have to use it.   This stuff works !!!

    Questions ?   Feel free to call:   410764-2316 )  

   Be well !


This article was published on 24.05.2016 by Mike H
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