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Hello,Heres a little bit of background about me and my online business!I am about to get laid off from my J.O.B at the end of August.This is the second redundancy I have been through in the last 6 years.I had some warning that staff cuts were being made, so I went back online a couple of months ago looking for business opportunities to suit me.The thing is, I have lost money in online business in previous years and been scammed. Continue reading →

by Deanna Rice, published 14.08.2016
After suffering a brain aneurysm in January 2016 I know I needed to better myself after having a brush with the other side. A friend of mine suggested that I try Greens to Go packet to relieve my headache and detoxify my body. She is a fitness fanatic and I trust her decisions and judgement on the use of these products. Since I have began using these I'm feeling a lot better about myself. My headaches are now at a minimum. Continue reading →

by John Ward, published 14.08.2016
In all my years in marketing I have never seen a company so committed to supporting, encouraging, training, and listening to their member base as 25 Dollar Legacy does.I am totally impressed with San Warren and Ramon Escalera - I was impressed with the original format which gives you some superb professional marketing tools that you can use for ANY of your businesses including a FREE landing page creator and editor, auto responder, Social Media Scheduler (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter) and advert designer with pro templates, Personal Webinar room, Unlimited bandwith control panel, free text ads within the 25DL website for any business, Banner designer and link generator, picture designer and the list is being added to all the time. Continue reading →

by Michelle Reynolds, published 13.08.2016
We know the majority of online sales come from having your site at the top of the search engines. Plus, all websites need traffic in order to be ranked high enough in the Search Engines for anyone to see them. Although there are a few ways you can achieve this, e.g. Hire a SEO Expert ( this is expensive and there are no guarantees) or Pay Per Click (the most common way to get traffic, but also very expensive and is often abused/fraudulent). Continue reading →

by Gary Cheesman , published 13.08.2016
Hi everyone, how would you like to get paid for doing exactly what you are currently doing ?Do you spend or use your current debit card to buy food, fuel or even use it to pay bills ? Most of us do and as time goes on this is going to become the prefered way to do business and transactions around the world. We can show you a way to get paid for doing exactly that. Simply do the things that you are currently doing, buying the things that you are currently buying and simply conducting your business as you have always done. Continue reading →

This weekend I CHALLENGE YOU to exclusively drink my Healthy Gourmet Coffee and or Tea and Hot Chocolate over the next 30-90 days and report back to me how it makes you feel compared to your normal brand. Save money, Enjoy the taste and experience the health benefits. You will thank your body after doing so ! :D So why should you drink my brand of Coffee,etc.. ?? And why i am passionate about my health & wellness / coffee business? Continue reading →

by Catherine Mwasha Kabwe, published 13.08.2016
I am announcing a great income generating opportunity in it's pre-launch phase. The pre-launch is scheduled for the 1st of November 2016. This is a rear opportunity it's either you are in or out. Those who decide to be in will find it very rewarding financially. They have to be serious about improving their financial status, be coachable and willing to embrace change.The process will involve registering with a New UK based company which is rather fast growing. Continue reading →

by Mai'Ani Silverstar, published 13.08.2016
Melaleuca, known as the Wellness company, has been around since 1985. They don't operate as an MLM-- you earn simply by referring and signing up preferred customers. They have over 400 superior products including but not limited to non-toxic cleaning products, vitamins, weight loss supplements, food/drink, top quality essential oils, personal care products, and cosmetics. For a one-time fee of $29 ($12 annually after that), you can sign on as a preferred customer, sign up other preferred customers, and order once a month from them-- a total of 35 points (averaging $60). Continue reading →

by Blessing Peter, published 13.08.2016
Hello my dear Friend sHow are you today? Hope you are doing great. As you know very well that we are in a period of financial crisis, lack and want all over the world, Economy crumbling before our very eyes, And let me tell you the truth it is during times like this that the wise and smart hits it hard and achieve a tremendous result.So i want to ask you my good friend, what is that dream you have that you have not been able to achieve for lack of money? Continue reading →

by Robert Makzy, published 13.08.2016
Exactly what is video marketing on YouTube and how does it vary from video marketing on Google? You would believe the response would be the same because Google owns YouTube, however, your techniques of marketing videos on both platforms might need to alter. The response isn't really constantly, so well-defined. Individuals looking for answers to concerns on YouTube anticipate to see a video. That's easy to understand due to the fact that audiences are trying to find a video reaction to their concern. Continue reading →

It's a sad fact that 98.2% of ALL Americans have less than 6 months of income n the bank. Worse yet, 95% of both employees and small biz owners will NEVER be able to retire. These numbers are just as bad, and even worse, in many other developed nations, not to mention developing countries. Solution? We operate, and show people how to run, a virtual franchise at a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional franchises. Continue reading →

by Jennifer Watford, published 13.08.2016
Hi , my name is Jennifer. I am living the Salt Life in coastal Georgia with my husband and two kids, and 2 fur-babies, Baya and Wolf (Get it? Beowulf? Lol) I am a sales associate for MCA (Motor Club of America). Allow me to explain this opportunity to you. I am an associate for MCA (Motorclub of America). MCA is kind of like the company AAA but on steroids! MCA is an Emergency Roadside Assistance company and they offer great benefits/discounts such as discounts on dental, vision, prescription, hospital benefits, rental cars, hotels, unlimited roadside assistance and so much more! Continue reading →

by Sheena Mcgarvey, published 12.08.2016
Shopping has just become easier! Now you can spend, save and recycle your money over and over again whilst shopping at your favourite local stores whether you are buying groceries for the family, petrol for your car, takeaways for your family or fine dining, the choice is yours! You are not doing anything different to what you already do, and that is shopping for YOUR needs! And the best thing about this membership platform, is the DAILY residual income, not monthly, DAILY! Continue reading →

by Jonathan Pang, published 12.08.2016
Dear Fellow MarketersHave you always wanting to start a business, but do not know where to start, what to sell, how to sell, and most of all, concern about the hefty costs involved in setting up shops/ webpages, inventories, promotion costs, and staffing, etc.Fret not!Announcing Skinny Body Care, a company that uses only top quality natural and organic raw materials for their weight loss and the beauty skincare products, with innovative formulas that are unmatched anywhere in the world. Continue reading →

by Barrie Ward, published 12.08.2016
I have been working with 2 products over the past 2 years that have been selling very well, all produced in the UK by a very prominent Scientist based in the north of England. we are now looking for Licencees / distributors to help us promote this company please have a look at the links and get back to me if it is of interest this is a ground floor opportunity for the ambitious person, the SOS Energy Drink is designed to be like it should be from mother naturewith asecret formula for youthful Energy helping to give Zero Calorie , Extra Natural Energy SOS (a shot of sunshine )in a bottle and L2G cosmetics the 5 minute Miracle Wrinkle Remover. Continue reading →

by Luis Sarabia, published 12.08.2016
Hello¡I know exactly what you are going through when you try to achieve or gain money. No matter how many jobs you have, the bills and emergencies seem to keep coming back, your boss or an annoying partner are the only thing you see every day and you are always stressed.The good news is that there is an opportunity to gain more money, despite your work or job, gain more money and have a better or excelent health. Continue reading →

by Brittany Shultz, published 12.08.2016
Hello. My name is Brittany. I stumbled upon this amazing company by accident. How many women, including myself hate to take off your makeup? It's a taxing project and my makeup would never fully come off no mater how long I scrubbed or wiped, especially at the end of the day or night after being out. Well, all of that changed when I discovered the MakeUp Eraser. Little did I know at the time I could sell these magical cloths. Continue reading →

by Aj Witiker, published 12.08.2016
Melaleuca is an Australian plant that has generated about one billion dollars in the past year of doing business! As of now the melaleuca company is like a sams club where you pay for a cheap membership to shop for over 500 different products of Melaleuca made products. These products have been studied and made into products that are not as harmful as the regular store brand products but are still just as powerful@! Continue reading →

by Joy Healey, published 12.08.2016
Exitus Elite, has taken the "High Ticket" market-place by storm, and even newcomers are having 4-figure days. Why Sell High Ticket Programs?Suppose you're looking to earn $3,000 to cover your monthly bills, mortgage etc. It only takes a few minutes of calculation to see that if your average commission earned per customer is (say) $30 then you're going to have to make 100 sales per month - every month. Continue reading →

by Morris Jennings, published 12.08.2016
You would think that in these days and times almost everyone knows the value and benefits of owning and operating a home based business. However, that is an assumption and as we know, assumptions can be misleading and even dangerous. So in the interest of factual analysis, I will present a brief account of the value and benefits of having a home based business. First, starting, operating, and maintaining a conventional brick and mortar business is very time consuming, cumbersome, and expensive. Continue reading →

by Robert Makzy, published 12.08.2016
Ask any marketer and he will inform you that a great video marketing technique is very important to assist your site get a much better and more targeted traffic. Today, video marketing is thought to be among the most crucial, consider getting a site saw as well as in getting potential customers thinking about exactly what you need to provide. The fantastic feature of video marketing is that you can utilize the content of the video in the same way as that of short article marketing. Continue reading →

by Morris Jennings, published 12.08.2016
You would think that in these days and times almost everyone knows the value and benefits of owning and operating a home based business. However, that is an assumption and as we know, assumptions can be misleading and even dangerous. So in the interest of factual analysis, I will present a brief account of the value and benefits of having a home based business. First, starting, operating, and maintaining a conventional brick and mortar business is very time consuming, cumbersome, and expensive. Continue reading →

by Theresa Payne, published 11.08.2016
Hi Everyone!Everyone has a Why? What is Mine? I was looking for something that would allow me to have an additional stream of income, earn residual income , and also provide me the freedom to not have a 9-5 pm and spend time with family and friends and travel! Well I am happy to say I have found the company that will allow me to make my Why come to pass!Vida Divina is a health and wellness company in pre launch status that was started in May 2016 by Mr Armond Puyolt who already has a reputation for being a top MLM guru! Continue reading →

For Current Affiliate Marketers:If you are currently an active affiliate marketer, you know that training and support was key to your success. How would you like to promote a training program that teaches newbies step by step how to be a successful affiliate marketer? Pay it forward, if you will. I personally love this program and the fact that it is free to join. I mention it to everyone I come across and by doing so, I receive affiliate earnings for those that chose to give it a try. Continue reading →

Learn how people are earning over $1,000 daily just by sharing a number!SHARE THE NUMBER EARN $25-$500 a sale! We do the selling & closing for you and when a sale ismade from your promo code, you make $25-$100-$250-$500 instantly!No referring is needed with our New Call Center. Sales Agents will do all the work for you. Its like having your own private Sales Team working for you. This is the easiest way to earn money online. Continue reading →


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