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by Komi Gidigidi, published 14.11.2016
With the latest market turmoil and doubt, equity indexed annuities can be an excellent option for somebody nervous to have their retirement savings being exposed to the unpredictability of the stock market. Equity indexed annuities were launched in 1995 and became increasingly popular ever since. Index annuities are underwritten by insurance companies that provide a minimum guaranteed return with excess interest crediting based on the performance of an outside index, such as the S&P 500, Russell 2000, etc. Continue reading →

Fred Harman, co-owner of the Golden State Warriors, has invested $100 MILLION of his own money into the product development and sourcing of a Quercetin product that is taking the wellness industry by storm. All you need to do is Google "Quercetin" and you will see the amazingly powerful effects of Quercetin. When you realize that Well and Company has THE ONLY 99.5% pure pharmaceutical grade Quercetin in the world, I think you will understand my excitement. Continue reading →

by Joshua 'Funbi Koya (JFK), published 14.11.2016
Let me tell you my story. . .I'm 25years old, an engineering graduate with experiences in operations management, logistics, HR management and general management as well as being a volunteer in a reputable organization. Having been a leader of some sort from high school to college to after college, I realized that I knew a whole lot of people and they know me too but I was SAD.I was sad because I felt it all ended with "I know this person blah blah blah" without actually making money from it, without commercializing it. Continue reading →

by S W, published 14.11.2016
Internet marketing is at the heart of any online business including network marketing. If you would like to learn exactly how you can increase your income through internet marketing feel free to take classes with Tecademics Joining the program is free, then you can browse through the tutorials that interest you If you are interested in attending this year's International Affiliate Marketing Conference and learn more and network with industry leaders who are in their 6 or 7 figure incomes then Tecademics is something you might want to consider. Continue reading →

by Jacinta Egbaka, published 14.11.2016
Swissgolden is a company that buys and sells gold bullion bars for individuals like you and I which can be used in making gold jewelries or as reserve for a rainy day like the one the world is experiencing due to the fall in CRUDE OIL.Swissgolden deals with 24karat gold, the purest and finest in the world with 999.9% purity. These bullion bars are in different weights and sizes ranging between 1grm-100grm. Continue reading →

by Vesa Kulomaa, published 14.11.2016
Her is info about no cost rookie- position:Rookie is a no cost -package that includes info about our OneLife / OneCoin virtual ecosystem and how you can used it for Your personal advancement. You can also get a complimentary e-book by George S. Clason, titled "The Richest Man in Babylon". When you register for this package you will be automatically subscribed to our newsletter and kept up-to-date with all things in OneLife. Continue reading →

by Chris Kuhlman, published 14.11.2016
For those of you that have ready my previous business announcements, I often talk about success in a unique way... Whether it is my personal success or the reality that MLM is hard work or that you need to stop treating people like numbers... Up until now everything I have written has been more or less about motivating people who would otherwise just sit around. Today is going to be a little different. Continue reading →

by Bruce Kaufman, published 14.11.2016
JOIN A GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY NOW!We have just launched a new technical device in North America! In 2 months we have sold $10 million dollars worth of units called the, HELO! How? Demand! Consumers have gone crazy for it, a FitBit on steroids! Powered by Toshiba and backed by a five year old solid publicly traded company out of Europe, we are poised for phenomenal growth! I'm looking for leaders, both experienced and inexperienced that have real desire and drive for success! Continue reading →

The first mobile gaming industry of it's kind is here to change the lives of those who are seriously seeking a better lifestyle launching a business in network marketing. If you are tired of the 9-5 then this opportunity is for you, we have helped so many people leave their boring jobs or either added extra cushion to what they are currently doing. Either way we're here to help you and those you care about enjoy the good things in life like traveling, spending time with family, paying off those pesky bills that has been hanging over your head, school loans or just having a nice saving account or retirement fund put up for those rainy days. Continue reading →

by Rick Campbell, published 14.11.2016
Greetings to one and All. I would like to introduce you to Mintvine Surveys. This little platform gains you access to several different survey providers who are looking for participants for their consumer reviews. Survey topics vary widely from consumer studies to political polling and everything in between. Set up your profile and you are put in queue to receive a stream of studies. Now, upfront this is not a get rich quick scheme. Continue reading →

The first mobile gaming industry of it's kind is here to change the lives of those who are seriously seeking a better lifestyle launching a business in network marketing. If you are tired of the 9-5 then this opportunity is for you, we have helped so many people leave their boring jobs or either added extra cushion to what they are currently doing. Either way we're here to help you and those you care about enjoy the good things in life like traveling, spending time with family, paying off those pesky bills that has been hanging over your head, school loans or just having a nice saving account or retirement fund put up for those rainy days. Continue reading →

Disclaimer: Only available in United States and Canada; coming soon to Australia and New Zealand.Why? Firstly, when you create an additional income through your primary network marketing business you will simply spending more money rather than keeping the money you earn. This fact has been observed by top income earners in the field. It is a statistic that North American people spend 163% of what they earn, so that they are continually in debt. Continue reading →

Attention ladies! Are you looking for the perfect work at home opportunity? This is it! My name is Stacey and I am a wife, mom of toddler twin boys, teacher and business owner. I am here to tell you that you can make changes in your life to make your wildest dreams come true! You really can! What would $500-$1000+ monthly mean to your family? You get paid to play with makeup and take selfies! We are a social media based company which means we do our work from our cell phones. Continue reading →

by Kurdeliah Tauheedah Abdullah, published 14.11.2016
My name is sister Kurdeliah Tauheedah Abdullah I am a Independent Affiliate of Karatbars International I am a CEO of my own work from home business... I am a professional recruiter to sign up people of interest in to singing up for a Free Gold Saving Account to be open and starting to acculate Gold at a affordable price....You can become a gold saver Or become a independent affiliate by purchasing a business package to start your own business. Continue reading →

by Francois-Pierre Galarneau, published 14.11.2016
Are you tired of working for a boss? Simply don't get the salary or the recognition you deserve? It's time to think about switching to something plain better with a home business that could support you enough to leave where you work at one point! Working for your own independent business while you decide when is the right time for you to start looking for a new employment.Most of the time your boss can't afford to pay you more, because of his own lavish lifestyle. Continue reading →

by Victor Graham, published 14.11.2016
Karatbars 1 Gram Gold Insert Gift Cards.Please Note: MLM/Home Based Business 3-Way calls are recommended when helping a new recruit invite their 1st set of contacts to a presentation, and after the new contacts have attended a presentation. This article will focus on making MLM/Home Based Business 3-Way calls after the contact/s have seen a presentation.As we continue to build our MLM/Home Based Business there will always be the need to contact our sponsor/up-line to make 3-Way calls. Continue reading →

by Hayden Roz, published 14.11.2016
Let me introduce you to a safe member to member funding program that is free to join. Now this is NOT Your Ordinary Program because you INSTANTLY receive donations from other members. Also 100% of all donations go directly member to member and so it is a ZERO Admin Fees program and is totally free. Because of this it is a totally No SCAMS, No gimmicks opportunity. I am adding a link below so that you can get more info before you decide to join. Continue reading →

by Jacqueline Adamson, published 14.11.2016
This announcement is about a brand new opportunity due to arrive in UK in New Year. This programme is organic, balanced and support's your body's natural cleansing and replenishing needs. This is a full system to be used to reach your goals: weight loss; greater fitness levels; and healthy ageing; for athletes and non athletes. If you want to support your clients to have a sustainable lifestyle, tobuild muscle and burn fat, with nutritionally cleansing with whole-food, nutritionally dense products, then look into this unique and comprehensive system. Continue reading →

by Francois-Pierre Galarneau, published 14.11.2016
Do you have to loose weight fast? You have an event, something planned and you would like to make sure you fit in your wardrobe? Take a look at this product from Valentus. It's called slimroast Coffee and they also offer Prevail trim drink with only 4g of sugars and 30 calories. I'm going to walk you trough all the goodness there is inside those 2 products in the Prevail drinks line at Valentus. Continue reading →

Dear internet Friend,You need to know that right from day one you start your business, be it online or offline business that you’re the one responsible to how much successes you can record in building your business. One of the biggest reasons WHY most people fail to make 6-7 figures in millions online is because they don’t take their internet business seriously.Seriousness increases with financial commitment. Continue reading →

by Gordon Hill, published 14.11.2016
Are you tired of that plateau? Unable to break through to reach those new heights in your fitness goals? Nutritionists have long held that diet plays a large part in athletics. What we eat, how we eat and when we eat can all have an impact. Science has learned that exogenous ketones create more ATP (adenosine triphosphate) per unit of oxygen than glucose. In plain english this means that ketones can make your workouts more efficient leading to that next milestone for you. Continue reading →

by Wheeler Estates Inc, published 14.11.2016
Hello world We are Wheeler Estates our goal ( Building A Better Tomorrow, Today ) B. A. B. T. T. As a small company or an independent person we strive to give the world an its citizens a helping hand. Times may be a little tough, but present what are you doing to change that. Here's the deal it's called effort or just plain taking control of your future an making the present work for you. We are offering as always some kind of tried an tested program or systems that we know will work for you. Continue reading →

by Michael Sims, published 14.11.2016
I'm a part of a VIP invite only Exclusive travel club where we travel wholesale versus retail..Ive been a part of the company for 3 1/2 years, I now have my life back. I was a business owner in the real estate industry for the past 9 years worked 14 hours a day, 6 days a week. I was also in school. I had gotten so busy with my life to where I was only existing and stop living. Ive never did network marketing a day in my life, but I'm glad a friend invited me to see the information, now one of the best decisions I've ever made. Continue reading →

by Celia Cavalli, published 14.11.2016
Hi guys and girls!My name is Celia (I am a certified personal trainer, a positivity coach and a fitness nutrition specialist). We have an amazing opportunity in network marketing for those looking to expand their wellbeing and life as well as help many many many others to achieve better. This is a product that nobody else has so we are dominating the market currently! There is so much opportunity for growth and success within our company and it is still ground level which if you have been in any MLM before you will know is extremely exciting! Continue reading →

by Miguel Tapia, published 14.11.2016
There is no secret about how you can make a living as an affiliate marketing, 100s of people search online everyday eager to find one tip, one idea that will make them the best affiliates, sad but true, most of them only get more confused and in some cases lose money on programs and courses that promise the moon but never deliver what people are looking for...In my opinion the only think that can make you a very successful affiliate is you take that time to learn the skills ant put those skills into practice, see what works and what doesn't, test test test. Continue reading →

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