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by Maria Kompanowski, published 30.11.2016
Did you know that mobile phone has become the key medium for online shopping? Did you know that a week prior to Black Friday, Alibaba has made a total sales of 18 Billion Dollars in 24 hours? And did you know that some 15 Billion Dollars were sales via a mobile device? That represent over 85% of total sales.So, how people shop online these days via the phone? Well, mostly, they have separate apps from their favourite shop, or simply switch from one platform to another. Continue reading →

by John Ward, published 30.11.2016
Adobe Photoshop is the defacto go to program for artists, designers, marketers and businesses all around the globe but many people who haven't spent years getting to know it don't have clue how to go about getting the best from it. And the best from Photoshop can be stunning and, as we all know, a great image in your campaigns can be the difference between no new leads or hundreds.Tuition and training is expensive but there is an answer! Continue reading →

by Adrian Niculescu, published 29.11.2016
As an entrepreneur I was interested to build businesses which also supports my lifestyle and not to spend hours and hours in one office. Based on the teachings from Donald Trump and Robert Kyiosaki I started to look at the network marketing industry and after researching everything I could find for one year I went into the travel niche. The main reason for doing that was that I didn't need to sell anything. Continue reading →

by Ella Anos, published 29.11.2016
DISCOVER The Single Greatest Health Science, Anti-Ageing, & Athletic Breakthrough of Our Lifetime & the Most Compelling Opportunity in the World Right Now.This may not be the first time you're going to hear about redox biochemistry, and it will most certainly not be the last!Redox signaling molecules have been around for eons—but it isn’t until recently that we’ve learned about their central importance in our health on a cellular level. Continue reading →

by Ayo Odior, published 29.11.2016
It Works! Global is a Health and Wellness Company that started in 2001. It is a company that prides it self on all natural products to help tone and define skin as well as offering a healthy way to lose or maintain weight loss, help with joint pain or fatigue, and vitamin supplements. Our popular products include the following:Ultimate Body Applicator: Tones and defines trouble areas in as little as 45minDefining gel: Helps to improve skin's texture and appearance. Continue reading →

Everyone knows that you have to have a good active list in order to make money online. With Global Money Line you get just that. You get a system that generates automatic leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on autopilot. No matter where you are, what you are doing your leads keep generating. Best of All, You are not even promoting the business. Others are doing the work for you.This is how it works: When you join GML you secure your position in the worlds largest straight-line downline builder. Continue reading →

by Edward McKinney, published 29.11.2016
Hey everybody, my name is Ed McKinney. I've worked in restaurant management successfully for 20 years. The money was great, but at a great sacrifice. Loss of family time and memories I can never get back. Working 10 to 12 hour shifts was putting a strain on my marriage. My wife was thinking of divorce. I would get off, sometimes at 2 or 3am and have to turn around and be back by 8am. If someone didn't show up for work, I could be stuck for 15 hours or more there. Continue reading →

by Charles Root, published 29.11.2016
We are growing incredibly fast!!! It's the one I've been waiting for and I'm so excited to share it because I'm seeing people making a lot of money there first week and that's awesome!! Love that we have webinars daily as well as calls to help the new person!! Ramacio Fulcher who is killing it right now is my team leader and lead he does he third week he earned 53,000 that's for the week! Continue reading →

by Robert King, published 29.11.2016
When joining a company there are important things we should look for--long life, growth, integrity, including good products. In the following I set out to show why Free-Mart is such a company:FREE TO JOIN: The owner of Free-Mart does not believe that you should pay money to go to work. Therefore Free-Mart is free to join.GROWTH—Free-Mart is a new company. Excellent opportunity for growth. The limit is the world. Continue reading →

by Mary Johnson, published 29.11.2016
My name is Mary Johnson and I’m an expert trader in BINARY OPTION TRADING. Hope all is going well with you and your business. I’m reaching out because there has been a lot of talk about online business in the news lately and I want to make sure you’re on the right track. In today’s digital world,Online business has been a means of wealth creating if you will believe me,,lets take a good look at the rate of Btc[bitcoin] rate today,,Today 1btc is =703usd or is it the forex market you want to take a look at? Continue reading →

I'm so excited to announce that a BRAND NEW company is about launching its ALL NEW TELECOMMUNICATION AND VALUE TRANSFER SERVICES. The name of this company is PUINI INTERNATIONAL. Do you know what it’s like being one of the pioneer members of a Network Marketing company? I'm so thrilled. I am aware that you are experienced in networking marketing that’s why I'm reaching out to you.THIS IS THE BUSINESS EVERY NETWORKER HAS BEEN WAITING FOR. Continue reading →

by Jagmohan Sabharwal, published 29.11.2016
Hello Friends, I have an amazing “Cashback Plan” which gives me 20% cashback on ALL my purchases; whether it is Groceries (Walmart/Costco/Metro/Loblaws or local grocer etc.), Gas (Shell/Petro Canada/ESSO etc.), Clothing (Hudson’s Bay/Roots/Winners etc.), Electronics (Best Buy/Tech Source/Henry’s etc), Drugs (Shoppers/Rexal etc.) Restaurant, Alcohol (LCBO/Beer Shop etc) and any other retail shopping; at the stores I was are already shopping; using the card I was already using. Continue reading →

by Drew Kammer, published 29.11.2016
Hello, everyone, I would like to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Drew Kammer. I am an independent representative for a network marketing company called Isagenix here in the United States. This company is going to be opening up opportunities in the UK. My company specializes in weight loss, sports performance supplements, healthy aging supplements and, skincare products. Our weight loss product consists of meal replacement shakes and bars along with healthy low-calorie snacks chips and chocolate squares. Continue reading →

by Wesley Bernier, published 29.11.2016
What is Wealthy Affiliate? This is a great website for getting into the affiliate or MLM business. They offer an easy way to build and maintain websites with 24/7 website monitoring. The community that Kyle and Carson have built are very helpful. Many times the people in this community are willing to help. I have received many messages that letting me know if I ever need help to reach out to them. Continue reading →

by Gene Pankratz, published 29.11.2016
NouvelleHEALTH, Inc. is a 15 year old networking company who has just completed restructuring itself in order to launch it's new, ground-breaking, cutting edge, patent-pending weight loss product, MetaRx. We are looking for experienced, motivated MlM operators that are interested in a ground floor opportunity to help us develop and the Marketing and Distribution system for this brand new and totally unique weight loss product. Continue reading →

by Dennis Chikwayi, published 28.11.2016
Welcome to this edition of Your Network Marketing Corner. Enjoy your training! Quote of the week “Iam often asked if Network Marketing is a pyramid scheme. My reply is that corporations really are pyramid schemes. A corporation has only one person at the top, generally the CEO, and everyone else below.” ~ Donald Trump What to do this week Marketing of your business should be a continuous activity. Continue reading →

by Wilfred Obi Jr., published 28.11.2016
Making money online has been a herculean task for marketers trying so many platforms with little or no success, which is not so good an outcome to see many get frustrated and not trusting the system. But hey...nobody ever said being an entrepreneur is easy cos you need to put in the work and put aside a budget for expenses. For any one looking at having financial freedom as a home business owner, truth of the matter is, you can literally get in the mix as a successful marketer with determination, poise and belief. Continue reading →

by Steve Giergiel, published 28.11.2016
We are recruiting serious Network Marketers who are currently living in UK, Ireland or Spain. Our opportunity has been working in the UK since 1923, and we have recently (October 2016) opened up in Spain and there are more new countries due to be added within the next 12 months. Join our Facebook group for more info and check out our product ranges at https://www. Continue reading →

Imagine having a business where you have a service to offer your customers, where you don't have to ask for any money, you don't have to try and convince them to buy products that you know they don't really need, and they actually feel good about doing business with you.The opportunity is available now, and it is called Viridian Energy. Since 2009 Viridian has been offering individuals in the US the chance to build flexible, rewarding home businesses driven on the power of network marketing. Continue reading →

by Dimakatso Silota, published 28.11.2016
Introduction to forever living productsForever living products is mlm company with over 10 million forever business owners,operating in over 158 countries and generating more than 2.8 billion in sale annually.the company was founded in 1957 and is based in Scottsdale,Arizona.the company was designed to help anyone who wishes for a better future to achieve through a proven and profitable marketing plan. Continue reading →

by Jay Rohman, published 28.11.2016
"Everybody isn't for Everything and Everything isn't for Everybody". My experience in the ever-growing Network Marketing industry has proven that to me. Because of that I work with a select number of businesses that I use and promote. Everybody has a passion and my job is to pinpoint that passion and help them to monetize it with individuals that have the same passion. That is a lot easier than trying to 'talk people into something' and 'chasing after 'friends and relatives'. Continue reading →

Tras veinte años de dedicarme al mundo publicitario y habiendo estudiado marketing digital, he decidido unirme a un proyecto de network marketing asociado a un laboratorio científico americano que es líder en el sector del anti-envejecimiento de la piel. Éste es uno de los sectores de mayor crecimiento global. Además se trata de una empresa que cotiza en la bolsa de Wall Street desde hace 19 años y posee cuatro centros de investigación propios, consiguiendo desarrollar una tecnología única patentada contra el envejecimiento de la piel que nos permite expandir el negocio a los 54 países en los que opera mediante su sistema de comercialización online. Continue reading →

by Kerry Gaynor, published 28.11.2016
You can’t go wrong with a broad range of Modere beauty and vitality productsI became a Modere affiliate back in the years, and I have never looked back. While the challenges that come with the choice of beauty and anti-aging products are commonplace, some are there because of the lack of information.One of the notable ones is Modere, a multinational corporation whose products have been outstanding yet people know little about them. Continue reading →

by Dominic Pechlaner, published 28.11.2016
Introduction Myadsino MyADSino or just ADSino started on the 15. 11. 2016. With ADSino it concerns an on-line casino which has acquired a game of chance licence in Cyprus. At the same time a Revshareplattform which might be most interesting for us here was integrated in this on-line casino. Beside the possibility with the Revshare/Adshare to earn system money, there is an extensive partner programme. Continue reading →

by George Madrara, published 28.11.2016
WHY JOIN US???Merchant shares provides portfolio investment services for its members across the world.Deposit funds from any acceptable payment system to your merchant shares internal walletInvest your funds into investment sectors of your choiceMerchant shares invests the collective funds daily into the respective sectors for tradings, which generates profits to share with the members and pay for company operational expenses and feesReceive returns daily until 150% of your investments have been fully returnedInstantly withdraw or make new investments with your shared returns to maximize your portfolio. Continue reading →


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