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by Konstantin Howard , published 03.07.2021
Hey everyone:Let me introduce you to MYSWITPLANET. It’s a IT cashback platform and an app. It’s a global interactive marketplace where all the purchases bring you cash back. It’s a fantastic all win concept where you make big money, improvise as an individual franchise owner and entrepreneur, and make the world a better place.Who we are: SWITIPS a young fast-growing company with 4+ Year success, €60,000,000. Continue reading →

by Isabella Garcia, published 14.07.2021
The South Korean cosmetics and wellness company I work for is a different business: Different from conventional business and network marketing or multilevel business. Present in all countries of the world and officially opening market in Spain.This is more of a CONSUMER NETWORK.Of the best products, natural. They are products of daily use, massive and for all social classes, and that we are already using, because we wash our mouth, our body, our hands, our hair, our clothes, etc. Continue reading →

by Isabella Garcia, published 14.07.2021
La empresa surcoreana de cosméticos y bienestar para la que trabajo es un negocio diferente: Diferente a los negocios convencionales y a los negocios de mercadeo en red o multinivel. Presente en todos los países del Mundo y abriendo mercado de forma oficial en España. Esto, es más una RED de CONSUMIDORES. De los mejores productos, naturales. Son productos de uso diario, masivo y para todas las clases sociales, y que ya estamos usando, porque nos lavamos la boca, el cuerpo, las manos, el cabello, la ropa, etc. Continue reading →

by Tracy Davison, published 14.07.2021
I live in North East Lincolnshire with my husband Richard, my daughter Paige, two crazy dogs and two horses.I decided to get into the health and wellness sector due to Richard suffering from Fibromyalgia and ME, he has now been suffering with these conditions for almost ten years now. We have not had much help from Doctors and/or Consultants and have found it very frustrating that you just get put onto anti depressants and told they will help. Continue reading →

If you're in network marketing, then you likely understand that leads are literally the lifeblood of the business.No leads? No business.But it's also not uncommon to see than a lot of people within the networking industry struggle with either getting leads consistently or getting leads at all.And that's the first thing that people need to focus on a business perspective.So how exactly do we do that? Continue reading →

by Kerry-gaye Barrett, published 14.07.2021
A registered nurse by profession, I worked anywhere from eight (8) to eighteen (18) hour shifts and in extreme weather conditions much longer. However, I was always on the lookout for a side hustle, one where there was no extra commute and could be done in my time off. I tried a few things that did not work, and while I was left feeling disappointed and frustrated, I did not give up the search. Then upon discovering I was pregnant almost three (3) years ago, my priorities shifted. Continue reading →

by Victoria Noethling, published 14.07.2021
My current portfolio contains several verticals, but all are designed to help make people's lives better. That may be by helping them achieve their goals of weight management, healthy living, anti-aging skin, haircare and wellness products or finding their confidence and their voice to share their own message and passion. The anti-aging and wellness products are holistic and clean with results are undeniably great. Continue reading →

by Tiffany Ramesh, published 14.07.2021
Hey everybody! I'm Tiffany and I sell children's books for Usborne Books and More (UBAM). We are a great company filled with amazing opportunities! There's books and activities for kids of all ages!! We even have educational books for at home learning!! It's so great!We do have a $30 start up kit but it's SO worth it! The kit includes $100 worth of items and you get $15 in free book credits when you sign up! Continue reading →

by Candice Gunstream, published 14.07.2021
We are under the radar, private Wine Membership club. That only way to join our Elite club is through one of our links. If you go directly to the site, you will be on a rotation slot to Grand Cru Members, which stands for Wine Stob. Grand Cru's are part owners of the Wineries in Napa Valley. And if you hurry there are a few spaces left. If you join Grand Cru and join us on September 5-7 for our Live Crush it 2021 Event. Continue reading →

by Christie McLennan, published 14.07.2021
Are you a resident in US, Australia, NZ, MX or Canada OR do you have a network in one of those 5 countries?Information about this new app was dropped in my lap days ago.I have looked the info over for the past few days, and found it's a no-brainer to be part of this opportunity.Did you know your data is collected by any app you use on your phone. That data is sold for billions of dollars. Big companies are making money on YOUR data, and you are not being paid anything! Continue reading →

by Prince Dada, published 14.07.2021
The showcasing pipe is a representation for understanding the way toward transforming leads into clients, as perceived from an advertising (and deals) viewpoint. The thought is that, similar to a pipe, advertisers cast a wide net to catch however many leads as could be allowed, and afterward leisurely support planned clients through the buying choice, narrowing down these competitors in each phase of the channel. Continue reading →

by Lori Rogers, published 14.07.2021
Hello everyone, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lori and I am a Thirty One Consultant here in Canada, I have just begun my journey with Thirty One and I absolutely love what I do. Thirty One has a vast range of products from different sizes of totes for organizational needs to beautiful purses, wallets and home decor. I joined Thirty One because I love the many versatile uses the products offered, what I did not know was how Thirty One would be a life changer for me. Continue reading →

by Tracy King, published 14.07.2021
Do you own the following in your business?A payment gateway. Think Pay Pal on steroids.Gold Mines - Yep, we own them too!Manufactured diamonds done to perfection. Bye bye blood diamonds.Basalt - Ecofriendly product to revolutionise many industried such as concrete reinforcement, car skins, aviation plus so much more.A shopping reward systemA cafe franchiseThe world's first SEC regulated security token. Continue reading →

What are the necessary informational elements need when drafting salescopy on your personal eProduct? Features and benefits. Both differing sides of the same coin, the two aspects help to frame up a complete picture of the eProduct being sold. Features are like "bling" that the features help enable. But it's the benefits that most readers are concerned with and are the pivotal factor in the decision on the behalf of the reader whether or not to purchase. Continue reading →

by Lee Davis, published 13.07.2021
In this uncertain economic climate when people are hard-pressed to sell their personal things, what evidence is there on how to make money using ONLY $0.00 items? For one, there's everyones' favorite fallback; scrape up a bunch of high quality Private Label Rights material of the same thematic series and either market it as an eCourse or an autoresponder series. The profit in this? Besides the fact that you're building a list that you can actively market your goods and services to, you can also conspire with other list owners for ad swaps as well as leverage eZine ads for both activities and make even more money to re-invest back into your primary online revenue generation project. Continue reading →

by Lee Davis, published 13.07.2021
"Any way they freaking want...", should be the punchline to THAT jokey-a55 question. There are no more incentives for online purchasers to give you their primary email anymore. And you can't even blame them with the repeated abuse they've had bestowed upon them over the past two decades of Online Marketing victimization. Opt-ins are generally ignored, if not ruthlessly exploited then devalued (resulting in constant list monitoring vigilance). Continue reading →

If it's true that if somebody doesn't desire something whether or not it's free, then how in tarnation are you going to be expected to SELL them something? By selling them what they DESIRE. It's a time-honored fact that most folks will continuously purchase what they wish for first before even the things they REQUIRE. Longing is the foremost powerful psychological inducement for Humankind. Continue reading →

No Mortgage Payments in 5-7 years?What this financial method is NOT This IS NOT a Bi-weekly Payment Program or Refinance. This IS NOT an Increase to your minimum monthly payments. This IS NOT a mortgage modification, alteration or any other change to your current mortgage.We have Proven our system over 17 years... Documented $2,208,074,176 in Family Debt's WIPED OUT...Is yours Next? https://www. Continue reading →

by Christopher Thompson, published 13.07.2021
You may be wondering what exactly is Affiliate Marketing Mastermind which is listed as my MLM Gateway business opportunity. Well, first of all, it's not a business opportunity, it's a mastermind group. A place where other affiliate marketers can get support from other like-minded entrepreneurs. However, you don't have to be an affiliate marketer to get value from the group. The marketing strategies that we discuss in the group will work for a wide range of products and services. Continue reading →

If you're a networker looking to grow your organization, but it's been a slow and agonizing grind to the middle of nowhere, don't worry as there's plenty of us that feel that way.You feel like you've been being consistent as you possibly can be and spreading the message as far and wide as you can.And yet, those efforts are followed by crickets and tumbleweeds.So what's the problem? Continue reading →

by Kirsty Scobie, published 13.07.2021
Who’s ready to Hustle and smash there goals. Hi everyone I’m Kirsty and I live in Scotland. I’m a mum to 2 amazing boys and work in Customer Services. I joined Fm World last October to help pay for Christmas. It was a free opportunity so I figured I had nothing to lose. Since then I’ve opened a second account and have a great team of girls and guys that I’m also helping to make money. I have a support group for my team where I’ll share hints and tips. Continue reading →

Step 2: Educate Yourself The second step needed to fire your boss is to educate yourself. Now that you have made a decision to be an entrepreneur, and you have a why that’s strong enough to cause you to act, it is time to start the learning process. What seed or idea do you have that needs to grow? You may have thoughts of doubt and fear, but that’s normal anytime you do something new. Family and friends may try to discourage you when you tell them that you are starting a business. Continue reading →

Step 1: Change Your Mindset The first step on the road to firing your boss requires having a different disposition of "who" you are. Your mindset determines the choices that you will make from day to day. When we use the phrase “fire your boss”, it is meant to convey leaving the 9 to 5 and earning income solely from your business. I bring this up because, as an entrepreneur, it’s important to realize that you are really the boss, even when you are working a job. Continue reading →

Many people start a home-based business to earn enough income to quit their jobs and create a better lifestyle for their families. But the reality is that most home businesses fail and people give up on their dreams. Hello, my name is Christopher Thompson, and I'm on a mission to help as many people as I can to not give up, stay encouraged, and build a profitable business from home. You may be wondering who I am, so let me tell you a little bit about me. Continue reading →

by Priscilla Gorman, published 13.07.2021
How many of you in this past year have seen posts or heard about how financially devastating it has been for so many? 2020 has been one of the roughest/toughest years that I have seen in my lifetime and I am no spring chicken. There have been so many that have lost so much from their life savings, to friends and family members. And to make matters worse many had to do it alone or not even to be able to be with their loved ones lost due to the lockdowns world wide or to be allowed to be there for emotional support for each other with just a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen, is heartbreaking to say the least. Continue reading →

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