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by Chuck Holmes, published 01.12.2018
Today, I'd like to share some trends I've noticed in the home business industry during the past decade. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion, based off what I've seen, experienced and studied. By all means, we can agree to disagree.# 1 Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is alive and well. Businesses are embracing it. Thousands of people make a full-time income with it. It's a GREAT business model for the affiliates and the business, a true win-win. Continue reading →

by Mark Anthony, published 01.12.2018
Online shopping convenient and is by far the most popular way to shop without the hassles of traffic, crowds and poor customer service. Shopping online does, however, has its unique risk and people who do shop for the convenience must take important steps to protect themselves.Online shoppers' have to take special precautions!As I stated, online shopping offers conveniences not available from other shopping outlets. Continue reading →

If you had a dollar for every person who thinks everything they encounter is a scam, you wouldn't need to build a business.It seems some prospect's minds are just geared towards believing in whatever they hear that does not serve their interests well.Meaning, if it's bad news, it must be for certain. If it's good news, nah... that can't happen.So today, I will share with you some tips and ideas on how to deal with these type prospects, and how to avoid them all together. Continue reading →

by Misty Lattea, published 01.12.2018
Join my team by going to my page and go to join. It’s free!!! We are 100% soy based! We sell 24 oz, 16 oz, and 8 oz candles in a variety of scents. Caramelized praline is my absolute favorite!! We also sell tarts, room deodorizers, tart warmers, Country kinz, monthly crates, aromabeads and a few wall decors. Everything is reasonably priced and the scents last a very long time. Continue reading →

Golden Opportunity in the Health and Wellness Niche There is NO Competition with this Brand New Product openning in the U.S. and Canada (only)Free to Join and Look at the Back OfficeUnlock The Healing Power Of Adaptogens To Achieve Optimal HealthPeople have been using adaptogenic herbs for more than 2,500 years, and much of today's medical research confirms their healing power.Researchers have found that Adaptogenic herbs can support the healthy function of bodily systems and protect the body from biological, chemical, environmental and psychological stressors. Continue reading →

by Cliff Mcquay, published 01.12.2018
I spend my days working for my local congregation as both the Treasurer and Business Administrator. Sixty percent or more of Americans are struggling with their personal finances, they are deep in debt and often living paycheck to paycheck. These statistics are also seen in the church and I want to change this for the good of helping the Kingdom Advance! With my background in accounting, I am helping individuals improve their personal finances by reducing and or eliminating debt while at the same time helping them learn a better way. Continue reading →

by Karina Bersali, published 01.12.2018
Ces trois derinières années, j'ai comme tous ceux qui sont dans le marketing de réseau, suivi plusieurs techniques pour attirer des prospects sérieux.. J'ai rencontré beaucoup de difficultés, c'est pourquoi depuis peu je teste le Marketing Digital grâce à une start up très prometteuse (dont je parle dans une autre publication). Puis des amis m'ont parlé du marketing de proximité que je ne connaissais pas. Continue reading →

11/30/18 TODAY ONLY!!!! 35% OFF ALL MAX PROMOTER PACKS!!! BIGGEST SALE TO DATE!!! -NET Income: $755!!!!!!! �� PLUS this gives you the MOMENTUM of 20 people trying the product and moving onto full time, happy smartship customers GROWING Your volume!! **WE ALSO HAVE A BUY ONE BOX OF MAX GET ONE BOX OF MAUI FREE TODAY ONLY!!!! This will boost your volume towards reaching your PRO ($250) and MVP ($500) bonuses AND right now we have a PROMO where those in their MVP Period can earn an EXTRA $500 if they hit the MVP volume by December 2nd! Continue reading →

by David Stout, published 01.12.2018
If you are looking for a great work from home opportunity to add an income stream or just want to use the tools and services of this company, then it’s a win win for youThis opportunity is called MyEcon which is short for my economy. We offer quite a few financial services to help you fix your credit , learn to income shift, become debt free and earn a living from home. With the low startup cost right now for $27. Continue reading →

by Jennifer Reyes, published 01.12.2018
O.W.N. is a NEW All-In-One System for 24-hour Weight Loss, Energy, Focus and Better Sleep.Pre-Enroll Now to take a Top Position :) Your timing couldn't be better!This innovative product creates freedom for people from: -- Worrying about Counting Calories-- Trying to have Energy for Better Performance-- Lack of Focus-- Trying to get Quality Seep.People love All-In-One Concepts... It makes their lives easier. Continue reading →

It’s been a dream of mine for decades to find a way to help those in poor countries, the homeless, and people in so much debt they fall into deep depression, and I always believed I would have to make billions first to do what I want to do, so it seemed like about 20/30 years off... But 11 days ago (maybe 12, I haven’t slept for a few days lol :D) I took a leap of faith in this venture. And within 24 hrs I had my first sign up (ever in 2 years! Continue reading →

by Orlander Petit, published 15.11.2018
Are you a traveler? Good Let us help you reduce your holiday/vacation from high almost impossible budget to a wonderful marvellous affordable budget , which is very flexible with us. we make sure that everyone is included, with us you can now be able to go on an affordable holiday/vacation with your love ones and be able to sleep in a 4 to 5* hotel around the world with us you can have up to 16 vacation a year…. Continue reading →

by Precious Chiloane , published 30.11.2018
Hey everyoneYourAddGlobal marketing is a newly established marketing company started by my self. The main purpose is to solve marketing problems ask me why,Yes many businesses strugle when it comes to proper marketing and PR especially emerging businesses and we are here for that, contact us there are various ways we can help, be it consultation, company profile, PR, HR, Branding and marketing just to name a few. Continue reading →

by Amy Peterson, published 30.11.2018
Hello! My name is Amy Peterson and I am The Travel Boss Mom! I have 4 amazing kids and a handsome grandson! 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 2 B colon cancer and had to medically retire from my full time job. I was devastated! However, I stumbled upon an opportunity to become a work from home travel agent and it has CHANGED MY LIFE! Not only was I able to fight the fight against the BIG C, but I was able to build an amazing income doing what I love to do. Continue reading →

by June Malcolm, published 30.11.2018
Dear FRIEND,Have you ever been told that it's non-productive and unprofitable to find your niche and stick to it? Do not believe such unfounded statement, any longer. At "Wealthy Affiliate" we have proven that Niche Marketing is the best way to run a successful business on the Internet. So we've created the platform, and have put all the tools and resources in place to help you reach your goal as an Internet Entrepreneur:Discover your Niche, or NichesBecome a Professional Affiliate MarketerEarn an Income on the World Wide WebProfitably Develop any Personal Expertise, Passion or HobbyCreate and Build your Unique Website, or WebsitesHost your very own Monetized URLBrand yourself with SEOBe Known as an Expert in your FieldBecome a Successful Affiliate MarketerAppear on the Front Page of Google and other Search EnginesMaintain a Strong Web-presenceSuccessfully Make Money on the InternetLearn New Marketable SkillsHere is the MOST EXCITED news of all: Wealthy Affiliate will give you 7 days to experience the full range of our tools and resources, completely FREE! Continue reading →

by Tiffany Taylor, published 30.11.2018
Hello!We are looking for team players that have determination to work hard in order to play hard. This is a business opportunity that can be passed down to the next generation or can turn into a lifelong family business. One must also be inspired by others in order to inspire others to step forward in order to hit the goal of making a passive income. In other words, this can help one to not fall into the 9-5 spell. Continue reading →

by Maria Altenburg Ford, published 30.11.2018
Do you wash your face morning and night? Fall asleep with your makeup on? Men, do you think it’s not important to have a skincare regimen? Did you know not removing your makeup at night ages your face?Ladies and gentlemen, let’s face it, at some point those wrinkles start showing.. dark circles are noticed more.. as that Maybe you start noticing some sun/age spots.. Adult acne? Maybe you have a teenager that is going through acne and is damaging her/his self esteem. Continue reading →

by Yenyen Hart, published 30.11.2018
Want to travel the world with your family and get paid the same time? A business that is open 24/7, 90% done for you and no Selling involved. Be your own Boss, work in your terms, no more alarm clock.We are offering a online workshop at no cost to you and learn how to become a global digital business owner that is proven and tested to work.If you want to learn how you can create your own lifestyle, sign up and save your spot now! Continue reading →

For many people, it seems that they get more rejection from those they talk to about their business, then they get people interested in purchasing from them.Why is that?Why is it, that there a few people out there who can get massive sales and signups, but for many they get told no all the time?Well, it's not that hard to figure out, and best part is...It's not that hard to fix!In today's announcement we will take a look at a major factor that many people miss, that can change a person's business from rejected to accepted! Continue reading →

That's right I have a new system and I am willing to show you what to do step by step This is some serious hand holding we do here for our folks because we want you to succeed. You know why because when you succeed we all succeed and we all will be consistent in paying it forward and I love this concept. Because we all win when we are teaching others what we know. Everyday in our FaceBook grouppeople are posting their first sale and so proud that the system actually worked for themThen show you how to get traffic to Your site that will bring you the money and it won't take You forever to set up and learn the system, Then we show You where we get our traffic and show you how to pick the best traffic. Continue reading →

by Miranda Smith, published 30.11.2018
Hey guys. My name is Miranda Smith and I am 26 years old. I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan, now living in Livonia Michigan. I have a brain disorder and finding a job in the real world was hard and with no luck. Finding a job in the real world was hard. Getting a no after no after no was very hard on me, so I decided to make a change and work from home. I was lucky to get a job at American Express, Apple, and Teletech before taking a break, to deal with health issues. Continue reading →

by Georgina Felix, published 30.11.2018
If you are not using Crowdfunding to meet your business or financial goals, then you do not really understand it's potential.I am always amazed at people that respond negatively to Crowdfunding. Okay, I do realize that it is either because they do not actually understand what Crowdfunding is or they do not understand how it works. There are people I have ran into that are intrigued by it, but feel that it is complicated, overwhelming or difficult to set into motion. Continue reading →

by Makinze Burton, published 30.11.2018
Hello everybody! My name is Makinze. I am looking for social media marketers who are willing to post ads on social media for our health and wellness company and get paid to do it! Get people to buy our products and you get paid for it! Whether you're looking for a few extra hundred bucks a month or you want to replace your full time income, this is the job for you! Or if you're just wanting to use the products yourself, message me. Continue reading →

by Rose B, published 30.11.2018
My team is sponsoring an opportunity call this evening, Thursday November 29th. Please tune in to hear all about how to become a stylist at Color Street Nail Polish Strips.100% nail polish.No heat or special equipment needed to apply or take off.Last up to 14 daysNail polish remover will take off.Wear your product. When someone recognizes your nails, you can give them a sample or sell them a set.25-30% commission paid weekly. Continue reading →

by Tyquan Davis, published 30.11.2018
Hello to all the entrepreneurs and go getters out there my name is ty and I just want to let you all know that there are real online websites out here that can change your life all you have to do is put the work in. I recently can up with the decision that I no longer wanted a job or to work for some and wanted to be my own boss. So after days of thinking about what I wanted to do I came across this online website called 25dollar1up. Continue reading →


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