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We are Modern Nature also known as Monat. We are a luxury, multi billion dollar vegan haircare, skincare and wellness company. Our community is out of this world because we only support lifting each other’s up. We are all queens and kings of Monat and the company treats us as such. So many incentives and gifts just because we are part this amazing community. Once you join our team, we hold your hand and babysit you until you can do everything on your own. Continue reading →

Today’s businesses require a larger audience and these businesses constantly seek methods for improving their marketing techniques to increase this audience. Direct selling business is no different. As technology progressed, people have found new marketing strategies that help them to expand their network marketing business to new horizons. Lead generation is one such enhanced method now most of the direct selling companies follows. Continue reading →

by Chantal Barnard, published 16.07.2021
DO YOU WANT TO BE HEALTHIER AND MAKE MONEY IN THE PROCESS?Herbalife has been rated the #1 nutritional shake in the world. Its all about balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle guided by scientific leadership. Herbalife gives anyone an opportunity to be part of this wonderful team. It is so simple to join and to start earning money for yourself in the process. You decide how much money you want to make and how fast! Continue reading →

Who we are:We are SWITIPS a European IT company with 4+ years oF SUCCESS on the global sells market, 1,600,000 clients, 12 countries coverage, almost 6000 businesses connected on our product and The CASHBACK online hypermarket “MYSWITPLANET”. Now in the U.S. you can shop all your favorite and all other small and huge brands like SONOS, Disney, GAP, Banana Republic,, Microsoft, Hurley, Hudson Jeans, Macy’s, flights, hotels, vacation packages, restaurants, coffee shops… and I can go on and on, plus, all the local small biz in your no matter big or small town, all must be on the app… We support small business, create a healthy competition environment, and prevent unnecessary high prices; our community must know about it too, that’s why we are looking for you, for an independent, energized, creative, knowledgeable, and confident in success leader who wants to take an entrepreneurial successful rout as a franchise holder and to build your own business the way you like, without obligations, timeframes and such. Continue reading →

by Russ Johnson, published 23.12.2020
There is a New Cryptocurrency coming to the market in August 2021. This (IMC) coin will be on the superior new IM-Exchange. The parent company is (WCL). This coin will be marketed through an affiliate platform, this is not MLM. There is no cost to join, and there will be no monthly fees for anyone wanting to participate in earning money by referring others to buy this coin at a 50% discount on the selling price. Continue reading →

by Crystal Bowman, published 25.06.2021
Hi, my name is Crystal and I am with Aplgo a European based company. It is an amazing company because we sell little candy-like drops that are completely natural. The drops are to help certain areas of the body, and that is determined by the drop you take, There are 15 different drops that help with your blood sugar down to aches and pains. There are some drops that can help with brain fog so you can actually remember things and not be stuck in that foggy situation. Continue reading →

by Marjorie Edwards , published 15.07.2021
Hi Guys..Let me just take this time to give you a short introduction of why I am a team member of Coop5050.. For me, it is all about the CoopCrowd and the CoopLife. After much research and answered questions, I became an active member this April 2021 and to date I have no regret in making that decision. As an active member of Coop5050.. I give, I share and I always receive.To be very, very clear this is not a Pyramid Scheme. Continue reading →

by Dana Rankin, published 21.01.2020
I have noticed that there is a strong market for inspirational and faith-based or religious gifts. Many people attend church or a synagogue and congregate together. I am a Christian Mompreneur myself with an online e-commerce store. Above Rubies Christian Many of the brick and mortar stores have closed in several different areas and my daughter and I decided to share our faith in the marketplace. Continue reading →

by Dave Kotecki, published 15.07.2021
Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you've seen the suspension of personal and business so-shill media accounts all over the interwebs.It ain't gonna get any better.It doesn't matter whether you agree with what a person or group is posting or not. Any outright stifling of opinion can only lead in one direction. Toward authoritarianism in one form or another.I watched in disbelief as the world closed down and tyrants all over the globe restricted business and travel because you might catch a flu. Continue reading →

by Sharon Onumonu, published 15.07.2021
I live in Southeast of London with my daughter, age 13yrs. I decided to get into the health and wellness sector after been diagnosed of Ovarian cancer.I have been to countless hospital appointments since 2018, had one of my fallopian tube taken away. As if that was not enough, I also had hysterotomy due to the cancer cells allegedly spreading fast and aggressive. I said “allegedly” as you will find out as you continue reading. Continue reading →

by Michelle Donkor , published 15.07.2021
My name is Michelle and I have been in network marketing for 6 months now. I took 2 years of research to find a company that stood out to me. I was skeptical and needed to know what I was promoting was legit. I was introduced to LifeVantage by a friend who is in the top 1% of the company. Through her mentor ship I have ranked up 4 times already and won an all inclusive trip to Cabo. Protandim NRF2 has been studied by Washington state university amongst others and was said to be the most extraordinary therapeutic and preventative breakthrough in modern medicine. Continue reading →

Come and join my team or if you’d prefer to shop, ask me for my link. Want more information message me on’s easy to join, and only takes 5 mins max, once you sign up you can open your own online store, get you digital brochures and start sharing with family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues who ever you want. Start earning for every £1 you sell today, and in your own time, you chose your hours and how much you want to work. Continue reading →

by Rhonda Fisher , published 15.07.2021
First, let me introduce myself, Hello and welcome to my business announcement. My name is Rhonda and I have been in this business since December of 2015. I have seen this thing take off and it is taking off quickly. We have people signing up daily. So please do not miss this wonderful opportunity.We have an amazing product line. Anything from CBD and Non-CBD products. We have everything from health, wellness, hair and pets. Continue reading →

by List My Businesses, published 15.07.2021
ListMyBusinesses is an online professional listing website that permits you to list your business for FREE and Paid Featured Verified Business Listings. Our Business Directory helps to improve your business popularity online. Our aim is to provide a genuine listing to the users who are looking for services and a platform for business owners and service providers to list their businesses. If you are a business owner or any service provider online then you need to add your business in business directories to get found online. Continue reading →

by Kenny Blackwelder, published 15.07.2021
Hello, my name is Kenny Blackwelder from Jacksonville, Florida. I would like you to take ourFREE company tour.The tour is made up of 3 short videos that introduces you to the people running CTFO, the high quality products and the amazing compensation plan we have.CTFO offers high quality CBD and non CBD products for health, nutrition, skin care, hair growth and pet care. With CTFO's Packs, you are able to build your own packs so you can try which ever products you desire. Continue reading →

by Liz Mayer, published 15.07.2021
Welcome to FNX!I am Liz. I am a partner with FNX FIT. So what is is FNX?FNX is a health and supplement company located in Utah, United States. It is a small local company that started as a cross fit gym that has goals to expand to the everyday athlete. We want to help you reach your fitness and health goals. These are trusted products and can help boost you on your fitness journey. There are no short cuts, we are not afraid to halt or redo a product if they aren't made to the companies liking. Continue reading →

by Kevin Williams, published 15.07.2021
When it comes to wanting to grow your organization, you have a few avenues you can take. You can either:-Spam your business opportunity hoping that some people happen to trip upon it and become interested.OR:-Being the person that understands people's biggest problems, having a solution towards that problem and then having people lined up wanting to throw their money at you?This is what people like to call Zero Rejection Marketing. Continue reading →

by Lee Davis, published 15.07.2021
One of the problems regularly-experienced by those engaged in 'Make Money Online' activities is that of ORGANIZATION...If there is no other discipline mastered in the game of Online Marketing, then there should be only discipline on the level of a rage to order in your approach to this topic. Of could just Excel everything, but what's the fun in that when there are freeware applications that will let you do this lickety-split (and with a super-attractive GUI - Graphical User Interface - to boot! Continue reading →

Hey, everybody! Jabril here! I wanted to check in very briefly, with the opportunity of a lifetime! Would you like to have a done for you funnel that has multiple income streams built in to it? Today I have something that will solve all of your lead generation problems! Something that will provide you recurring commissions! Did I mention that anyone in you bring in personally, has a lifetime cookie, courtesy of you? Continue reading →

by Ping Ngui, published 15.07.2021
The term MLM alludes to Staggered Showcasing also called Member promoting.It is a well known internet showcasing framework sort broadly by individuals whenever advertising business openings on the web. At the point when an individual sets up and keeps a steady and effective MLM business, they can resign ahead of schedule with a MLM business. As straightforward and fascinating as it sounds, an effective MLM business requires inspiration and self-drive to flourish in this merciless industry. Continue reading →

by Ping Ngui, published 15.07.2021
Is it accurate to say that you are longing for resigning early? Is it true that you are prepared monetarily? Is it accurate to say that you are prepared time-wise; that is, do you have sufficient years at your present work environment to amplify your retirement account? Those inquiries presumably raise such countless contemplations and feelings; it is difficult to address every one of them. Maybe these contemplations incorporate "Indeed, for sure. Continue reading →

Hello everyone! My name is Giuseppe and I am an affiliate with My Daily Choice. I began my affiliate program with My Daily Choice in 2018. This is my story. In 2017, I retired from many years of being a contractor. For the past ten years, I must admit that I have endulged in too many take-out lunches which were not very healthy. As a result, I had gained 22 pounds. Now, that I was retired, I decided to take better care of myself and attempt to lose the 22 pounds I had inherited around my waist. Continue reading →

by Sahily Hernandez , published 14.07.2021
I am with Total Life Changes - a health, wellness, and coffee industry that promotes healthy gut, weight management, sliming coffee, and overall better health. We are a global company in over 150 countries and around for 20+ years. We have 0 health claims, and have an A+ with the BBB. This company is debt free and based out of the United States. If you're looking to lose weight, get more energy and feel better. Continue reading →

by Ricky Booysen, published 14.07.2021
Thank you for the opportunity to share my passion with you...ANNIQUE rooibos is an South African company and we turned 50 this year!! I'm an proud ANNIQUE rooibos consultant and use and love our products. This opportunity gives us the chance to change people's lives in so many ways...Our products is proudly South African and we have more than 250 products including daily treatment and anti-ageing skin care. Continue reading →

by Isabella Garcia, published 14.07.2021
Hello! I have a big announcement to make:I work for a South Korean Cosmetics and Wellness Products and it's opening market in the UK. This is a different business: Different from conventional business and network marketing or multilevel business. Present in all countries of the world and officially opening market in the UK.This is more a kind of consumer network and I'm explaining you why.All the best products, natural. Continue reading →

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