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by Alice Brideau, published 19.02.2021
How do you feel about using AI - Artificial Intelligence? Yep, I hesitated and watched and then one day it dawned on me, that I was taking a chance of being left behind. Now before I introduce you to my new business partner, I want to give you a few interesting stats that may help You make your AI Transformation. We are in the 21st century and things are changing Quickly and to stay in the game we have to make Changes to our business marketing. Continue reading →

by Corrisa Malone, published 19.02.2021
If you’re looking for a Power Lead System review that’s gonna actually help you make an informed decision, then you’ll want to read this right now…Unbelievable!Imagine what it would be like if you could send your traffic to a website that actually converted them into leads for your business opportunity?Impossible you say?Let me explain…This Power Lead System review is going to explain to you what Power Lead System (PLS) can and can’t do for your business. Continue reading →

by Sasha Varty, published 19.02.2021
So I would like to take a minute and give you a rundown of my experience with Scentsy. I am a star consultant with an amazing husband an 4 awesome chilren and Ive been with Scentsy for going on 2 years I now have a team of 17 awesome ladies. The first year I didn't do much with my business. I was working in a factory, like my entire life factorys was where the best money was for me. I was a reach and forklift operator. Continue reading →

by Sue-anne Dean, published 18.02.2021
For all your Enjo needs contact me or if you love the products jump into my business launch and grab yourself a great deal .Even better jump over to my Facebook page so you won’t miss any updates business launch , will end on Saturday so grab the latest deal today 25% off tea towels and so much more better yet , go chemical free !Do your children suffer from chemical cleaning ? Continue reading →

by Edgar Fuentes , published 18.02.2021
Hey there! My names Edgar I’m 19 years of age and I got introduced to the world of forex & cripto a few months ago and it’s been an unbelievable journey.. it’s crazy to think that a few months ago I didn’t know a thing about these markets and now I’m making money like clock work thanks to I’m.academys products. Our company has created a mastery academy that hassimplified The learning process in the world of cripto, e-commerce, forex & binary options ( Money in minutes ) to take you from a complete beginner all the way to advanced in these markets with 5-7 minute videos breaking it down step by step on how to use indicators, how to read graphs, market structure, and many more things, on top of that our company also has software products that help you instantly win in the markets as soon as you join so you won’t be completely lost as a beginner trader, one of my favorite products I use is called cash trap. Continue reading →

by Nesta Mustafa, published 18.02.2021
In schools, they don't teach you how to make money. They just stuff you with subjects you're not in need of. In schools, they don't bring the best out of you. They just change you to a robot and force you to think and act based on what you're told. They don't care about how talented, skillful and different you really are. Regretfully, they evaluate you based on your academic skills which is really the worst way of assessing students' abilities. Continue reading →

by James Nguta Mwaizinga, published 18.02.2021
WHY I RETIRED AT THE AGE OF 36YRS TO PERSUE A CAREER IN MLMMy Name is James Nguta Mwaizinga from Malindi Kenya. Am a network marketer, Trainer, Leader and a Team Builder.Before starting a career in Network Marketing ProfessionI was a struggling I.T employed person, Worked for 11yrs since 2005 in the profession hoping that I will be able to live the life I wanted,I was always behind my billsUnable to support my family and siblings bcoz my salary could not support me even for a full monthI was always in debt. Continue reading →

by Poppajay Johnson, published 18.02.2021
If you are crafty and love to make jewelry, you may have the tools for a profitable home business. You don't need a shop, just plenty of supplies and a lot of creativity. After that, one of the most important aspects of your business is to make your product visible to potential customers and buyers. In this article, we will give you tips on how to market your hand-made jewelry. Keep everything you commonly use on your desk or at your workbench within easy reach. Continue reading →

by Skipper Barker, published 18.02.2021
Hi! For years I did the grind. Get Leads and hope for conversions. Rinse repeat day after day. Results happened but they were not what I hoped for. What I had dreamed about. I always felt like there was something missing. I did not know what it was until one day I stumbled across it accidentally. It turns out that the missing thing was inside my own mind. It does not matter what you are currently doing, keep doing it. Continue reading →

by Shannon Mccants, published 18.02.2021
New album by artist Spliff G Masu available on all major digital platforms. The first release by independent record labelPersevere Underground Llc registered with the state of Colorado. Black owned andWomen led independent record company with the first husband and wife record company. With distributor Unitedmasters, The record company aims to make history as being the next Def Jam. Continue reading →

Angel Business Club (ABC) Angel Business Club (ABC) is an investment club designed on start-up businesses in the UK that have demonstrated strong growth potential. Such investment startups offer tremendous potential for those wishing to expand their portfolio and increase income streams. These growth investments offer substantial promise when investing in the right manner. But does Angel Business Club deliver on its promise to help you make money? Continue reading →

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my announcement, if at any point you have any questions then please feel free to message me on here or head to my Facebook page Mind and Body Beautiful and leave a message there.Global Unity is the main Jeunesse Europe and Middle East team. Part of the Jeunesse Global Family which aim is to create positive impact in the world by helping people to look and feel young, whilst empowering each other to discover and unleash our true potential. Continue reading →

by Vijay Kumar, published 18.02.2021
Teeth stain for many reasons, including your food and drink choices, oral hygiene, and medication use. Although not the sole cause of stain, certain bacteria naturally present in your mouth, may contribute to teeth discoloration. In addition, the surface structure of your teeth also can contribute to stain. This article discusses the various whitening methods available. Toothpastes Most toothpastes contain chemical agents that help protect teeth from cavities and decay. Continue reading →

Hi, my name is Mindy Smith. I am from a small town in Tennessee. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and I am an entrepreneur with Origami Owl jewelry. It's not just about jewelry with this company though. Their mission is to be a Force For Good; to love, inspire + motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others. They practice what they preach as well. Continue reading →

by Karilee Valeriano, published 05.02.2021
You may have noticed there are a lot of cbd companies out there.  Even a lot of NEW cbd companies.  It seems a new one is popping up every day.  So why this one?  What makes us different? I will tell you why I just stopped promoting a company after 6 years even though I have an average 4-figure monthly residual check there and it’s a solid company with great products.  I was looking for something different. Continue reading →

I'm a retired nail tech who did nail services for years! I had to retire due to health problems and I came across an ad on Facebook for a "Nail Rep needed."Since my profession was nail services, I was spending tons of money on professional nail products even after I retired and it was getting to be too much for my budget. Now I buy salon quality products and nail supplies at 50% off retail and I get to show off my nails and earn a little money on the side at the same time. Continue reading →

by Kathryn Stone, published 17.02.2021
Hello, my name is Kathy Stone, I am a Field Developer with L’BRI. Looking to build a team of people, who are ok with earning bonuses and commissions, as well as free trips for 2(all inclusive)! You join for a dollar and you can begin your journey! Want to build your team?! Have friends and family sign for $1 (ends February 23)~or $49,$99, or $299 kits are available anytime, within your first 50 days, they’ll receive $100 L’BRI CREDIT! Continue reading →

by Deanna Black, published 17.02.2021
From the creator and former CEO of Pandora Jewelry comes Jesper Nielsen and his private online store. Who is Jesper Nielsen? The Danish entrepreneur, who made Pandora a 1.83 billion € company, has initiated a new project.. An expert in the creation of 'super brands', Jesper managed to establish Pandora in Germany and in five other countries. Free to join until February 28th 2021 . Known for his brick an mortar stores throughout Europe he has decided to bring to the USA on eb=entirely online boutique. Continue reading →

by Osunloye Gabriel, published 17.02.2021
Those are history now as different platform are springing up offering the services Today i will ibe introducing two sites to us doing basically the same task. but has different payment plan and entry 1. Rachsterli. the miniimum entry point is 14,000 Naira which would yield extra 6000N making 21000. the payout is every 30 days package of 28,000 will give you 44000 and the maximum runs into millions. Continue reading →

by Leslie Scott, published 15.02.2021
IF YOUR ANSWER IS YES, THEN IT IS TIME TO GO TO SCHOOL    Hello, my name is Leslie and I have be marketing off and on for over 5 years. I have joined many programs and some seemed to be good ones and some seemed to be bad ones for me. Some of the programs was free to sign up and some I paid for. In any event I did stop marketing for a while because I was not being productive at it. I shared my links, I wrote advertising niches and got little to no results. Continue reading →

Some of us are trying to go it alone...Hey,all too many times we find our opportunity, our niche' and we dive wholeheartedly into the trenches. The calls, the zooms, and the calls. On top of content marketing, social presence, and the emails, text's and campaigns. It's a hard fight, late nights, and trials of doubt. Trying to make your way and make it your way. Lifestyle change, goal orientation, and determination are strengths we need to forge ahead. Continue reading →

by Mary Yoder, published 17.02.2021
This can be done online or offline/ It is about shopping and getting paid for anything and everythingusing shopping portals such as Top cash back/ Reddit and referring people to shop and getting paid forshopping my contacts link If I need help this is my contact.I also sell mailing lists for people who do mail order my link for that is Continue reading →

by Lisa Phillips , published 17.02.2021
Thrive is a plant-based 3 step nutritional system that you do in the mornings,1-2 capsules on a empty stomach, 20 minutes later you drink the lifestyle mix( Shake) then you apply the DFT(Derma Fusion Technology) our wearable nutrition that is delivered through the skin over a 24 hour period and it is water proof also so it’s ok to shower with it on or swim even sweat doesn’t bother it at all.I have been with Le-Vel for about 5 months, love how I have the all day natural energy with out the crash or jittery feeling or a feeling like I need a nap. Continue reading →

by Dr Oladimeji Afolabi, published 17.02.2021
Home Based Business At It's Best- Making Money On Line From HomeBecome a Business Owner -Venture in Affiliate Marketing with 12Minute Affiliate A Done For You Marketing SystemMaking money is never easy; it is no wonder that most people wish to earn even as they sleep. You want to wake up, checking your bank account, that a sum was added. Fortunately, that is not a dream anymore with affiliate marketing with 12Minute Affiliate. Continue reading →

by Theresa Perez, published 17.02.2021
Hello I am Theresa I am a distributor with a awesome company theyAre in the state and international online company the warehouse is inMichigan the owner of the company is Jack Fallon he had a dream toHelp alot of people in the world and he is doing that the products.Are awesome and helping alot of people they are natural herbal productsThat are good for all ages to name some nutraburst is a multi vitamins liquidThat drains to your blood equals 10 bowls of salad and has a sweet taste. Continue reading →

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