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by Lauren Rosales, published 10.07.2020
My name is Lauren, and I'm super excited that you, whomever may be reading this, could find your home with Pretty young Blings!! I get the luxury of presenting Nickel and Lead Free jewelry to people as gifts, or even as a little retail therapy, and honestly, I love doing what I do! Of course, I'd love to see some new faces on, even if you're just looking to shop yourself! Continue reading →

by Robin Scott, published 10.07.2020
FES Financial Education Services has been operating since 2004. helping consumers achieve high financial potential for over 10 years. We continuously provide solutions for financial challenges all of us face. Programs offered provide a wide variety of pieces to solve the variances in financial challenges. We provide ease and a very high level of customer service and support. Our educational tools help you meet your financial goals and create the needed avenues for long-term, consistent success. Continue reading →

by Ron Keenan, published 10.07.2020
I have had pain swelling & been overweight & unhappy for awhile. A dear friend of ours, that we had worked with in a previous company reached out to me to offer me something she had tried & suggested I try as well. My first words to her was, "What are you trying to get me into now?" She said "nothing at all, but had found something that has helped her whole family with various issues & I thought of you & your issues & thought they may help you as well". Continue reading →

by Liz Hausiku, published 06.07.2020
Good day to you all. My name is Liz and I would like to share with you a good platform that has changed my life in just 3 weeks of involving myself in it. I am teacher by profession and throughout my life I never dreamed of being an online marketer. Things turned upside down when I took credit to start a certain business but it didn't go as planed, I found myself in debts that was making it difficult for me to feed my family as before. Continue reading →

by Sampson Jaja, published 10.07.2020
CENTURY HENG YUE LTD MALL(CHYMALL)https://chymall.netowned by a Chinese conglomerateMost businesses are done online now. Just like Amazon,e-bay, CHYMALL is an e-commerce platform with a difference.Members of the public can become shareholder of this e-commerce platform.When Amazon begun its operations as an e-commerce platform, those who bought shares invested and became shareholders with Amazon.Similarly, Mack Zuckerberg, one of the richest man in the world today invited some of his friends to partner with him in developing facebook. Continue reading →

by Scott Moore, published 10.07.2020
Before the internet came along, most everybody either went to work, in the service, or to college somewhere.  Some went to a vocational or a trade school.The advice I was always raised on was never turn down any training.  Make yourself employable and keep yourself employable.  All that changed with the internet.People started being creative with ways to make income.  Ever so gradually, people were figuring out ways to generate an income online in a million or so different ways. Continue reading →

by Sandra Rivers Moreno , published 10.07.2020
I really enjoy being with this Company. It has alot to offer. You get paid 7 different ways.  Allways room to get promotions as well. Love there products. We offer Cbd oil, weightloss products,  pet products,  essential oils,.And so much more. I love to drink my Nova coffee every morning when I wake up. It motivates your body to going. Clarity, And even loose weight. I just simply love it. If you haven't joined our company . Continue reading →

by Kelebogile Mbibi , published 10.07.2020
Crowd1  its an online markerting, crowd1 its like an uber and airbnb, it does not sell any product  or service  of its own, you work with your own cellphone, you just buy an educational package of of €99 once off then you share the company. You invite people to the business, you get paid, there are bonuses  from both companies, When you join you have 14 days of fear of loss meaning you have to recruit 4 people within that 14 days then you earn €3000, bonuses  that company offers:Affiliate residual bonuses: you earn monthly according to your network level. Continue reading → Le-vel is the fastest growing health company right now and bomming all over the USA, CANADA, THE UK AND MANY MORE PLACES. Their main product is the 1,2,3 Step THRIVE Experience.For me the THRIVE experience changed my life . I started promoting for the company to help others get the benefits from THRIVE that i have gotten. Day 1: i quit drinking coffee and energy drinks. Continue reading →

Textbot is a unique automated & awesome sms bot that help you close sales online. It is also called AVA – Automated Virtual Assistant. As a member of Textbot you receive unlimited $100 sales over & over! Plus you can use it to promote your primary business. Many textbot users sales have gone through the roof with this rejection free way to close sales! I'm making money and having fun online with sharing it all the social sites. Continue reading →

by Ummu Modibbo, published 09.07.2020
THE BITCOIN OF HEALTH- CMDX(THE SMART DIGITAL CURRENCY.INVEST NOW.You don't come to CMDX platform like this to gawk at the latest technological disruption or crytocurrency (digital currency).You come to the platform because you want to know how you can invest in and position yourself to profit from the latest tech revolution and disruption before the masses figure out what they are missing.Identifying trends before they fully develop and taking advantage is key (pivotal). Continue reading →

Not enough money to promote your businessto have enough referrals to exapnd and grow?Here's The Solution...Let your referrals get PAID to get you more referralson your same List! So you can collect more referralcommissions and add more referrals so they can see what you have to offer.So far it has had a great effect building my list withoutadvertising and spending no money doing this...justposting here nad there and using the Free Lead SystemThey show us. Continue reading →

by Mario Diaz, published 07.01.2020
We live in a digital world. A study also has pointed out that in the US; nearly 77 per cent of small and medium businesses believe that digital presence helps them in customer acquisition. This shows that the future is digital and it includes digital business cards as well. So why are you introducing your business with a piece of paper and tracking your prospects manually?In today's competitive business world, not having your contact information in your prospect's phone is actually a business loss. Continue reading →

by Samuel Zelibe, published 09.07.2020
$99 ONLY: What can you do with $99? What difference can $99 make? What if $99 can turn your financial fortunes around forever? What if you can invest $99 into building a skill that can make you earn dollars in amounts ranging from 5 to 6 digits? What if with $99 dollars you can earn residual income from network marketing ranging from $500 to $100,000 monthly? The what ifs in the paragraph above seem too good to be true, right? Continue reading →

by Akpor Monday, published 09.07.2020
The cryptocurrency revolution has only just begun. Get started for 0.05 Eth is mind blowing with huge earning potential. I honestly can say I've never seen anything like this before. However, you need to understand the business model very well so as to maximize it to the fullest. Forsage empowers the everyday man & woman with fail-proof keys to FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Here are some facts you need to know before taking your decision either to join or not. Continue reading →

I am looking for eager and amazing women that want to join our growing team.  If you are interested in either full-time or part-time work with the ability to work from home, this may be the job for you.  I am with a very ethical and reputable company that does Zoom and, when safe, in-home jewelry parties for an up-scale costume jewelry company.   Three months ago I had not heard of the company, but I was invited to a Zoom party and I feel absolutely in love with the jewelry. Continue reading →

by Craig Dunkerton , published 08.07.2020
I am extremely pleased to present a ground floor opportunity to get involved with a new game changing Network Marketing business which will be launching globally in mid July 2020. The company, Prime Connect Academy, is based in the UK with strong compliance, selling actual products and services if the field of Forex and Affiliate/digital marketing to a global audience.The compensation plan is generous and features a 3 x 10 forced matrix to ensure that all members benefit from spillover from others above them and are earning even without recruiting. Continue reading →

by Marion Zanger, published 09.07.2020
La qualité de l'air ambiant dans les maisons, les produits ménagers hors pairs, facilitateur de ménage, des produits de beauté sans nanoparticules de plastique et des produits pour animaux sans conservateurs ni colorants au service de la population. De très belles rencontres ont fait de moi une femme heureuse et comblée. Je souhaiterai montrer à toute la terre l'efficacité de nos produits et le bien être que l'on peut avoir en les utilisant, mais aussi le bien être que nous avons après avoir tester nos produits pour la peau, et savoir en plus qu'ils ne polluent pas, c'est juste génial. Continue reading →

by Frank Vandy, published 09.07.2020
It’s a sad truth, but 99% of all network marketer fail. Is it because they aren’t motivated? Not really. Nearly everyone who joins a network marketing business has invested their hopes, their dreams and their aspirations in their business, and yet so many fail. Why is that? Let’s explore the two main reasons why… Reason #1 – Their Friends and Family DO NOT Want to Join Their Business With most network marketing companies, your upline will tell you to make a list of their friends and family and then go recruit them. Continue reading →

by Lee Watts , published 09.07.2020
Your first promotions & what they mean for you and your team.•Bright star= 2 active team members, one on each leg. 10 % leadership pay on lower leg points.•Director = 500 points each leg, 2 personally enrolled active. 10% Binary leadership pay on lower leg. + £60 stretch bonus•3K Director = 1500Points each leg, 2 personally enrolled11% binary leadership pay on lower leg. + £60 stretch bonus + 30% Cheque Match on all 1st level personally enrolled team members. Continue reading →

Hello Everyone. I recently took advantage of the opportunity to save for a vacation and have my contribution DOUBLED by this company. I couldn't believe it either but look at me now. Its such a great joy to be able to help people with a cruise vacation while helping them save money or even travel for free. We have weekly ZOOM meetings with other leaders to answer questions, learn about whats working to grow our business and my mission is to help YOU create your own team. Continue reading →

Hej mitt namn är Andreas Söderberg och jag jobbar som Team leader inom Prüvit! I Sverige så är jag en nyckelperson som leder ett stort team som jag utbildar inom både kost och hälsa samt hur man blir en bra ledare. Jag söker just nu dig som gillar att anta utmaningar och bygga ett långsiktigt samarbete inom försäljning och utbildning inom prüvit business!Vi säljer ett kosttillskott som främjar välmående och viktnedgång! Continue reading →

by Emelia Mukinga, published 09.07.2020
Hello, everyone. My name is Emilia Mukinga I reside in the southern part of Africa. I would like to share with you in this announcement on how only $18 changed income status and my perception about online businesses or online work.Despite this digital age many Africans especially in my area do not involve themselves in online businesses or work. Their reasons are justified because many have been swindled or scammed. Continue reading →

by Onesmus Muema Kimanzi, published 09.07.2020
Hello.*WELCOME TO AFFIX WEB ADVERTS**It is the best online platform *This is how you register an account with the AffixwebAderts.Register for free using link bellow:-Https:// activate it with Ksh 500 or 5$ using mpesa or paypal account.By doing so your account becomes active & you will be eligible to earn through 2 ways:- *Spinning* -This is in two ways a daily free spin a chance to win between 200ksh and 2k-Also you can place cash and spin then win multiple times the number of spin. Continue reading →

by Syd (GeneYuss), published 09.07.2020
Call 631-545-3143I have been involved with network marketing and online sales for 20+ years. A lot of my experience has been with mobile marketing services. I have seen and participated in programs that offer training and services that have little value but cost a lot. I recently found the Ava Texting Chatbot and it stands out from the other services I've used because of how easy it is to use, the effectiveness of the service, the low cost, and the earning potential. Continue reading →


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