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Hello to You!My name is Kim, I have 3 grown children. I live in Massachusetts where the summers are short and hot and the winters are long and cold! I have always had back problems due to car accidents, falls and years of working as a CNA. Six years ago i ended up having major surgery for a slipped disc and thankfully it was a success, i went back to work and almost 6 years to the day my disc slipped again! Continue reading →

by Debra Reaves, published 22.04.2021
Our company, iBüümerang held one of our annual events, Xccelerate, this past week. The event was held on April 18 & 19 in Mazatlán, Mexico and virtually. I attended virtually and it was everything I thought it would be and more. We were treated to outstanding trainings by our amazing leaders and our CEO. There was a lot of recognition and there were people from all over the world in attendance in Mexico and even more virtually. Continue reading →

by Otto Larsen, published 22.04.2021
Would you like to know how a complete newbie made $17.373 in just 12 days? If yes, then read on... Chris utilized a brand new DFY affiliate marketing system created by a guy called James-Neville Taylor. James is a highly successful 7 figure online earner, international speaker, and multiple award winning super affiliate. But it wasn't always like this... Before his success he actually tried to commit suicide back in 2017 by taking an overdose. Continue reading →

by Bianca Emmanuel, published 22.04.2021
It’s no surprise that social media is a great platform to generate an income, some of your favorite celebrities use this and call it ‘affiliate links’. The beauty of network marketing is you don’t need a million followers or to become a celebrity to use your social media to earn you some extra bucks, trust me, I know. Hey, I’m Bianca and I’m a social seller, with less than 600 Instagram followers, I’ve built an entire business all on my phone and I can show you how - check out my Instagram. Continue reading →

by Charles Lenoir, published 22.04.2021
Let me be straight to the point!I'm looking for network marketing leaders that may be burnt out on the traditional way of building their direct sales business.I need leaders to help me build a fairly new hybrid business.Right now our movement is in pre-launch.If you have had success building a team of 10 or more please continue reading this post. My name is Charles and I am the founder of the $mart Money Team. Continue reading →

by Erki Säks, published 22.04.2021
Hi I am Tip-tap team leader. I would like to tell you about the Tip-tap Estonian startup! We are creating a global company, which is currently in the pre-launch phase, but we have already significantly grown the team that manages, develops and grows this company, and we have also built several tools. We were founded about a year ago in Tartu, (address Town Hall Square 16, Tartu Startup HUB). Tip-Tap is a multi-app that mediates services, where customers can order services from one place and then there will be more than 50 services in the future. Continue reading →

by Rose Mjungula, published 22.04.2021
I greet you all. Through all struggle and financial suffering I came across this reliable company worthwhile to achieve financial breakthrough.ESPN is a global company which has proven its reliability to most clients.The system is user-friendly and transparent.Different currencies are welcome as well as crypto currency.Minimum package is $150.It also has a mining option to make extra money.Our members are full of team spirit and assist with presentation live as well as online ie through zoom. Continue reading →

by Margarita Ismel Rosario Diaz, published 22.04.2021
Secret EMail System is the process to help me to increase my business to another level, Secret Email System is a “business machine” that works for you 24/7 where your only job is to oversee the system, not to create products, services where you have to chase new clients or deliver to them. This business helps you to live and enjoy your life while the business works for you – this is Secret EMail System. Continue reading →

by Odette Le Roux, published 22.04.2021
Hi my name is Odette Le Roux and I am a Jade Executive in my company and this is a summary of my story.A 23 year old from South Africa, Studied tourism for 4 years and only work for 1 month and a half, never knew anything about NWM until lockdown. I started using our products and use it everyday! Planned my dream wedding through lockdown and is going to buy our first house in 2021 alongside growing my business and my income. Continue reading →

by Iny.B Utang, published 22.04.2021
I am a Christian, wife, mother and a digital business entrepreneur, I educate, inspire and support individuals by mentoring and helping them establish a successful digital business using the digital space. I realised I needed a change from waking up to an alarm clock into a busy life schedule, I just longed for Time and Freedom so I started exploring different ways and opportunities out there including trainings that were not really necessary or satisfying but I also had a goal and mission. Continue reading →

by Gerrit Van Der Merwe, published 22.04.2021
With the world economy in turmoil as a result of the Covid19 disruption, everyone is looking to secure alternative income. With what’s going on with Covid it’s not only affecting folk personally but financially as well.I’m so very grateful a good friend of mine shared the benefits of having a Financial Plan B in place. No longer is having just one income stream sufficient.What’s a Plan B you may ask ? Continue reading →

by Charles Lenoir, published 09.02.2018
So every now and then I come across a hidden gem in the network marketing industry.And if you are reading this business announcement then I know you are probably open to learning about it.This is a very simple way to get paid between $500 and $1,100 commissions.Why should this interest you?Because most people have no idea how their network marketing company's compensation plan works. They buy into hype that they can make thousands of dollars a month and do little to no work. Continue reading →

by Charles Lenoir, published 15.02.2019
Make no mistake about it...Debt is a huge problem in America and anyone positioning themselves in the financial services industry can potentially profit BIG TIME!There are several network marketing companies out there like myEcon or Financial Education Services (FES) that provide financial services which benefit their members/consumers repair, life insurance, identity theft etc,But unfortunately most individuals that are enrolling as agents/distributors to promote the products are not making any money or not making money fast enough! Continue reading →

by Penny Marken, published 20.04.2021
This is something I found recently and thought I would share. Do you spend a lot of time on eBay these days? Yea, me too. It seems that boredom has set in and I find myself online just shopping for those things I use to go to the store and browse for hours for. Now I am browsing eBay. I do not need a mask if I stay at home. So, while investigating eBay one day I came across this article about the eBay Partner Network. Continue reading →

by Justin Johnson, published 21.04.2021
Good dayDo you need an extra income or you need to escape the rat race, how many times have you heard these words from these so called gurus. Well I am not a guru I an an ordinary guy trying to support his family in this economic decline, I have tried different products from course that promised me the world and gave me nothing programs that promised automatic income but it's a scam.So with that said I was at my wit's end when I saw this Devon Brown 12 Minute Affiliate ProgramI bought ittried it took me a while to understand it but it worked I got my first commissions in the first week of using it. Continue reading →

by Jason Bronson, published 21.04.2021
This is ONLY the beginning You now have the tools and resources to build an indestructible foundation (if you put these strategies & posts to use). Or do you? A foundation that will hold steady while you build your empire. But I'll be honest with you... Sometimes that's not enough. I think you’d agree with me that having a strong foundation is incredibly important… …but a foundation without the necessary tools to build your structure means you're stuck with a floor of cement with no house. Continue reading →

by Katie LaBelle, published 21.04.2021
Hello, and welcome!    My name is Katie, thank you for stopping by.  Let me tell you a little about me.    Here is what brought me to the financial industry. A few years ago, when my step father passed away, and my mom and  I found out that my step father was UNDER insured, and my mom had to sell their marital home, my mom was so confused and I was furious, that no one actually considered their needs when my step father was issued his life insurance policy. Continue reading →

by Victoria A., published 21.04.2021
Hi Everyone!I want to show you that there is an opportunity in your hands that can be done in any way. It doesn't matter what kind of business you are in or not. It’s a membership, a share of something that only brings benefits. What is holding you back? It doesn't matter who you are or where you are, as long as you are not hindered by an opportunity but only entertained further. And if everything in your life is already good and you are satisfied, then here is another option to continue to grow well :)Training and two webinars per week are available for members. Continue reading →

by Aurica Oros , published 20.04.2021
Graceful aging is a consequence of our lifestyle. It is up to us how we are aging. You will ask me why I am so interested in finding the best way to age gracefully. For the last 20 years, I was involved in Senior Care and I realized the challenge of aging when I saw our clients in wheelchairs due to physical limitation, with oxygen dependency having breathing issues, a lot of pain, and a lot of financial difficulties. Continue reading →

by Tracy King, published 20.04.2021
Eight years ago, I was sitting at my desk, reading my emails for the day.There were hundreds of them, just like any other day.But there was one email that stood out.It was from a client whom I had negotiated a multi-million dollar contract.I had been working on this for three years.They had had enough of the company I worked for and was giving the contract to someone else to finish the project right. Continue reading →

Yes you read that correctly! You can EARN 6-Figures in a legitimate US based Network Marketing business within a $4 Trillion Financial Industry. Learn more by clicking here And best of all, you can do so morally & ethically because you will help this company provide a much needed service with the goal of serving the greater good. There is an old and often misunderstood saying that "money is the root of all evil. Continue reading →

Everyone is looking to make their home and businesses indoor spaces safe, and we have the solution. My name is Tony and I help people and businesses stay safe from what they can’t see in their indoor air and on surfaces. The product has never been more relevant than these times. The Vollara Air and Surface Pro is the ONLY air purifier that actively disinfects air and surfaces in real-time, continuously. Continue reading →

by Lindsey A, published 20.04.2021
I love being in social retail! It is so much fun and I love getting to know so many people! I have rekindled old relationships from high school and college! I love spreading the news about our products and what they can do for you! I get paid twice a day! Every new person I meet, is a step towards a greater picture. The products have been a game changer for me! I finally have the energy to go about my day. Continue reading →

by Kelly-Ann Cassidy, published 20.04.2021
Hello, my name is Kelly and I’m the founder of Simple Digital a young company still yet to earn its stripes. My background is NZ born, Maori with 3 sisters and a brother. Currently living in Melbourne moved here in 2007 with my ex partner and my two beautiful angels Kaleb and Maia. Worked as a Commercial Agent for CityLink for about 3 years went through a messy break-up left my job and changed to warehousing. Continue reading →

by Bryony King, published 20.04.2021
Hi everyone, My name is Bryony and I am new to MLM Gateway. I have recently set up my own Virtual Assistant business back in November 2020. To increase the services I offer I have become an independent travel agent with Inteletravel. Are you looking for a full time income, part time income, side hustle or new career? This travel business opportunity is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a different income stream. Continue reading →

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