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by Emelia Mukinga, published 09.07.2020
Hello, everyone. My name is Emilia Mukinga I reside in the southern part of Africa. I would like to share with you in this announcement on how only $18 changed income status and my perception about online businesses or online work.Despite this digital age many Africans especially in my area do not involve themselves in online businesses or work. Their reasons are justified because many have been swindled or scammed. Continue reading →

by Onesmus Muema Kimanzi, published 09.07.2020
Hello.*WELCOME TO AFFIX WEB ADVERTS**It is the best online platform *This is how you register an account with the AffixwebAderts.Register for free using link bellow:-Https:// activate it with Ksh 500 or 5$ using mpesa or paypal account.By doing so your account becomes active & you will be eligible to earn through 2 ways:- *Spinning* -This is in two ways a daily free spin a chance to win between 200ksh and 2k-Also you can place cash and spin then win multiple times the number of spin. Continue reading →

by Syd (GeneYuss), published 09.07.2020
Call 631-545-3143I have been involved with network marketing and online sales for 20+ years. A lot of my experience has been with mobile marketing services. I have seen and participated in programs that offer training and services that have little value but cost a lot. I recently found the Ava Texting Chatbot and it stands out from the other services I've used because of how easy it is to use, the effectiveness of the service, the low cost, and the earning potential. Continue reading →

by Ashley Burnett, published 09.07.2020
What has paparazzi done for me? Let me tell you, it has helped me in many ways! Firstly, I lost my dad in December 2019, when that happened I went to a dark place and wasn't myself. Depression was at the worst and if it wasn't for my Papa Sisters I wouldn't be here today! Secondly, my husband is on short/longterm disability because he had to have an emergency hip replacement because a severe infection ravaged his right hip. Continue reading →

Fresh Face & Fresh Traffic - I am a relatively new Vendor for Solo Ad Traffic. I have an amazing partnership that allows me to combine my personal list built overs the last few years of network marketing with Other High Quality Marketers. No order is too small and no order is too large.95% Tier 1 - No Duplicates - We have multiple layers of checks to ensure that you are getting a single contact for your opportunity. Continue reading →

by Moiloa Gustav , published 09.07.2020
My FB profile: link: a legacy, change our continent. Join a platform of African Economic movement, this is a hub of capital investment and African brands. No more complains and no more poverty, take a move today and follow Charles N. Lambert 25 African pro corporations then your pockets will do well.The BlackWall Street initiative put into action for Africa economic situation, this is where Africans join top class celebrities in creating jobs, changing the education system and teaching people on how to trap and reinvest, it is not only money that can change generations but knowledge is power, know about the African history and the economic war. Continue reading →

by Jaclyn Simeona, published 09.07.2020
COVID-19 has affected the entire world one way or another, from physical and mental health, social distancing, unemployment, and financial loss. By the looks of things this pandemic is not slowing down and more people are getting affected. You need to take responsibility and do your part to protect yourself and your family. It’s time to look for new ways to earn an income and online is the place to start. Continue reading →

by Colin Jooste, published 09.07.2020
Three years ago, a guy named JP was 29 years old and he was losing money with his investments. He did not realize it at the time, but a ninety-minute investment training session, turned everything around for him. In that training session he discovered that there is a blueprint to build wealth. After the session he set a Power Goal. His mission was to follow this blueprint, to create a passive income of more than R220 000 per month within the next 5 years. Continue reading →

by Sharon Baloyi , published 09.07.2020
Hi I trust you are well, my name is SharonI am part of the world's number 1 nutritional company , HERBALIFE NUTRITIONI am looking for people who may have interest in the following programs:1. Weight gain2. Weight loss3. Muscle building4. Getting rid of stretch Mark's5. Getting rid of dark spots6. Good nutrition7. Maintaining your body health8. Having an opportunity to make and extra incomeIf you are wondering how this works let me give a brief explanation. Continue reading →

by Opal Barnes, published 09.07.2020
This is your gateway to generational wealth and residual income. Introducing the phenomenal company TRADERA which provides an educational platform for FOREX TRADING andan amazing opportunity to earn commissions. You can turn ninety nine dollars into five hundred dollars, one thousand dollars, two thousand dollars. Five thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars, twenty thousand dollars, fifty thousand dollars even one hundred thousand dollars a month. Continue reading →

by Ayanda Ndlovu, published 09.07.2020
EARN IN FIVE WAYS WITH TLC BUSINESSHi everyone. I am Ayanda the TLC Distributor and Team leader, I am from South Africa Durban and looking for business partners around South Africa and other places. Please read through .I would like to invite you to an opportunity of being part of the business and make yourself an extra incomeTLC is manufactured with natural for health benefits with zero side effects and is available nationally,which makes it a very profitable business to join. Continue reading →

by Courtney Martin, published 09.07.2020
Have you ever wanted to work from home selling home fragrance/home decor products if so then pink zebra is the answer for you.With Pink Zebra all you need is a smartphone or laptop or computer.We have two kit options available which cost $99 or $199 plus if you join before 11:59pm cst time on July 31st you have the opportunity to help a childcare facility impacted by covid 19 and you also get a package of the new catalog with your kit that doesnt launch until August 8th. Continue reading →

by Scott Moore, published 09.07.2020
Let me start off asking if you like to buy American made products when possible?  Do you like to support American workers?   Do you like to buy stuff that is free of toxins and chemicals?Those three things are good things in my mind.  There is quite a bit of value in those three things that I really think more American people would like to have, especially right now.The company doesn't like to have their name spammed all over the internet, so I won't be mentioning their name here or in the title. Continue reading →

by Juan Thames, published 09.07.2020
Identity USA is a division of the United Service Association for Health Care better known as U.S.A. Plus which is a nonprofit corporation that was Chartered back in 1983. U. S. A. Plus started a new division in April 2020 called Identity USA a salesforce designed to fight identity theft, which is very needed in these days and times due to cyber theft. The great part of this program is that there is NO COST TO JOIN and currently bonuses are being paid daily and 6 months advanced commissions are being paid weekly. Continue reading →

by Steve Gekara, published 08.01.2017
The holidays are over and it’s back to reality. For those who managed their finances well over the holiday period, the only regret is that they have to get used to waking up at six every morning and face the traffic jams once again. Those who spent recklessly however will have to go through one or more months of agonizing brokenness. Yes, it is payback time.Probably because how we manage our money has such a profound impact on our standard of life, one of the most popular new years resolutions is to manage personal finances better and save more. Continue reading →

by Aïcha Martiale Sronvi , published 09.07.2020
Je vous présente mon business.Crowd1 est une société de marketing d'affiliation qui a rencontré à notre disposition une plateforme d'affiliation. Grâce à cette plateforme nous attirons la clientèle vers les sociétés partenaires de CROWD1 spécialisé dans l'apprentissage, le jeu et le jeu.Comment devenir affilié CROWD1?En achetant un des 4 packs de formation à 99 €, 299 €, 799 € ou 2499 €. Continue reading →

by Kia Isherwood, published 24.06.2020
Hello everyone!!So I work online from instagram and facebook. So yes, working from wifi at the comfort from my own bed! I promote and sell haircare and skincare products from an amazing company Modern Nature! In 4 years of being open, in 2018, we made $434 million dollars. We value changing peoples lives and help them live their dream whatever that may be. It has changed my life simply by changing my out look on life and i know that I will NEVER swat products ever again. Continue reading →

by Rose Yeye Wakhu , published 08.07.2020
Hi, I would like to introduce to you a life time business opportunity called CROWD1, Crowd1 is an app for Networking and marketing and is legalized by playstore and appstore Crowd1 is pure online company partnered with Gaming and Egaming companies ,In short crowd1 is creating a customer base for gaming and entertainment industry .The two companies that crowd1 is partnered with are AFFILGO AND MAGGSTER,crowd1 is the most magnificent company that combined the online gaming market, online gambling market, Entertainment market, Sports market, and online educational market *thereby making a maximum profit from the world's population as people play games,download games and educational tools using the crowd power and enabling crowd1 ECONOMY. Continue reading →

by Loveth Adesuyi, published 24.06.2020
2 years ago... ...there was a study done. A group of Researchers found a brain pattern inside the minds of people that eventually become rich.It was insane... They found a particular thought pattern self-made men and women haveThese makes them stand out and gives them a ...and it was almost as if everyone who became rich thought THE EXACT SAME way. And anyone who thought that way, NO MATTER their financial status now, usually ended up financially successful down the line. Continue reading →

by Kim Lockhart, published 08.07.2020
At pawTree, our philosophy about nutrition starts with our belief that pet nutrition shouldn’t just help your pets survive, it should help your pets thrive! With pawTree, I feel confident that the quality and care put into the development of every product means every bag is packed with the wholesome goodness my pets need to live healthy, vibrant lives. There’s no risk! If your pets don’t like it, you can get your money back. Continue reading →

Are you bored at home and have some time on your hands? Then you can become an affiliate with SFI, a business that has been around for the last 22 years. Starting from 1998, SFI has been helping persons to create a second stream of income online with over 20 million affiliates. Data from yesterday alone indicated that 3,116 persons from over 130 countries became affiliates with SFI.With SFI, you can buy and sell from the TripleClicks store http://www. Continue reading →

by Wil Peterson, published 27.04.2020
New Product-Based CASH Generating Top Tier Program!This is a relaunch of a highly successful cash flow program. Our digital products are top quality courses taught by some of the most respected internet marketers in the industry. We designed our platform for anyone looking to generate a steady income from home. It doesn't matter what skill level you're at as the video & website are designed to presell each prospects in a 1-2-3 fashion. Continue reading →

by Jose Julius, published 08.07.2020
Crowd1 has partnered with different entertainment companies ranging from gaming, gambling, E-learning and newly added, travel. Crowd1 is the middleman between all of the companies. Crowd1 is offering people all across the globe an opportunity to be independent. Crowd1 is changing the term, network marketing, MLM, Home business and Online marketing by giving you a business model which can operated using your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Continue reading →

by Coach Puffy, published 08.07.2020
Herbalife is a global nutrition and weight management company. Our products are sold exclusively by nearly 2.3 million independent Distributors around the world.*Herbalife is a product and people's business*You need customers and members*CustomersTo buy products so that you earn profit and points on the.*Profit:Suggested non members price-ur discounted price*Points:* Each product has points4th column on your price list. Continue reading →

MONAT is a natural based hair care and skin care company, based out of Miami, FL. The products are Vegan, meet Eurpean Standards as well as Leaping Bunny Approved. We are currently the #1 premium hair care company in the world! Clinically proven and backed by a scientific board as well. MONAT is currently in the USA, CANADA, IRELAND, POLAND and the UK.  If you have thinning hair, dry, damaged, brittle, breakage or any other concerns you are worried about please message me and we can set up a time to talk about your concerns that you are currently having. Continue reading →


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